Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir convincing Soumya and asking Mihika’s hand. Raman says I and my family are with Mihir, trust me and bless them. Soumya asks do you love Mihika a lot, it should never get less. Mihir promises her. Everyone smile. Soumya says call me Amma, I like it. Ishita hugs Mihika. Mr. Bhalla asks Appa to bring sweets. Mrs. Bhalla says I will keep the marriage in grand way. Soumya gives Mihika’s hand in Mihir’s hand. Ishita signs Raman to come. They come home to talk. She thanks him and says you handled Soumya so well, and Mihir’s words touched her heart. He says Mihir should also know what it feels to wear Madrasi hanging rope. He says he has to go office. She says I have to go cooking class. She says she will make palak paneer. He says take Mihika too. She says she is going office and I have to give car for servicing. She leaves.

Ishita meets Poornima and says she wants to learn Palak Paneer, as its Ruhi and Raman’s fav, he challenged me. Poornima says she will teach her best recipe. A girl Sanjana comes there and Poornima introduces her to Ishita. She says I hope this class helps me. Ishita asks is everything fine. Sanjana says she is fine, but not emotionally. She asks Ishita why is she learning cooking. Ishita says I m Tamilian and I m learning Punjabi cooking. Poornima asks did they get books. Sanjana says she got the last book and asks Ishita to keep her book. Ishita says no need. Sanjana insists. Ishita says we will do its photo copy.

Romi calls Sarika and is upset that she is not taking his call and not even meeting her. He says she left job at dental clinic and Raman got her new job, but what did I do. His friend asks him not to worry. Romi says he has changed now, if he does not get Sarika, he can’t live. Raman is at his office and recommends Sarika. Mihir comes. Raman thanks him for giving her the job. Mihir asks him to sign some papers. He asks about getting new job for Sarika, it means he agrees to Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi that she is not a good girl.

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Raman says Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi does not like her as she is poor and was linked to Parmeet, I know she is a good girl, and I want him to be away from Romi, as he can’t be serious about any girl. He asks Mihir to take leave and pick up Mihika, take her for lunch, buy some flowers, show some love, get romantic. Mihir says I m amazed, as you are teaching me romance. Raman says I more romantic than you. Mihir says then show it, take Ishita for lunch. Mihir says fine, I m taking my leave to romance, you said good words, you too imply it. He leaves. Raman says not a bad idea, her car is not working fine, I will pick her up.

Mihika gives the presentation. Ashok eyes her. He says I think someone have to show wearing this dresses. The staff man says he will get some model. Ashok says then call. The man asks Mihika to call any model from agency. Parmeet says Mihika can try, she can model as she has experience. Ashok says yes, you will get this dress for free. Mihika says she can’t agree if she is a girl, she won’t model. Ashok says yes, I think we should respect her decision. She gets a call and asks her boss can she leave. He says fine, go. Ashok holds her hand and stops her saying Shagun. Parmeet smiles. She says my name is Mihika. He says ofcourse, its just name, I was asking you to try as you are going to be a bride, it will be a gift from my side. She leaves.

Mihir gets angry knowing what happened. He says he will kill him. She says stop overreacting. He says he knows him, he is a creep, I know his game, you leave this job and office. She says what, are you mad. Its not pratical. He says how can he do this. She says she will slap Ashok, she can’t leave the job. She says if every girl quits job, such men will get more confident. He says try and understand, its not a woman issue, what if anything happens. She says what will he do. He says listen to me, take care, I will kill him if he touches you again. He says I came here for coffee, Raman has sent me. She smiles and says lets go.

Raman comes to pick Ishita from the cooking class. He gets a call and talks about meeting. Raman gets busy on phone and Ishita and Sanjana come there. Sanjana is shocked seeing Raman and says she has to go. Ishita says what happened, why did she run seeing Raman, does she know Raman. She asks Raman does he know Sanjana Arora. He says no, I don’t, I came to surprise you. She says she run seeing you, I felt you know her. She says I m surprised and smiles. Raman says Sanjana and looks on. Ishita says come………..

Mihir and Mihika have romantic time at his home. He says which movie shall we see. They decide and someone rings the door bell. Its Vandu and Bala. Mihika asks them to come in. They see whats happening. Bala says we also watched many movies and did not complete any movie. Vandu says we came to talk to you. Bala says we came to know that Raman and Ishita are renovating your home, so we thought to gift the honeymoon vouchers. Mihir says we don’t gifts. Vandu insists and asks him to decide destination. Mihir thanks them. Mihika is happy and hugs Vandu. Mihir looks at the sister bond and feels upset. They leave.

Mihika asks what happened. He says your both sisters love you a lot. Mihika says as I m the youngest, I love them, I did not shop for me, they shopped for me always. He talks about his sister and his childhood. He says they shared the shoes too and his elder sister was so close to him. He says his sister took part in race to win a pair of shoes for him, she fell and got hurt, still she won the race to get the new shoes for me. He says he still has that pic and shows to Mihika. It has a childhood pic. He says I can’t forget her, don’t know she wanted to go ahead in the life’s race and left me behind. They cry. Mihika sees the pic and says I know you miss your sister a lot.

Raman talks to someone and says yes Mihir is your brother, but he does not want to talk to you, let him do what he wants, don’t interfere in his life, I know he listens to me, why are you stopping me, where was your love for your brother all these years. Ishita comes and he ends the call. She asks whose call was it. He lies saying credit card guys. He leaves. Ishita looks on.

Raman says he is thirsty and will just come. She says its here and gives him water. Deepika and Arjun Kapoor talk to Mrs. Bhalla. (Finding Fanny promotion)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. worst epi til date. as an audience we r not clear as to wat r we seeing. again a new character enters. from a love story this is becoming some mystery story. looks like raman & ishita will end up as good friends for ever, that’s it. love will never blossom as the makers r not interested on that thing. today ishita did not look into his eyes while speaking. with this shyness and discomfort, nothing good can ever happen between these 2. Best jodi award goes to Ishra, wat for?

    1. Good question I was to wondering

    2. Ekta kapoor istyle……it’s not going to be that simple……the show has got boring better to read it than watching it

  2. Nt a bad episode it ws k

  3. everyone hate param please finish off his case . bring the truth infront of simmi . dont stretch it like a rubberband.

  4. everyone hate param please finish off his case . bring the truth infront of simmi . dont stretch it like a rubberband. come on guys it is the best serial dont delay in that params matter .

  5. everyone hate param please finish off his case . bring the truth infront of simmi . dont stretch it like a rubberband. come on guys it is the best serial dont be like other serials delaying with a lot of drama .

  6. Good question I was to wondering y dey got best jodi award der was no romance shit mhan!!

  7. Awesum serial Nd best couple

  8. I agree with rithu come on ekta this story is full of among the three mem. So u should concentrate among those why u stretching the story like rubberband plz finish that idiot param’s track and get the ishras love track arae plzzzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzz ya.

  9. Hey evryone….especially 123…There s no new character entering the show…u will be stunned when u know who is mihir s sis..m it’s shagun. ..If u want the full info Just search the site named tellyreviews

  10. i thought d epi was gr8! d mihir-raman convo was cute nd raman behaving lyk any normal husband was awsm. ishra are a unique couple nd dey wud take tym 2 fall in luv coz of their past xperiences! nd dey deserve d best jodi coz even without gttng intimate, dey have a cracklng chemistry. dis is a mature realistic show nd lyk real lyf, luv will take tym 2 happen, afterall, who d hell falls in luv within 6 months wid a person whom he or she hated initially? it takes tym yaar nd i luv yhm 4 not followng d old cheezy unrealistic path where d leading lady solves a problem nd d hero starts luvng her or d hero helps d galz parents nd she falls in luv wid d guy. yhm nd ishra – keep rockng. real fans luv u nd will do so till eternity!

  11. I’m sure now this Sanjana Arora is Mihir’s sister. again a new entry!!! damn.

  12. I m totlly wid rimi
    Yhm rocks coz it dsnt fllw d cliched countlss times watchd falling in luv bt realistically portrays hw vry 2 diffrnt indivuals gt to knw each odr.i think dis serial is relatable,realistic yet entertaining.
    Hats off 2 d entire team on job wll done

  13. I know what the mystry will be: shagun is the elder sis of mihir it is clearly shown on mihir’s some fungtion with trisha
    it was noticable from how shagun showed intrest towards mihir’s like and also on the scene of mihika-trisha playing in rain
    and also sanjana wali to koi mistert hai bhi nahi mihir arora and sanjana arora,aur haan poornima inn theenom ki mamma hai ye bath uski ruhi keliye pyar se patha chaltha hai

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