Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu talking to Ishita. He says he can’t see kids in pain. She says I need to talk and asks him to sit. She says she wanted to talk since long, and whatever it was between us is over and she has forgotten it, I wanted to talk about Simmi, so much happened in her life, if she takes one more wrong step, she will get shattered, our hearts have broken once, and I don’t want her trust on love to go, I got cheated in love and I know the pain, if you have doubts, you can refuse and keep clarity, if you move back later, Raman will not leave you alive, as a friend, I m warning you. He says thanks.

She laughs and says think again if you are marrying for Ananya’s sake, reason should be Simmi. He says I have hurt you a lot, but I thought well and decided this, I don’t want Simmi to decide for Ananya’s sake, I want us to know each other. She says in short, you want to go on date with her, I will convince mummy ji. He says I m sure, I proposed her for Ananya, but I want to marry for Simmi, I want her to become my life partner. She says I m very happy.

Mihika comes for a job interview and talks on phone. She says I hope they consider me. She goes inside and greets the boss. She is stunned seeing Suraj. He smiles and asks her to sit. He says Mihika Iyer, you changed name so soon, its sad I can’t call you Bhabhi ji now, its your husband’s company with new name and new boss. She says she is not interested to work. He stops her and says no one will give you job knowing she is Ashok’s ex wife, her career will end. She reminds him that she has ruined Ashok Khanna, and people know the truth, and about her job, she is qualified and anyone will give her job. She leaves. He smiles and says Ashok says right, she is egoistic, I will see who gives her job. Mihika comes home and talks to Amma. She gets a call for job interview and the man talks about Ashok. She says she won’t work and ends call. Amma asks her not to work, they all are here.

Mihika says how will mum manage alone, I feel like burden. Amma says no, there is nothing like burden in family, come and help me in kitchen to make laddoo for Vandu. Rinki comes to meet Mihika and offers her a job in Raman’s company which Mihir is handling, he is finding marketing head and she will be best for this post. Mihika says thanks, but I can’t accept this job, already all relations are complicated, and it will be unnecessary confusions. Rinki says she spoke to Mihir and took this decision, I know I did mistake, if you don’t accept this, I will feel guilty, please say yes. Amma nods. Mihika agrees. Rinki gets glad.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Simmi and asks her to go out with Subbu to know him. Ishita says I was thinking how to ask you. Mrs. Bhalla says I m not old fashioned lady like your mum, I m modern, if my son can go on date, why can’t my daughter go. Simmi asks how can she go with Ananya. Ishita says she will manage. Simmi says fine, I will go. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go well dressed. Ishita says I will make her ready. Mrs. Bhalla smiles.

Shagun comes home and sits being tired. She gets an inspector’s call. He says she gave her passport for visa, and asks her to come to police station. She asks whats the problem. He says ACP will meet you, come and talk. She gets worried and says did he get to know something.

Simmi asks what am I doing. Ishita asks is she nervous. Simmi says I did not do this dati8ng, since I married Parmeet….. is this necessary, I just loved Parmeet, I can’t think of anyone else…. Ishita says you know about Subbu and me, when he left me, I felt I can’t move on, I thought, I have loved enough and can’t love anyone, but Raman came in my life and I fell in love, I understand what you are thinking, you will experience a new love, if I did not lose all that in life, would I get such lovely family, I m thankful today, don’t think much, its imp for Subbu and you to move on. Simmi cries. Ishita says you will feel whatever happens is for good. She asks her to wear jewelry and says she married Raman for Ruhi, and you both have Ananya, let her be the bridge, enjoy dating without efforts and let Ananya work. Simmi looks at her mangalsutra and removes it.

She says if I m going to make relations, why to keep old relations. She hugs Ishita and cries. Shagun comes to police station and thinks did anyone from Bhalla family complain, why did they call her. ACP comes and taunts her. She says I m waiting since long. He says is this your parlor, this is police station, laws are imp here. She asks how will she go back at night. He says he can’t arrest her at night and without any lady constable. He says his sub inspector is busy. She asks why did they call her. He asks her to drink water and calm down.

The sub inspector says he called her for passport case. ACP says come, your number came. He shows her passport and asks is it hers, he got this on road as some guy met with an accident, he was travel agent, I called you to confirm was this stolen. She says no, its mine. He asks where is she going. She says Australia to my mum in law. He asks why is she nervous and she leaves. He gets doubtful.

Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Subbu and compliments him. Ishita asks all set. He says yes, all set for date. She asks is he excited for Simmi. He says yes, actually and shows gift for her. She asks why for me. He says you will know, but open after we leave. Simmi comes in a new look. He compliments her and takes Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go and takes Ananya. Simmi says she will come soon. Simmi leaves with Subbu. Ishita thinks why did Subbu give me this gift. Shagun argues with the agent and asks how can her passport on road, where are the kids’ passport. He says its expired and needs new stamp. He says he made tatkal process and will do it in 4-5 days. She says fine and turns. ACP looks at her. He says it seems you are in hurry to go Australia. She says yes and leaves. He gets thinking and says why is she nervous, whats going on.

Ashok asks Shagun to go something, there is one week delay, as teacher said Ishita the trip is in 2-3 days. Parmeet argues with Ishita. She asks him to sign on divorce papers.

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