Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma saying she has thrown the wine. Raman says what did you do, it was worth Rs 25000. Amma says why do you waste so much money on wine, many poor people can have food. Ishita says you should have asked him before. Amma says next time I will ask. Raman says its good mum is not here, else it would have been war. Mr. Bhalla says leave it now, Ruhi will come now with the girls. Mihika tells Shagun that Ishita loves the brownies. The bank man calls Mihika and says loan is approved, you can come. Mihika tells this to Mihir and Shagun. Shagun asks why did you take loan. Mihir says I was taking loan for your marriage function and was not getting, so Mihika took it on her name. Shagun says what was the need. Mihika says its ok.

Shagun gives a trophy to Mihika, it has her childhood memories. She thinks its same which was in their childhood pic. Shagun says it reminded me of Mihir and my bond, now its for you. Mihika is touched and takes it. Shagun says you are part of our family, thanks. Mihika gets glad and leaves. Ishita does aarti with family. Jai Ambe Gauri ……………plays………….. Simmi and Mr. Bhalla do aarti after her. They pray together. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla that aarti is over, but Raman is busy in work. He says its fine, work is also like puja.

They make the kids sit and make them have food. Romi and Mr. Bhalla clean their feet and does their tilak. Ishita serves them Prasad and then food. She asks the kids to start eating. They give money to them. Simmi smiles holding Ananya. Mr. Bhalla gives her money note too. Ruhi likes the food and Ishita thanks her. Mr. Bhalla says food was well, your mum will be proud of you, you did everything well. He blesses her and asks Simmi to help her in work. He asks her to have anything in two three hours. JHe goes for some work.

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Raman says he is going office and leaves. Ishita gets a courier and reads it for S Bhalla. She opens it and gets pregnancy test report, positive, who is S Bhalla here, Simmi, she is not Bhalla now, but…. She calls Simmi and asks is she pregnant. Simmi says are you mad, I m not pregnant. Simmi says who is this S Bhalla. Ishita thinks. Raman is in compound and Mihir comes to him. He smiles and says congrats. Raman asks what happened. Mihir asks him to check phone messages. He says congrats, you are nominated for Asia’s business week head. Raman asks who else is nominated. Mihir says Ashok and Abhimanyu is also there, he is tough one, but it does not matter.

He says he will get sweets and we will celebrate in evening. Raman says I will give this news to Ishita. Mihir teases him and they leave. Ishita thinks whose pregnancy report is this. Raman and Mihir come. She says she came to know that…. As report came, about pregnancy test, S Bhalla, who is this. Raman says leave it and asks Mihir to come, as Madam is busy. They leave for office. Ishita says how will I know who is pregnant at our home. Mihir defends Raman and Raman looks on. Raman tells about S Bhalla pregnancy and Romi is shocked. He says see him, useless one, Romi, and asks him to go. Romi comes and sees the report. He says this report can’t be ours, as there is no one by this name. She says yes, I told this to Raman and he got angry, the lady who did this test should know about this. Romi says we will return this to the nursing home. She says good idea, I will come.

Mihika comes to Ashok asking him to sign a file. Ashok asks her to try the necklace and she says excuse me. He says he is just seeing, it belongs to Shagun. The man asks her to try. Mihika says she will do it herself. She thinks he said its Shagun’s necklace, so I m wearing this, else I would have broke his hand. Ashok touches her hair and pulls the string to tighten the necklace and she gets angry, yet keeps numb. Ashok says let me see and holds her. He says it looks very nice. She says enough now and removes it. She says its good its Shagun’s, as she loves you a lot. She leaves. He shamelessly smiles.

The receptionist says she can’t give her patient info. Ishita says even I m a doctor, this report is not ours and we need to give it to right person. The lady asks them to leave. Romi says I know you are trying to hide this. He bribes the ward boy and tells something. The man comes to Ishita and Romi says it came by mistake. The man says its someone else’s report. She asks who is S Bhalla. Romi says I called, they will take it in some time. She says she was worried, Romi says he has good news and tells about Raman’s nomination, which he wanted to tell you. She says who told you. He says he was talking to Mihir that you did not hear him. she says he is right, I m stupid. Its big news, I m happy, I should do something for him. He asks her to go home and asks her to plan something good for him. She says yes, don’t tell hm. She leaves.

Romi calls someone and asks where are you, your pregnancy report has come, I have to meet you now. Raman talks to Mihir and is still fuming on Ishita. Ishita messages Raman that she did not talk to him well, she is feeling bad, she will not congratulate on phone and will say it when they meet. She says she is very happy for him. She smiles. Raman gets the message and smiles. Mihir says its good to see your mood switch. Raman says she said sorry. Mihir says only Bhabhi and I can bear your anger. He says mum asked me to buy a gift for Ishita, it should be good and subtle.

Mihir calls the jeweler Kakkad and Kakkad says he is going to meet Ishita. Mihir says fine, go and tells Raman about the same. Raman says maybe she is giving me surprise by giving me cufflinks, and I will spoil her surprise by going home. He asks him to manage office and leaves for home.

Kakkad asks Ishita for whom is she seeing this. She says for Raman, I don’t want thick one, slim and shiny. Mani comes and asks why did she call him, he came leaving office. She asks for his help and tells about Asia’s business head nomination of Raman. She says she is confused what to gift Raman, please help me. She says I know he is nominated, I suggested his name. She says so sweet. He says no, he really deserves this. She looks for some bracelet and asks how will he like this. Mani says he will like it. She tries on him and Raman sees them. He does ummhmm…. She looks at him.

Ishita talks to Mani about Raman and their relationship, but they care for each other. Mani asks her not to hide as it will be out as much she hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarika… omg… it’s sarika who is pregnant!!! :O

  2. cute episode less mani factor thankx God… now who d hell is S Bhalla

  3. S bhalla…sarika… duh uh!

  4. Shagun bhalla

  5. I thinks it’s aari ka as Romi is hiding the matter as raman also scold him for that report.

  6. oh oh romi what did u do yaar.iam sure that s balla is sarika hai.agar raman about it then i cant even imagine what will he do.and mrs balla tho blame ishita for it.oh no yaar.and plz show more raman ishu scene.aaj kal there coming less.waiting coming epidose.

  7. what the hell going on !!!! this serial is going to hit the road jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. why sarika????!?!!?!!i hate that girl…romi…why did u do such a shit????dhat!!!!ye serial kato koi kuch karo….phir se ekta kapoor ka drama suru ho geya….bhalla.!??!means..they are merried….shit yaarrr…..

  9. why sarika????!?!!?!!i hate that girl…romi…why did u do such a shit????dhat!!!!ye serial kato koi kuch karo….phir se ekta kapoor ka drama suru ho geya….bhalla.!??!means..they are merried….shit yaarrr…..,,

  10. why sarika????!?!!?!!i hate that girl…romi…why did u do such a shit????dhat!!!!ye serial kato koi kuch karo….phir se ekta kapoor ka drama suru ho geya….bhalla.!??!means..they are married….shit yaarrr…..,,

  11. So it means romi married sarika secretly…hahahaha very funny romi wil be in trouble when raman find out

  12. guyss i think sarika is pregnant in param fiasco n romi is just helping her.

    share ur views

  13. Yeh Hai Mysterious Serial.. Lots of Mysteries..
    1. Raman & Ishu Love.. Mystery..(when will they accept each other)
    2. Balla
    3. Mani/AbhiManyu Raghav
    4. Romi- S Bhalla…
    5. Ashok – Mihika flirt
    6. Shagun Marriage.
    7. Mihir’s Reality if shagun marriages breaks.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!… Wat Mysterious serial..?!!!!!

    Wats going on Creative heads..?! of YHM…

    1. waddya mean by the last point? o.O

  14. @hi i agree but what is last point

  15. Yaar Abi yeh s bhalla and wo bala wala prblm yeh serial me itna prblms dilate rahenge toh ishu nd Raman k love story kab dikayenge

  16. @ hi, whatcan b the mystry behindmani/abhi? He is simply a frnd of ishu na?

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