Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Bala talking to Subbu. He says I m sorry to talk about this. Subbu says I wanted to ask something, if I have any new feelings, its true or not then… Bala asks what. Subbu says he is lonely after Karthik left, but he is connecting with Ananya and wants to give all the happiness, Parmeet misbehaved and I got angry, Simmi is also a nice girl, she is alone, I know loneliness is a disease whose treatment no doctor has, I don’t know what to do. Vandu comes behind.

Subbu talks to Bala about Ananya and Simmi, and asks him not to tell Ishita about this, he wants to understand feelings, he feels good with her, but her life is complicated. Vandu hears them. Subbu says you all know about me and Ishita, will she accept this. Vandu thinks he is still thinking about Ishita. Bala asks him to spend time with her, then take a decision. Subbu says I do this,m I find reasons to go there, don’t know what is Ishita thinking, I want our families to go on picnic, I can get time to talk if kids are around. Bala says I will try. Subbu says thanks, I will understand my feelings for Simmi first.

Vandu gets angry and Bala comes to her. She confronts him on why is he bringing Subbu in between Raman and Ishita, will he cheat Raman, she warns him that she will make his life tensed if he makes Ishita’s life tensed. He says listen to me. She says I need to talk to Ishita and leaves.

Ishita talks to teacher and says she is not sure of sending kid. The teacher says its important plan, try this, and asks for passport. Ishita gives the passports. The teacher says we will start visa process. The teacher sees a peon there and smiles. Vandu is angry and wants to tell Ishita. Bala calls Amma and says Vandu misunderstood me, she is disconnecting my calls, should she behave such in pregnancy. Amma asks him not to worry. He says I think she went to Shravan’s school and come there later, call me, I will come there and talk to her.

Ishita goes to talk to principal. The peon shows the teacher. They worry. Vandu sees Ishita and falls down by bumping her leg into the chair corner. She screams. Ishita rushes to her and the teachers help in taking her outside. Sujata talks to Mrs. Bhalla about Ananya, and shows court orders that Parmeet can’t come in this house, till the custody case has its decision. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says he was threatening and fighting. She says she did not like Subbu initially. Sujata says leave it, Subbu is nice guy, he dedicated life to me after Laxmi and Karthik’s death, he got lonely. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, loneliness is bad, I feel bad seeing Simmi alone, she has long life ahead, how will she spend life. Sujata says even I think the same for Subbu, maybe that…. Simmi comes and says Vandu fell in school, come fast.

Ishita brings Vandu home and says doctor said she and baby are fine. Bala asks her to relax. Mrs. Bhalla, Subbu, Simmi and Sujata come there. Subbu gives the reports. Bala thanks him for being there. Subbu asks Vandu how can she be so careless, if she can’t care, why does she give birth, why should baby suffer, why did she rush to school, if anything happens to baby because of me, we can’t forgive ourselves. He cries and says its parent’s duty to keep baby safe, its her fault.

Bala says what is he saying, everything is fine. Sujata calms him down and says its fine, she needs rest. Subbu says I m sorry and leaves. Ishita thinks what happened to him, as if he holds himself responsible, Karthik died in plane crash, how is he responsible for his death. Ashok and Shagun talk about Vandu’s accident, and it saved them from Ishita. She says I will take kids to Australia and Raman and Ishita can’t do anything. He says yes, Ishita will be busy with Vandu. They drink and are glad.

Ishita talks to Raman and says Vandu and baby are fine, she gave passports, but not willing to send kids, and talks to him. Everyone smile looking on. Simmi says I think we all should leave and teases Ishita. Ishita asks Ruhi the last line of her essay. Ruhi says I love you Papa. Ishita repeats it. Simmi teases her and they laugh. yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………….

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Mr. Bhalla after dinner. She says she saw Simmi when Ishita was talking to Raman, how will Simmi be alone all her life. Mr. Bhalla says Sujata is sensible, but Subbu’s mum. She says what about her, Subbu will be living with Sujata, and wishes good for both Simmi and Rinki. Its morning, Rinki talks on phone and says she got tiffin for Mihir, I think it will be alright. She hears girls finding Mihir cute and taking classes from him, cooking for him, and wishing to marry Mihir. Rinki gets angry and the girls leave. She says Ishita is right, I will not give up so easily.

Sujata thinks to convince about Subbu and Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita about Subbu and Simmi. Ishita says Simmi’s divorce did not happen till now. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to think about Ananya, she will get a father. Ishita says Simmi and Subbu do not know each other, we don’t know whats in Subbu’s heart, Raman is also not here. Sujata says I heard everything, sorry,the door was open, I came to convince you about them, they both are alone. Ishita says I will talk to Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says I know she will also say yes.

Rinki says whats happening with me, why am I feeling anxious, he is not taking my call, I will break Karishma’s leg, I will see how she proposes Mihir. Simmi talks to Ishita and says how can this be, Subbu is good man, but I m Ananya’s mum, and Parmeet is threatening me. Ishita says when the storm ends, she will find herself alone, what will she do. Simmi says she can’t risk anyone, Subbu loves Ananya, if his attachment is only with Ananya…. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Simmi says I don’t want to be burden for anyone, I can raise my daughter alone, I can’t attach with anyone if I m scared to be lonely.

Rinki asks Mihir where is he hiding Karishma, and scolds him, saying she has come here for him, she loves him. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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