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The Episode starts with Ishuta trying to get a car. Sarika comes to meet her at home. Ishita says lets go now, my car went on servicing. Mr. Bhalla says take Raman’s car. She thinks of Raman’s words that his car is not for her. She thinks if Raman knows then, but I will be back before he knows, as its an emergency. She drives the car and hits it while beginning to drive. The guard asks her to take it back. He shows her the scratch on Raman’s car. She says Raman will not leave me. Sarika says don’t worry, its our car. Ishita says no, its not ours, but Raman’s car, its not a car but a human. Sarika says we will take it to a mechanis.

Raman brings Romi to the office. He asks him to follow him and Subbu greets Romi asking how is he here. Raman says he is our accountant and your boss from today. Romi says boss? Raman says yes, do as he says. Raman asks Subbu to give complete training to Romi. Subbu says but he is your brother. Raman says he is not, he is your trainee Romi Bhalla, do anything, be strict, don’t get on his excuses, get to work. Raman asks Romi to work hard and know how to earn money, he won’t get salary. Romi asks why. Raman says after you did that, I kept you at home, Bala did not get salary and could not Shravan to summer camp, you also won’t get salary, ask your friends not to call you, if Subbu complains about you, you will have it. Raman says don’t make me upset this time.

Ishita brings Raman’s car to Gaffur garage and says Romi was talking about him, I have to make this car well today. She asks where is Gaffur Bhai and shows the car scratch. She says the car should be like before. Gaffur comes and meets her asking did you hit your husband’s car. She says yes. He says don’t worry, he won’t know it, I will make it brand new. He tells her that a car met with an accident and says I have changed it all over making it look new. She asks did he see the number and when did this happen.

He says I don’t remember the number, but I can give the owner’s number. Ishita notes down and Gaffur praises himself. She says yes, I trust you, take the keys, I will come in evening to take the car. He says don’t worry, I will make it good. Ishita says is this the man we are looking for since many days. Shravan asks Amma to get well soon. Amma talks to her. Shravan says it has only two’s person place and I will make my girlfriend sit with me. Bala and Vandu come and asks about Amma’s health. Appa says Shravan was happy and excited talking about his camp. Bala says who is sending him to camp.

Shravan shows him few things and says teacher gave me this file. Appa asks Shravan to get ready soon. Bala gets upset. Appa says don’t you wish to send Shravan to camp, why are you worried. Bala says its expensive, we thought to avoid it. He says I promise I will send him next year, where did he get this kit from. Appa says Ishita said Raman paid for Ruhi and Shravan’s camp fees. Bala asks why. Amma says Ruhi wanted this, and Raman felt Ruhi and Shravan should be together. Bala says but he should have asked me once, I did not wish to take money favor from him. Amma says it was last day today so he was in hurry, Ishita was about to tell you, don’t mind. Vandu says its ok, I will return the money to Ishita, lets have dinner then we have to go home.

Ishita calls on the number. She says why is no one taking the call. She calls again. Its Tandon’s number. He is busy and rejects the phone. She says why did he reject my call, maybe he knows my number so he did not take my call. She says who can it be. Tandon tells someone that it was your call, I think it was Ishita’s, just check it out. Ishita sees Raman coming home. She says I will tell him now. He sees his car and says I told her not to. He calls her. He says come downstairs fast. She asks why. He says I said come. She says why is he so annoyed.

She comes to him. He asks did the car become fine. She thinks he is an eye on an eagle. He asks where did you hit it, see this, its pearl white and the car is milky white, did you pay to get dentists’ degree, can’t you find the difference between white tooth and others. She shows him the number of someone who did Amma’s accident. He asks who gave this number. She says someone, give this to inspector. He says send it. He says take your car keys. She says what is this, caring about car more than humans, item….

Raman says she is lying. Romi talks to his friends on phone. Mihir comes and sees him. Romi stops him and Mihir asks what are you doing here. Romi says Subbu gave me this balance sheet, please help me. Mihir says sure and helps him. Mihika comes and sees Mihir helping Romi. Romi thanks Mihir. Mihir comes to Mihika and takes her out. He says I m so sorry, forgive me, we got late. She says we have to be hungry now, is it Appa’s restaurant to have food now.

Mihir says I have booked the table in five star hotel, we will spend some time. He says trust me, I don’t want to see Romi, but what to do, Raman wanted him to learn here, he is working here and why are you upset with this. He flirts and makes her smile. He says lets have some nice conversation over dinner. Mihika says lets go. They leave.

Gaffur talks to someone and says I have made your car good, a woman took your number, she will call you, praise me to her. The man ends the call. Gaffur is annoyed. The man breaks the sim card and throws it. Raman tries calling and says I have found him, I will not leave him who did this, who can it be, and see my car, its so hurt, why do people take care to drive if they can’t. Sarika comes to him and says I forgot my car keys as I left it on your car. He asks how. She says Ishita took your car as there was emergency. He understand and says so this is the real story. He says see her acting, she can win Oscar, such a big lie to me.

The inspector comes and asks are you sure this number is of that man who did the accident. Raman asks who is he. The inspector says I don’t understand, you check this number once again. Raman gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. nice epi bt who is d main culprit n wat a suspense n in tmrw epi raman is going to gt arrested.

  2. What r u sure

  3. This is not fair. Raman shouldnot go. how do u know this ?

  4. I think culprit may be
    1.Adi, Ramans son, who got car as a gift from shagun nd Ashok
    may have done this on insistenance of ashok nd shagun
    1.Ashok who is always atries to harm Raman
    2.Shagun the vamp of the serial
    3.Simmi becoz of her blind love towards her parmeet made her vamp
    4.Parmeet who gets every khabhar of Bhallas through simmi
    5.Tandon Ramans partner can be the culprit.

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