Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu telling Ishita about Raman’s anger on Ashok and Suraj in Ashok’s birthday party. She asks why did Raman get so angry, whats the matter. Ishita tells everything. Raman asks the lawyer Mr Ansari why is he taking back the complaint, did he get the senses back. The laywer says but on one condition. Raman defends Ishita and says he is ready for any condition. He asks what is it. Ashok says the condition is you have to resign from Delhi’s Entrepreneur Association as its president, and recommend my name. Raman holds his collar and asks is he not ashamed. Ashok asks will he agree or not. Raman says he can sacrifice such 100 presidentships. Shagun is stunned. Raman says he agrees for this.

Suraj asks him to rethink, else he will regret. Raman taunts him and says when will you both stop begging to me. Raman praises himself and says how strong he is. Raman tells Mr Ansari to make sure they won’t change. Ansari says I take the guarantee. Raman says I won’t believe you, make him sign first and then I will resign there. Suraj signs on the docs taking his complaint back. Raman asks Mr Ansari to free Ishita in two days and get back her license. Raman leaves threatening them to make their act right.

Romi asks Mishra to get the birth certificate. Mishra says he is not a Birla, rich one, else he would have not been born here. Romi says it happens sometimes. Mishra’s assistant gives the address to Romi. Romi notes it and asks is he drunk, he wants Birla’s number, not Bhallas. They say Birla lives here, go and see, he is a tea vendor. Romi asks is my father tea vendor, is he not the builder Birla. He says what did I do, my face is not so poor to get a poor father. Mishra says he is not exchanged as he and the tea vendor’s son were born at different times. Roimi says he got saved, if Raman knew this, he would have not left me.

Mihir asks Raman to check the code. Raman thinks about Ishita stitching the blouse. Mihir asks where is he lost. Raman says he wants to ask something, its simple thing, there is situation in life, suppose if anyone see someone for the first time, and then see next time, its different, but the second time you did not want to see and you want to see the first time. Mihir asks him to clear it, as its confusing. They evaluate Raman’s words. Raman says but I m seeing always like I saw it for the second time, bit this both are different. I don’t know I don’t want to see and want to see, and I don’t want to like it, but I like it.

Mihir asks who saw you and whom you saw, and what ways. Raman simplifies telling about Mihika. Mihir laughs and says he fell in love with Mihika for the first time. He shows Raman their love story. He says she used to hug me and I used to hug her like a friend. Raman says this is not the situation. Raman taunts him asking is his mind in his knees. Mihir says yes, even psychiatrist can’t answer you. Mihir understands Raman is talking about Ishita. Raman says am I mad to think about her, fool. Mihir leaves. Raman says why will I think about her, and she is also mad, she saw me sleeping and stitched button there, why will I think about her, why am I talking about her. No actually I should talk about her as she is the biggest problem in my life.

He gets a call from consumer dept and comes to know Ishita’s complaint has got stopped. Raman is on the way and thinks he can’t tell Ishita about this deal. He thinks of her words and says she has always supported me, its my duty to support her, her career is important, I have to do this for her. Raman comes home. She gets scared seeing him suddenly and says sorry. They say actually…..He asks her to say. She says I have to ask something which only you can tell me. Raman says yes ask. She asks Romi, is he your own brother. He says what do you eat in morning that your mind goes wrong, he is my brother. She says I heard. He says he is my own brother from every angle. She sayas ok.

Raman says we are same blood, he is my brother, we have same parents. He asks her to do any work rather than this evil workshop. She asys you can tell tomorrow that I m Pammi’s son. She says you mean I m free at home so thinking this. He gives her a gift. She looks at it. He says don’t worry, its not a bomb, open it. She sees the bathrobe and looks at him puzzled saying bathrobe? He says yes, bathrobe, when you want to become Gaffur tailor in morning, please wear this and do. She says this is so shameless, you are not gentleman. She says you mean I did this intentionally. They argue. She says you like to give gifts, she gives him a gift. He sees it and asks does it has your lecture.

She says why would I given written. He sees eyemask and why. She says as some people’s eyes are not in control, they like to see hiding. He says thanks, I was thinking how to get saved from this bad face. They say fine, fine……………and show the door to each other. She says huh and leaves. He keeps on saying fine. He says Lord has made such a woman, how. He says but she is good, I should give her the license back, she deserves it, mad Madrasan.

Vandu and Ishita does the arrangements and decorations. Mihika sees Vandu standing on the stool and asks her to get down as she is pregnant. Amma asks Mihika to go and bath first. Vandu asks Mihika to kept the fast for Mihir’s prosperity. Mihika agrees and leaves. Vandu says Ishita will be coming now wearing the new Kanchivaram saree. Ishita gets ready in the morning and smiles seeing Raman sleeping with the eye mask. She says she has to make Kolam before everyone wakes up.

Ishita makes the rangoli. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks whats special today. Ishita says I told you about Tamil Karwachauth. Mrs. Bhalla says I forgot. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue on their festivals. Mrs. Bhalla says your hunger is saying this. Amma says we will eat everything after afternoon. Mrs. Bhalla says we Punjabis don’t eat till we see moon. Amma says we have seen in Yash Chopra film, we are simple, we do puja first and then eat. Ishita asks them to focus. She says I m thinking to keep this fast in Punjabi style, as all day no water. Mrs. Bhalla says but its tough, you can’t eat anything all day. Ishita asks why is this fast kept. Mrs. Bhalla says husband’s long life and prosperity. Ishita says its for my family and its easy to restrict myself from food. She smiles.

Raman asks Ishita to have food and asks does she not any fast to shut her mouth all day. He says he will bring something to eat for her and she should eat it. She smiles.

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  1. I love the couple and their romantic love scences of course me and my family had a request to ekta and star plus to change the time pf yhm i love u so much ishra guys.

    1. But I think 11pm is the best time!

      1. No it is a late for all of us the show must be on btwn 10-11 it must be great for me

  2. Today’s episode is awesome i love u guys .

  3. Ramn realy had dne a grt sacrfce.dis is cld True Lve.

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  5. Raman wil regain hs positin bck wit d hlp of sarika tkng video agnst suraj.

  6. i hav just watchd in telly buzz.

    1. oh raman ur sooo swt..n dat sacrifce was grt…ashok ur so cheap cnt gain nethng on ur own n being a man fight lyk a man nt a reptile…u aimd ishu to fight wid raman..betr u accept u cnt stnd infrnt of raman…

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  8. soooooo cute……

  9. i’m not a regular watcher of YHM but i ♥ ishitha & raman’s jodi …. they r soo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What a couple i love them so much.ishitha loves raman & raman loves ishitha but thry dont expose it.loveable jodi of starplus forever.plz raman and ishitha tell the love both of you we are waiting for the moment.that day we are so disappointed.

  11. Story is wonderful but needs to speed up a bit 🙁

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