Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala coming home being upset. Vandu asks him where did you in morning. He says I had to meet Mahesh to work in his coaching classes, there is vacancy but he feels I m not good for his centre. Vandu says you have lots of experience. He says what to do, no college wants to hire me. She says have patience, everything will be fine. She gives him Shravan’s Kadas and says Amma wanted to buy a gift for Simmi’s baby, so I thought we will exchange this and it will be a gift for the baby from Amma’s side. She hugs him.

Raman asks Ishita what is she hiding. She shows him clothes for Parmeet, as it’s a ritual. Raman gets angry. Ishita says he will come if we don’t call him, Simmi wants him to come and she has invited him, I don’t know he will come or not, if he

comes what will we do, so I bought this, we can’t let him go empty hand. Raman says Simmi is still in touch with him, is she mad. Ishita says she is his wife, its not easy for her, Simmi is important for us. He says he won’t come in our house. She asks him to think about Simmi and we have to bear him for one day.

Raman gets a call and says what? After the commitment, fine I m coming. He says I have to go to Chandigarh today, its important. She says the function, fine, we have done the arrangements, but talk to Simmi before going. He says fine. She asks him not to be tensed. He says I m tensed as Parmeet will come when I m gone and you are alone. She says I have the family. He says I m worried about Parmeet, will be bear your lecture alone. She leaves. Raman smiles.

Ashok says I ended your tension Parmeet, I have sent Raman out of city. Parmeet says you kept your words, I did not think this. Shagun says but Ishita is also there, she won’t let you allow the function so easily. Parmeet looks on. Mihika asks Mihir to get ready as they have to go in the function. Mihir says I have an important meeting and I want a file. She says get dressed, go and come fast. He says I want the file. She says she will find the file and looks for it. He comes back and sees the room messed up. She says I got the file, take it. He says thanks, go down, I will catch you later. She asks why. He says whats all this.

She says I helped you and you are shouting on me. He says can anyone mess up so much to get a file. They argue. He says I like cleanliness. She leaves annoyed. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes the guests on the naming ceremony. Ishita asks the pandit do you need anything. He says no, we will start now. Ishita waits for Raman and says don’t know he will come or not. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to bring Simmi and baby. Mihir says the food is ready. Pammi comes and hugs Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla.

Mihika sees Mihir and goes. Simmi comes with the baby. Ishita praises them. She asks is there anything less. Simmi says Parmeet, how can everything be fine without him. Simmi says Raman has spent much money to do this arrangements, but he got busy so he could not come, and Ishita got dressed up and came here to take the credit. Ishita hears this. The pandit asks the baby’s parents to come in the puja. Mr. Bhalla says baby’s father is not here, can I and my wife do the puja. Simmi says why won’t he come, if he is here. She says Parmeet has the right on his daughter, I will sit in the puja with him else not. She smiles seeing Parmeet.

Everyone is shocked seeing him. Parmeet says it will happen as you want. Mr. Bhalla asks who called him. Simmi says I have called him, I want him to be with the baby. The pandit asks them to come as the mahurat is passing by. Parmeet looks at Ishita. The puja starts. Mihir asks Ishita if Raman knows this. Ishita says I told him already, he was tensed that Parmeet can do any drama, but what can we do, we have to bear him for Simmi. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita will keep the baby name. Simmi gets angry.

Parmeet says why, she is my daughter and we will keep her name. Mr. Bhalla says but there is no one from your family. Parmeet says someone who supported me in bad times. He calls Ashok and Shagun. Everyone get stunned seeing them. Shagun smiles.

Parmeet welcomes Ashok and Shagun. Parmeet asks Shagun to keep the baby’s name. Mrs. Bhalla says what are you saying. Shagun says I will do the Naamkaran. Simmi gives her the baby saying she is also her Mami. Mrs. Bhalla says what are you doing. Simmi says I will do what Parmeet says. Shagun goes ahead to tell the name in the baby ears and shouts as the baby does Susu on her. She scolds Simmi for not using a Rs 10 diaper. Mrs. Bhalla taunts her and says I did Adi’s upbringing and you left Ruhi too. Parmeet asks Shagun to go and freshen up, they will wait for her. Ashok leaves with Shagun.

Mrs. Bhalla asks the pandit to start and Ishita will do the Naamkaran. Mr. Bhalla says the same and asks her to keep a good name. Ishita tells the name in the baby’s name and tells everyone that she has kept her name Ananya. Everyone claps. Simmi smiles and says Ananya Parmeet Khurana. Shagun says Ishita won today because of the baby. Ashok says don’t worry.

Mr. Bhalla gives a gold chain to the baby. Parmeet says I think you forgot to give me the gift, like clothes. Ishita gives Romi the gift. Romi says we did not forget, here is it. Parmeet says I m not begging, I want it from Ishita’s hands. He smiles looking at her. Mr. Bhalla says if Raman was here, he would have given, so Romi is giving, do you want it from Mihir’s hands. Parmeet says your bahu should give it, as she named the baby. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to give it to Parmeet.

Ishita gives it to Parmeet. He looks at her smiling. She gives him an angry stiff look. Ashok and Shagun seem to enjoy this. Parmeet scares Ishita as if touching her and she moves back. He says I think you don’t know the rituals, so you moved back, maybe no one told you, you are younger to me, you have to touch my feet and take my blessings, as its good.

Ishita thinks Parmeet is happy thinking I lost, I will never touch his feet, but this function is important for him. I promised her that I will think about her happiness, what to do now. Shall I or shouldn’t I.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i wish raman comes nd stops ishita frm touching param’s feet.
    Am happy dat Romi obeys nd respects ishita. Hope she changes him and teaches him to respect women.

  2. Parmeet is a creep

  3. i also hope raman comes…

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