Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishitha goes to find Bhavna

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishitha entering Mr. & Mrs.Bhalla’s room. Mrs.Bhalla changes her earings in front of the mirror. Ishitha smiles seeing her. She comes near and says, Let’s take a photo. Mrs.Bhalla agrees. Ishitha captures Mrs.Bhalla’s photos with different poses. Mrs.Bhalla suddenly stops Ishitha and asks her to come near. She asks for whom are you taking my photo? Ishitha says actually. Mrs.Bhalla says you’ll take my photo and show it to your mom. She asks Ishitha to delete all the photos. Ishitha asks what and deletes the photos. Ishitha says mummy ji there’s nothing like that. Mrs.Bhalla doesn’t agree. She shouts at her. Ishitha runs away from there. Mrs.Bhalla asks her to stop. She says these Madrasan and goes in front of the mirror again.

Mihika goes to Bhavna’s house and finds it locked. She thinks where could she be. She says I hope I meet her soon and thinks to inform Romi. She leaves.

Ishitha asks what are you doing from Nilu. She says I told you not to prepare food but you are. Go I will prepare. Nilu says but. Ishitha says what but. You go and rest. She sends Nilu. Ishitha prepares food happily. Raman comes there. Ishitha says I’m preparing Pasta, Garlic bread with cheese etc. Raman says but Mom, Dad and others have different diets. Ishitha says it’s ok Pihu eats pasta. Raman says sorry I forgot to say I ordered pizza and it must be on it’s way. Ishitha says why didn’t you ask me Raman. Why did you order. I am very bored and I don’t have any work to do too. So I decided to make food. Raman says I will cancel the order. Ishitha says no Pihu will be upset. Raman tries to leave. Ishitha stops him and asks will you eat dessert? Ok? Raman says yes ok. Ishitha gets happy and says caramel custard. Raman leaves.

It’s night. Ishitha and Raman walk outside. Raman says I have never ever had such a tasty dessert before. Caramel custard. ? Ishitha smiles. She says aren’t you sleepy? You have worked so hard and returned. Raman says no aren’t you sleepy? Ishitha says no Raman I don’t have any work to do also. Infact I even had coffee so am not sleepy. They sit on a bench near by. They have a nice talk. Raman hugs Ishitha. They smile. Ishitha sees a shadow near the generator room and breaks the hugs. Raman asks the reason. Ishitha says someone is there. Raman turns and doesn’t find anyone. Ishitha says but I saw someone was there and she gets up. Raman also gets up. Ishitha says Raman I saw someone was there. Raman asks her not to worry as he is here. Ishitha smiles. Raman hugs her. Raman says everything will be fine. Ishitha nods. She sees Bhavna hiding and gets afraid. She breaks the hug and says Raman and points towards Bhavna. Raman asks what. Bhavna hides. Raman turns and doesn’t find anyone there. Raman goes there and checks but doesn’t find anyone. He says let’s go home. Ishitha says I’m really scared. Raman hugs her and takes her inside.

Mihika says to Romi, I’m tensed about Bhavna. I hope she’s safe. How did she escape. Raman comes inside with Ishitha. Mihika asks Akka what happened. Ishitha sits. Raman says what happened outside. Ishitha describes Bhavna’s look to Mihika. Raman says there wasn’t anyone. Ishitha says there was someone Raman. Mihika asks her to calm down. Romi gives water to Ishitha. Ishitha refuses. Mihika asks her to go and rest. She gets thinking, is that Bhavna. Raman takes Ishitha inside. Mihika gets up and leaves. Romi asks where are you going Mihika. She doesn’t answer. He runs after her. Mihika comes down and shouts Bhavna. She says if you are here please come out. She calls watchman and asks whether he saw anyone coming. He says no. Simmi looks at her from window. Romi comes to Mihika. Mihika says listen Romi I am so sure that it was Bhavna. She says we will tell Akka and jiju. Romi asks not to tell them now. Simmi thinks what are they talking. Romi takes Mihika inside.

Raman and Ishitha are sleeping inside. Someone calls Ishitha’s name. Ishitha gets scared and wakes up. Raman too wakes up and asks what happened Ishitha. She says someone called me. Raman asks who. No one is here. Ishitha says Raman someone said my name. Raman says no and tries to turn off lights and sleep. Ishitha stops him asks not to turn off the light. Raman hugs her and says no one will come. He makes her sleep. Ishitha asks him again not to turn off lights. She sleeps.

Adi talks with Neha about the project. He says I’m giving this project to you because I trust you. Neha gives him the file and comes to him to show it. She explains it on white board. Adi sees Neha’s phone ringing. He asks her to answer the call. She says it’s my maid Shanthi so no need. Adi says it’s ok pick it. She answers the call. Shanthi says she’s locked inside a room. Neha shouts what. Adi looks at her. Neha shouts saying you wait I’ll come soon. Adi asks what happened. Neha says what has happened. Adi says I’ll come with you. Neha says no it’s fine. She leaves. Adi looks at her.

Simmi and Param are talking on a cafe. She gives her phone to Param. The recording plays, Ishitha.. (that sound which Ishitha heard while sleeping) Param gets puzzled. Simmi says she has played it night. She says I could have got to know everything but Raman Bhai ruined it. I don’t know why he is taking care of Ishitha so much. Param asks why are you so worried. He asks to have coffee. She asks did you see someone around the building yesterday? Param asks what happened. Simmi describes what she saw yesterday. (Mihika talking with watchman) Simmi says I asked the watchman and watchman told me what Mihika asked. Param says this means Ishitha has some problem with them. Ruhi sees them talking. She hides and video their conversation. Simmi asks Param about Sonakshi Gupta.

Ishitha gets ready and sees Raman looking at phone. She asks Raman to go to meeting. Raman says yes yes I’m going. He says my brother and son are taking care of the things in office. He says I have the whole time to spend with you and holds her hand. Ishitha smiles and says no. Raman says what. Ishitha says not really. She makes Raman wear the watch. She says I have many work. Raman puts his hands on her shoulder. They have a sweet moment. Someone knocks on the door. Raman asks to come in.

Romi and Mihika come inside. Raman asks what happened. Romi says Mihika knows whom you saw yesterday. Ishitha is shocked. Raman asks what. Ishitha asks who. Do you know her? Mihika says yes Akka. I think she is Bhavna. Ishitha asks why did she come here. Mihika says Akka I know Bhavna. Raman says one second. Have you met her? Mihika says yes. Raman asks who is she. Mihika tells about Bhavna and shows her picture to Ishitha. Mihika says she told that Sonakshi’s spirit has returned. Ishitha and Raman get shocked. Mihika says I was so worried that I didn’t tell you Akka. Ishitha says why didn’t you tell me before. Romi says I told Mihika to not tell. I didn’t want you to get troubled. Mihika says I think she came to help us. Raman doesn’t agree and says Bhavna is a mental patient. Ishitha says then how did she tell about Sonakshi. Raman says let the police catch her. He asks Mihika to be with Ishitha. Raman consoles Ishitha and says not to believe all these. He leaves with Romi.

Mihika brings juice and says I will call others. Ruhi comes and shows the video to Ishitha. Ruhi says I knew it. She has done all this. Ishitha says I knew she did this. Ruhi asks why didn’t you tell us. Param secretly hears their conversation. Ishitha sees him and remembers him saying about Pihu. Ishitha asks Ruhi not to tell anyone. Ruhi asks what. Ishitha says we shouldn’t say this to anyone Ruhi. I thought much about this. Dad is getting fine now and everything is going fine. Ruhi says what are you saying I don’t understand anything. This is wrong. Ishitha says nothing happened to me or anyone right Ruhi? If something happens we will tell Papa. She makes her sit and gives juice. Ruhi gets thinking.

Ishitha calls the mental asylum and asks about Bhavna. She asks for her address. Ishitha reach Bhavna’s house and finds it locked. She asks about Bhavna from a neighbor. Neighbor says she doesn’t know. Ishitha looks around. A girl comes to her and says I know where Bhavna aunty is. Ishitha asks where. The girl takes her out and points out to some direction saying she’s there. The girl leaves. Ishitha goes to the place. She calls Bhavna and goes inside. Someone shuts the door. Ishitha gets afraid and runs to door. She tries to open the door and shouts for help. The lights go off. Ishitha looks around. She on the light in phone. She walks in holding phone. Her phone battery dies. She tries to find matches. She lights a candle and walks in holding it. She goes near the circuit board and turns the switch on. Nothing happens.

Raman comes home with Romi. Raman asks Ruhi about Ishitha. She says Ishitha went outside for work. Raman tries to call her but her phone is switched off. Romi says maybe she went to search Bhavna. Ruhi asks about which Bhavna are you talking. Raman asks from Ruhi do you know Bhavna. Ruhi says she did a pooja for Ishitha when she was in London. Raman says she is a mental patient. Ruhi says what. She’s not. She’s fine. Raman asks do you know where she lives. Ruhi says yes. They leave.

Ishitha tries to find a way out. Candle falls down. She tries to find it but in vain. She bangs in the door and shouts for help. She tries to open the door. She stops banging the door sensing someone behind. Ishitha looks behind and gets scared seeing a shadow. The shadow comes near.

Precap: Someone comes in front of Ishitha. Ishitha asks are you Bhavna. Ruhi asks from someone about Ishitha. He doesn’t know. They try to find her. Ishitha asks with whom are you talking. Bhavna says Sonakshi. She won’t leave you. Ruhi, Raman and Romi fails to find Ishitha. Bhavna hold Ishitha’s neck. She shouts. Raman, Ruhi and Romi hears her voice.

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  2. professional you stupid. Can’t you see that. Jo insaan apni biwiki ijjat nahi de sakta kisi aur ki madad kaise kar sakta hai. Where are his so called ishima ki values.

  3. Real bullshit yeah BULLSHIT.I am sure all this is Simmi’s doing she just do not know when to give up and the directors are dragging this damn serial smh.

  4. yhm written update

    what an improvement in the serial??? bakwas….. kya eh ghost drama. dekhe wale pagal ho tho bohuth dikhathe.

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