Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya agrees to marry Rohan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman realizing he is on his feet. He smiles. Ruhi, Romi and Aaliya come and get happy seeing him. Lights come. Aaliya asks what happened to you. Romi says this Rohan… your neck is bleeding. Ishita says stop, Rohan didn’t do anything, Raman is on his feet because of Rohan, he has come as Maa’s blessing for us. Everyone prays in Chowki. Pandit gives prasad for Raman. Everyone comes home and sees Raman walking. They smile happily. Raman says Maa has challenged Mata. Iyer family comes and hugs Raman. Shagun says this is amazing news, what a miracle, Ishita how did this happen.

Ishita says this happened by Rohan’s help, when I came back from Chowki, I met Rohan downstairs. FB shows Rohan saying my mum is nearly dying, I won’t leave Raman. Ishita asks

will your mum get fine after you kill Raman, you will go jail, your mum will be happy, you won’t get happy by taking revenge, I can just teach you, go on if you think this is right for your mom. He stops. She says you won’t like to do anything for what you regret all life. He asks is this my mistake that I love Aaliya, Raman doesn’t understand my feelings, I m not such. She says you love Aaliya, keep loving her, I believe her mind will change, if you do this, she will just hate you, please go to your mum, don’t do anything wrong, give her some time. He thanks her and turns to go.

She stops him and picks the knife. She says I need your help, you do for what you have come, trust me, I m asking you to do this for a good work. FB ends. Ishita says I m so happy you didn’t refuse. Rohan thanks her and says you were right, Raman loves you a lot, when your life was in danger, he got up. FB shows Ishita saying Raman might stop trying. Doctor says Raman is improving, but his will power will help him, we have to do something that he gets compelled to move his legs. FB ends. Rohan says I think this is true love.

Ishita says I m very lucky, you took a big risk today. Raman says she was right, I was wrong about you, I would have never got up on my feet, thanks. Rohan says no, I came with wrong intention, she explained me what’s right and what’s wrong. Ishita says I believe you are a nice guy. Rohan says I shall leave now. He sees Aaliya. Ishita says let us meet your mom, we want to say sorry to her. Raman says I want to say sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt her. Rohan says no, Karan is very angry, I will explain him once mom gets fine. Ishita says tell us when she gets fine. Karan comes and asks are you fine. Rohan asks how is mom. Karan asks why did you come here, come, we should be with mom. They leave. A man looks on and informs Sudha. Sudha says Raman got on his feet and Aaliya agreed for this alliance, fine, keep a watch on that family and keep giving me info. She says Ishita and Raman, celebrate for the last time.

Its morning, everyone pray. Amma asks about Rohan’s mum. Ishita says she is fine. Mani and Rohan come. Rohan says my mom got completely fine now. Raman asks can we meet her. Rohan says no need to say sorry now, mom said it was nurse’s mistake, its all fine now. Raman says we want to meet her for some other reason, don’t you want to marry Aaliya. Rohan asks did you talk to Aaliya. Aaliya comes and says yes Rohan, I spoke to Raman and Ishita, I realized I was wrong, you were right, sorry for judging you. He asks why are you apologizing. She says because I m wrong, when someone talks of marriage, I get nervous because of past, if my family thinks I should move on and remarry, I think you are the right guy, if your mom agrees, will you like to marry me. Rohan says of course, I would love to. Everyone smiles. Ruhi asks what about Karan. Rohan says I will make him understand. Mrs. Bhalla says we should do roka now.

Raman says we didn’t inform Rohan’s mum. Ishita says she also wanted them to marry. Mani says I m really happy, I will inform Shagun. Ishita cries and goes to room. She talks to Adi’s pic. She says Aaliya agreed to move on, I wish she gets everything what she deserves, I m happy, but I m scared that we will send her away. Rohan says you won’t lose a daughter, think you are getting a son, I will keep her happy. Raman and Rohan joke. Rohan says I know Aaliya will support me, as Ishita supports you, Aaliya is Ishita’s shadow. Raman says you are a lucky man. Ishita says family is preparing for roka, we should go and meet Kaushalya. Mrs. Bhalla says ask Raman to take 5-6 kgs sweets to Rohan’s house. Sudha comes home and says congrats Mr. Bhalla, your son is finally on his feet. She gives the bouquets. Ishita looks on. Sudha says your husband got fine, you have to give me something in return.

Ishita says you love me, I hope Rohan loves Aaliya. Rohan says I want you to love me, I will wait for you, I really love you and can never hurt you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think he marrying her to take revenge

  2. You think so??? Revenge for what?? I want Adi to come back. Glad that Raman is on his feet again.

  3. Rohan injuired the scene she has a big bandaid at her neck. The very next day the “bandaid” is missing. Was it a gimmick?

  4. Guys Rohan and karan are sudha’s sons🤦‍♀️

  5. i also think so

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