Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruhi checks her medical reports

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha choosing another necklace for Ruhi. Ruhi says its perfect, thanks. Sudha says I m not just your Saas, but also your mum, tell me clearly. Ruhi says yes, this one is beautiful. She wears the necklace and shows them. Aaliya gets sad. She feels dizzy. She goes. Karan compliments Ruhi. She says thanks for understanding me. He says you are my world. They smile. They hear Yug shouting and rush to see. Everyone asks what happened to Aaliya. Karan calls a doctor. Ruhi asks what’s wrong. Ishita says we should have not lied. Pankuri comes there to give Ruhi’s reports. She says I will meet Ishita and hand this over to her. Pankhuri comes. Ishita asks her to check Aaliya.

Pankhuri checks Aaliya. Aaliya gets conscious. They ask are you fine. Pankhuri says she is fine, the reason is something else. Ishita smiles and says why didn’t I think of it before. Pankhuri says everything is more than okay. Ishita says Yug’s dream is completing, he wanted to become a dad, he is becoming a dad. Everyone smiles. Everyone hugs Yug. Karan says me and Ruhi will also join you. Sudha says yes. Ishita thanks Pankhuri. Reports are kept there. Yug asks Aaliya to lie down well. Karan says Yug will become a protective dad. Raman says nothing bad will happen, doctor said she will study our case. Ishita and Raman go to Aaliya. Ruhi shows Yug’s gift for Aaliya. Aaliya says thanks, but why did take such an expensive gift. Yug says you gave me a big gift. Aaliya feels nausea. Yug worries. Ishita says its okay, many such things happen. Raman says you have to support Aaliya. Ishita says we are there, you have to take care of her. Yug says I will handle her well.

Karan says I didn’t think women have to bear so much, Ruhi plan cancel, I can’t see you in pain, children plan cancel. Ruhi says it happens, one baby comes in hands, cute baby, we forget this pain, I want to become a mum. He says you are confusing. She says I want that feeling that baby is growing within me, Aaliya do you get this feeling. Aaliya says yes, women bear this pain for child. Yug says hats off to women for giving birth to healthy kids like us. They laugh. Ishita cries. Raman goes after her. She says why is this happening with Ruhi, what will happen with her, Subbu left me and now I can’t see this happening with her, I got Ruhi and you, we got our daughter Pihu, how will we explain Ruhi.

He says you raised children well, they regard you more than real mum, they love you a lot. She says Ruhi wants to become a mum, what will she go through. He says when Bala’s mum called you Baanch, Ruhi sat in your lap to show she is your daughter, don’t think so. She asks what about Karan. He says its fine, we will find some way. Pankhuri is on the way. She gets a call. She recalls keeping reports. She says I forgot reports there, hope no one gets it. Sudha comes and says I was leaving now, we will finalize things tomorrow, we have less time. She asks Ishita are you fine. Ishita says I m tired.

Sudha says take rest. She goes. Ishita says I m not feeling good to hide this from Sudha. She gets Pankhuri’s call. Pakhuri says I forgot the reports there. Ishita worries. Sudha says Ruhi you take vitamins tablets, you should be energetic, we will go to designer tomorrow. Ruhi says sure. Sudha and Karan leave. Ruhi checks reports and gets shocked. Ishita and Raman come. Ishita asks her not to worry, they will take a second opinion. Raman says you trust me right, I will find some solution. Everyone comes. Ruhi asks how, its true, nothing can happen. She cries. They ask what happened to Ruhi. They all check the report. Ruhi says it means I can never become mum. They get shocked. Ruhi cries.

Ruhi says Karan, I can never conceive. Karan gets shocked. He shouts this marriage can’t happen. She says I love you. He pushes her and goes away. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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