Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts outside the mall. Mihika is confused to see Raman and Ishita together. Before she says anything, Ishita introduces her to Raman’s client as her cousin. Everyone then goes for lunch. Raman’s client orders food for everyone, but Ishita orders special non-oily food for Ruhi. Raman’s client praises Raman and Ishita adds more to it. They say Raman is so caring and despite doing so much work, he still takes out time to go out with his family. Ishita adds more to it and says today Raman woke up and got ready before everyone, he knows every little thing about Ruhi, and while coming today, he pushed their car alone. Ishita keeps looking at Raman while saying all that, and Raman hides his face. Mihika is all confused and gets shocked when Raman’s client calls Ishita as Mrs. Bhalla. Raman’s clients ask her what happened to her. She says she is talking about the food, it’s so yummy. Shweta then tells her husband that Raman is such a family man. Ishita goes closer to Raman and whispers, seems like they didn’t see interview. Raman says, and there is no need to talk about it either. Ishita says, there is need, but I won’t talk about it. Shweta asks questions to Mihika whether she is married or no, and if she’s finding anyone. Ishita answers all that questions. And when Shweta asks questions to Ishita whether it was love marriage between her and Raman, Mihika answers all that questions. Shweta then tells Mihika there are some good punjabi guys in London. Mihika says she doesn’t like punjabi boys and she will find a cute tamilian for herself. Raman and Mihir are getting bored with their talks. Shweta says seems like Mihika had a bad past experience. Raman says no one is bad, it’s circumstances that are good or bad. Mihir agrees.

After lunch, Mihir gives his car to Raman’s client. After they leave, Mihir asks Raman where his car is. Raman points at Ishita’s car and they all sit in the car. Mihika gets angry at Raman and Mihir as they insult Ishita’s family whenever they want and then use them whenever they want. Mihir tells her not to say anything when she doesn’t know everything. Mihika doesn’t stop. Mihir talks respectfully with Ishita and asks her to stop the car, he will take an auto. Ishita insists him to stay, but he doesn’t.

Mr. Bhalla and Mr. Iyyer are talking to each other. Mr. Bhalla urges Mr. Iyyer to apply for society secretary as things like this keep happening, but you have to move on. Ishita and Raman arrive to their society. Mihika leaves first. Raman carries all the bags and Ishita takes Ruhi with her. Mr. Bhalla and Mr. Iyyer also come there now and see everything from a distance. Ishita offers help to Raman, but he says, he will carry them. Ishita then tells him, Ruhi will stay with her as she is very tired now. Raman says he is okay with it. He then tells Ishita that there’s some Ruhi’s stuff in his pocket, if she doesn’t mind. Ishita takes it out and keeps it in her bag. Raman tells Ishita if Ruhi needs any of her toys or anything, then she can let him know. They go in.

Shagun is coming to pick Ruhi up and Simmi sees her from the balcony. She informs Raman’s mum about it and says not to spare her today, she insulted her last time, and today she is coming in their area. Raman’s mum and Simmi stop Shagun outside Ishita’s house. Raman’s mum starts lecturing her when she finds out that Ruhi is not with Shagun since last night. Raman comes and asks them to go inside and he will explain everything. Both Ishita and Raman look at each other while they go inside their houses.

Shagun is talking with Ishita. She apologizes her for giving her so many troubles. Ishita says it’s okay and it’s not amma’s fault, Ruhi was crying so much. She asks her if late night parties. Shagun lies and says she stays very ill these days and Ashok gave her sleeping pills in night, so she couldn’t wake up. Ruhi comes out smiling and her smile disappears when she sees Shagun. She runs back inside. Shagun starts acting, crying and asks Ishita for an advice, what she should do so Ruhi stays closer to her, in end she has ‘newly’ become a mother. She continues, if Ruhi goes back to Raman, then they will tell her to stay away from her and she can’t live without Ruhi. Ishita asks Shagun to calm down and she goes to talk with Ruhi.

Ruhi is crying in a room. Ishita feels very bad for her as it’s her who has to suffer because of court cases between Raman and Shagun. She then says, in end Shagun is her mother and court also wants her to stay with Shagun, so she will have to explain her. She goes and sits beside Ruhi. Ruhi tells Ishita she doesn’t want to go with Shagun. Ishita tells her that Shagun misses her a lot. Ruhi says she also misses her dadi, papa, Ishita, and Muthu as well. Ishita says, we all miss you a lot as well, but do you know your mum searched for you so much. Ruhi asks why she should go. Ishita says because all children live with their mother in their house. Ruhi asks if that’s her house. Ishita says, mumma’s house means your house. She tells Ruhi she can call her anytime she wants to meet her and she will come and they will talk on phone everyday as well. Ruhi says I love you to Ishita. Ishita says, me too.

Ishita brings Ruhi out and tells her not to cry and show everything to Shagun that they bought. Mihika comes home and is surprised to see Ruhi leaving. Shagun thanks Ishita. Ruhi tells Ishita that she will miss her a lot. Ishita hugs her and says she will also miss her a lot. She then tells her they won’t say bye while crying. They will happily say bye to each other. Shagun holds Ruhi’s hand. Ruhi doesn’t leave Ishita’s hand. Both look at each other and slowly Ruhi leaves Ishita’s hand. Shagun leaves with Ruhi. Mihika asks Ishita why she let Ruhi go. Ishita says because Shagun is Ruhi’s mum. Mihika says but you know in this case situation is different. Ishita says she doesn’t know anything. Ruhi has to suffer so much and its so sad that she is not able to do anything because she has no right on Ruhi.

Precap: Raman’s client decides to go to Raman’s house to celebrate Lohri with Raman and family.

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