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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman making Ishita jealous by his fake love story. He holds her hand and says I saw tears in her eyes, then I understood she loves me. She takes her hand and says its my hand, not Sona’s. He says I know, why are you irritated. She says why will I be irritated, I really don’t care. He says you should learn lying from me, there is no Sona, you are burnt like corn, I was joking. I know only one Sona, my friend’s wife, a writer.

You girls get fooled so easily, I was making you get rid of boredom, but I make good love stories. She says nonsense, atleast my Subbu was real, not an imaginary character like Sona. She leaves. Raman says she got jealous, Madrasan. She says what is this, lie on lie. Raman calls Mihir saying the clients would be waiting. Mihir is having dinner with Trisha. Trisha asks him to take the call. Mihir says he will scold me as I have sent them on romantic date lying that its investor’s dinner, he will scold me, so I won’t take the call. Raman calls Mr. Mehta.

He tells that I called to apologize, I can’t come on time. Mr. Mehta says where, no one told me. Raman keeps the hand on phone and says Mihir lied to me. He tells him sorry, I was calling someone else. Mehta says its ok, we will meet next week. Raman ends the call and says foolish Mihir was fooling me. Ishita stands in the balcony waiting for everyone. Raman gets in the kitchen and says I m hungry and there is nothing to eat. She says shall I make anything. He complains saying now this is my life, have to eat food cooked by you, what is this life. She says what so much complains.

The power goes. He says it’s the worst day of my life. She says calm down, I will find candles. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Do haseen tan man ka ye haseen bandhan hai……………….plays………….. He says stand well and right. She says sorry. He says I will bring candles. She asks how, nothing is clear. He says I have torch in phone. She says be careful. He says its my house, I can walk closing my eyes. He falls. She asks what happened. He says nothing, my phone fell. She asks why so much noise. He says I was with my phone too. She laughs.

He lights the candles. She asks what to cook. He says veg food. She says then order food. He says how to order, its lock. She says only suji is available now. He says its better than to die hungry. He helps her. She goes to bring knife and cuts her finger. She says see blood is coming out. Raman says I have to die hungry now. He says its two drops of blood in you, if it flows, you will die. He takes her hand and ties his hanky. Yeh Hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………

He asks now what. She says you should have asked something else, now I will guide you and you will cook. Raman says move, tell me what to do. He cuts the vegetables and onions. Ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar………………plays…………… She smiles seeing him cook. She helps him with her left hand. They cook together. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………….plays………………. They make Suji ka Ukma. A thief comes there and says power always goes in Delhi, lets start. He hears that Bhalla family went out and no one is at the flat 302. Raman says I don’t like this Ukma. Ishita says its yummy. Raman says put Malai Makhan in this.

She says don’t make it Punjabi, fine leave it if you don’t like. Raman says fine, I m dying with hunger. The thief gets in. Ishita says did you hear the sound. Raman says maybe something happened outside, eat food. They hear the sound again in Mrs. Bhalla’s room. She says it maybe a thief. Raman says maybe. She says then go and see. Raman says if he attacks me. She says are you afraid, that he might be taller than you. He says you are forgetting I saved you from goons. He murmurs saying I m more scares of her than thief, thinking to pay him money and ask him to take her. She says go and see. Raman says yes going.

The thief hides. Raman comes in the room and asks who is there. Raman moves the curtain and asks who. The man says thief. Raman shouts save me and jumps on the bed. Ishita hears him. The man says I look dangerous but I m clean at heart. Raman says I ma afraid of cockroach, not you. The man says kill it. Raman says you kill it. Ok lets beat him together. The cockroach runs and they have a laugh. Raman asks you are a thief. The man says yes. Raman asks how did you come in. The man says by pipe. Raman says are you not afraid. He says no, its habit. Ishita says don’t take interview, call police.

The man says she is right, put me in jail. He says my wife beats me and send me to steal anything, she does not let me sleep and asks me to steal, please send me to jail. Raman says will you make me try, I know your pain, come sit, thinks its your home, have water. Ishita says I will beat him if you can’t. Raman says he is worried. Ishita says are you mad, he is a thief. Raman says don’t call him thief, whats your name. The thief says Sadhuram. Raman says don’t insult him. Ishita says you are sharing your sorrows with him. Raman give shim tips to manage his wife. The thief returns the things and says I will leave.

Raman says if you go empty hand, your wife will beat you. Tell her you stole it, she will be happy, go. The man says shall I go from front door. Raman says its locked. The man says shall I open it. Raman says don’t work so hard, your wife will be waiting, go, call me if you need anything, and remember not to let wife dance on head. He says your torch. The man says you keep it. Raman says yes, friendship token. Ishita is surprised and says its something wrong, you don’t talk normal to normal people and sharing problems with a thief, you need a psychiatrist. He says every man needs, as the wives made them worse than dogs.

She leaves. He says one day she should be stolen, I will be happy. Ishita removes the hanky from her hand and says he is weirdo. She gets a transistor and tries it. She plays the radio. She hears the RJ talking about love and asking the listeners to share their newly married stories. She is shocked to hear Raman on the line talking to the RJ. Raman says there is no love after marriage, a man can’t be happily married. She says Raman?

Raman says his wife is a lecture shop, their likes does not match. He says he is so afraid of her but he walks being afraid at home. Ishita calls the RJ. The RJ keeps Raman on hold. Raman is shocked to hear Ishita. Raman says Madrasan reached here too. Ishita tells about the man who is blaming women, he is Mr Kud Kud Kumar. She says I will give an example. She tells the thief story. The RJ enjoys their sweet nok jhok. She says what will a wife do if a husband is like this. Raman says she talks to much, she got verbal diarrhea. She says brings good people on the show, he is Ravan Kumar, it spoils the program.

Raman says see she is giving lecture on Radio too, I don’t like this. Ishita starts her lecture against men. The RJ says stop it, you have so many problems, solve it at home, we can’t solve this on radio. Raman and Ishita come to confront each other. She says what is this, to make an issue on radio, talk face to face. He says shall I talk to you all day. He comes back and sees her behind the curtain. He sees the rod falling and runs to her. He gets hurt and saves her. They fall and they get wrapped in the curtain. He says my hand is stuck. She says mine too. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………. as they have an eyelock.

Raman and Ishita are in their room. Raman moves Ishita’s hair and applies balm on her neck. Simmi comes and is shocked to see them so close.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. dis is surely d best show going on, d only serial dat makes sense nd has a feel-good factor. luv divyanka nd karan.

  2. Wow m so xcited 4 2mrws epi….can’t wait!

  3. Werz pyar ka dard episode

  4. This episode is good

  5. Awwh, IshRa waz soo cute nd funny, lol! I luv it wen Raman teases Ishita, it’s so funny!! ♥

  6. Very funny episode I enjoyed a lot . waiting for the precap.

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