Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita introducing Mrs. Bhalla and Poornima. Ishita leaves to bring her back as Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Mrs. Bhalla confronts Poornima for meeting Ruhi and warns her to be away from Ishita and their family to have happiness in her life. She says if you do anything, I will pull your hair. Ishita gets her bag form locker and sees Sanjana’s bag. She says she left it too to run, what to do now. She asks the staff to keep it. The girl asks her to keep herself. Ishita says give me her address, I will go and give her. Ishita comes there and asks for Sanjana Arora. She is shocked seeing her with Parmeet again. Parmeet leaves. Ishita thinks Parmeet here, whats their relation, I have to know from her.

She asks Sanjana why is she worried, if Parmeet troubled her, she will help her. Sanjana says no, I m fine, its not Parmeet’s mistake. Ishita says you are crying, tell me. Sanjana says this is because of my brother, Parmeet gives me his updates, the problem is my brother and I are not related now, he is not talking to me and now I heard he is getting married and he did not tell me, leave aside inviting. Ishita consoles her and says very sorry. Sanjana says its weird as we were close in childhood and did not fight, as dad died in childhood and mum did our upbringing. She says we had one pair of shoes which we shared. She tells the same story which Mihir told. Ishita is stunned as Mihika told her before.

Sanjana shows the same pic. Ishita holds her head. Sanjana says we both kept a copy, I have this thinking he will come back one day and forgive me, but no, he hates me. He will never come back. Ishita thinks of Mihika’s and Mihir’s words and having seen the same pic. She thinks it means Sanjana is Mihir’s sister. She asks if your brother’s name Mihir. Sanjana says yes, but how do you know. Ishita says Mihir is my sister’s friend. Sanjana says really that’s so nice, is he fine, I know he hates me and he would wear still white socks and would eat prawns.

She says why am I asking this to you, your sister might be knowing, I miss him. Ishita says you are so worried, I know and understand you miss him, keep your patience, Mihir is a very nice man, he is a gem, I m sure if he broke the relation with you, it has a deep reason. Sanjana says yes, its big one, but old now, he is not forgiving me. She says you also made him sad on his marriage day by sending objection to court. Sanjana says how do you know. Ishita says my sister told me. Sanjana says I did it angrily, don’t know why I make mistakes, I m his sister and should have understood, he should have spoke to me and forgiven me.

Ishita says calm down, your old wounds got fresh because of me, I m very sorry. Vandu gets a gift for Bala on their wedding anniversary and says he will get a Gajra for me. He comes home and she hides the gift. He does not bring anything. He asks for some biscuits as he is hungry because of the tiring day. She gives him sweets. He asks what for, you have craving for sweets right. She asks does he not remember. He says what. She asks won’t you wish me. She says I hate you and cries. He asks tell me what happened, don’t cry in pregnant state, tell me what I forgot. He thinks and sees the gift.

He reads happy anniversary and says omg, how can I forget this day, I will have to make up to her for one month for this one mistake, now I m gone and can’t do anything, I can just pray. Ishita is on the way and says thank Lord its known now that Sanjana is Mihir’s sister, she tried to contact him, then, they both miss each other. She gets a call and says reach the clinic, I m coming in 10mins. She says what happened between Sanjana and Mihir, why are they annoyed, I wish I could know, its high time they should forget everything and unite, I can’t talk to Mihir, I have to know the problem first, anyways I m happy to know who is his sister.

Bala comes to apartment compound and gets a call from Shravan. He says I m coming. Raman meets Bala and Bala tells his mistake. He says I forgot her anniversary. Raman says which. He says Vandu’s marriage anniversary. Raman asks did she marry alone. Bala says no. Raman says duffer, its yours too. Bala says yes, ours. They have a manly talk about women and her rights to trouble the men. Raman says its big sin to forget anniversary and wishes him. Bala says I felt sad that she arranged so much, made sweets and got gift and I made her cry, she will kill me. Raman says keep a surprise anniversary party for her.

Bala says she knows I forgot our anniversary. Raman says they think they know everything, tell her you were acting like forgetting to surprise her. Bala likes the idea and thanks him. They have a laugh.

Ishita talks to Mihika and says Sanjana was very sad. Mihika says Mihir misses her too, he worries for her. Ishita says I think Sanjana reacted on anger and did objection in court, she is regretting now. Mihika says lets make them meet. Ishita says even I want this, but we have to know their case, what happened between them, why they fought, then maybe we can have a solution. Mihika says I feel they should come face to face, they will start talking after the fight. Ishita looks at her.

Everyone do the surprise party arrangements. Ishita comes and Rama draws her inside the home and she asks whats all this. Bala says Raman saved my life, we are planning surprise party for Vandu, I forgot my wedding anniversary, I will do acting and she will feel I did not forget. Raman asks her to be happy, and not cry. She says I m happy and wishes Bala. She says Vandu is coming here. Raman asks why. Ishita says I called her to take care of her. Raman gets angry.

She says you should have involved in in surprise, why did you not involve me. Bala says you fight tomorrow, and you Ishita get involved, and order a cake. Ishita asks about everyone. Raman answers. Bala asks Ishita to convince to make Vandu wear the western dress as she feels she got fat and looks bad, I know she looks so hot in western dress. Ishita laughs. Raman and Ishita start their sweet nok jhok. Raman gets Mihr’s call and asks him to come. Ishita thinks Mihir is coming, it will be good to ccall Sanjana and unite them.

Mihika and Ishita talk about inviting Sanjana and will she come or not. Ishita says she does not know I m Raman’s wife maybe. She calls Sanjana and invites her in party.

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    1. Come on do it fast

    2. Amena

      Let the show air first. We post with the show’s timings. It ended now and complete update is available. Enjoy.

  1. Boring episode..

  2. Omg. . Does that mean you have shows story even before its telecaster. ?

  3. Amena your totally right! Hate when people start saying fast when the show hasn’t even ended!

  4. i dont think sanjana is mihirs sister .i guess its shagun

  5. today’s episode was good b ut i’m daaammmnnnn sure that shagun is mihir’s sister and poornima is their motherrrrr :), :p

  6. today’s episode was good b ut i’m daaammmnnnn sure that shagun is mihir’s sister and poornima is their motherrrrr

  7. boring episode. show raman and ishita cute fight scenes and love scenes

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