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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishita is selecting her saree. Raman comes to the room and reminds her they have to wear formal. She says his American-European clients like to see Desi clothes. He says it’s not her Tamilian function where all will come putting flowers in their hair saying “Romba romba”. It’s a classy party. He asks her to leave her garden at home and don’t embarrass him. Ishita is shocked and says, I am doing a favor to you by coming along, and you’re taunting me. I am not dying to go to the party. He says, you just say, but never die. Ishita says huh? He asks if she was born in ICU, serious all the time. He asks her to leave her “behenji-giri” at home sometimes. She can smile, her teeth are good. He leaves taunting her. Ishita is mad. She is confused what to wear.

Mihir tells his plan to Raman’s family and hopes everything will be fine after this. Ruhi says, so you lied? He tells her this is secret so don’t tell Ishita. Ruhi tells everyone to be quiet. Mihir goes to do last minute preparations. Mr. Bhalla tells Toshiji, he thinks so much about Raman. He plans to do his engagement like Raman as well. Toshiji is not interested and tells him do anything. Mr. Bhalla says they will go to find a venue in night then. They also convince Simmi to go along with them. Ishita comes outside. She hears Toshiji saying it’s good that Simmi will also go out with them. Ishita wishes she could also go with them. It would be so much better than going with “khadus” Ravan Kumar.

Some girls are saying that Bala is so handsome. Vandita hears it and smiles. She comes to Bala and teases him for the same. She asks him is that why he keeps classes on Sundays. Bala says he has to maintain himself for his beautiful wife. He asks jealous, huh? She says a little bit. They have an eyelock, but they are interrupted by Romi. Bala tells him he was discussing with Vandita about reexamination being easy this time so everyone can pass. Romi leaves from there. Vandita is not impressed. She tells Bala that he should be encouraging Romi to study more. Bala says he comes to him with reexamination tension all the time, so he just calms him down. Vandita tells him to come home early as they have to take Shravan out. She leaves. Bala is relieved as Romi didn’t speak anything in front of Vandita. He says, I am sorry Vandu, I know I should be telling you all, but I just don’t want to catch Romi, I want to catch everyone involved. And for that, I will have to win Romi’s trust.

Ruhi comes to Romi and asks how she’s looking. Just then Raman comes out. Ruhi tells him that he’s looking like James Bond. Raman asks when she watched James Bond movies. Romi says with him. Ruhi asks Romi about Ishita, but he says they are getting late. They go to check Toshiji. Raman’s driver tells him that there’s still time, he has to fill in petrol. Raman returns home and Ishita is still not ready. He tells her, this is not Jagratra that it will go whole night, it’s just a dinner. He asks her to hurry up. He gets a call from Tondon. Raman assures him that Trisha-Mihir’s engagement will be top class.

Mr. Bhalla asks Romi if Raman and Ishita left. Ruhi says yes as she saw Raman leaving the house. Romi doesn’t see Raman’s car and says they left. Toshiji says, now he doesn’t even tell me before leaving. Mr. Bhalla says, you were getting ready and they must be getting late. Iyers are also not at home, so Bhallas lock their house well from outside.

Raman again comes to bathroom and asks Ishita if she doesn’t want to go. He wonders how much ready she’s getting. He says he will wait downstairs. He tries to open their door, but it’s locked from outside and no one is around. Ishita comes outside and says, are you still here? and why are you shouting so much? He gets mad, but gets shut when he turns around and sees her. Ishita has gotten ready in dress that he had bought for her with Ruhi. He’s surprised seeing her. He checks her out from bottom to top. Ishita asks him, what? He says, first time, I don’t have anything to say. You’re looking nice. She asks him if they shall go. Raman informs her that they are locked in the house. She asks him if they didn’t see him? He says, he’s Mr. India and asks her if she wants glasses. She says, don’t praise yourself, you’re not Mr. India, you’re moghumbo. He says if his wife was like you, then he would be same. She blames him and then asks what they shall do now. He thinks of calling, but she tells him to let it be as Simmi also went with them and they should let them enjoy. Raman agrees.

Both are irritated as they will have to spend their evening with each other. He looks at her and she gives him a smile. He wonders why she’s smiling. He asks her if she’s planning to attack on him as she told him not to call anyone. She asks him, if he thinks he’s Shah Rukh Khan. He says, would I marry Lolita Pawar then? You’re staring at me, I am not staring at you. She says, please.. if I want to stare at something, then it will be something nice. I am not interested in such an item. Their nok-jok continues. Ishita shares her experience of getting locked before. He asks her if she was alone? She says someone was with her and it was such a good experience and it’s all repeating today. He says, no, that time you enjoyed, this time no one is enjoying it. Nothing is same. Ishita asks him if he’s feeling bad. He says, of course, what a poor guy, he got locked with her. And today it’s him. She asks was that a comedy? because it was not funny. She gets up to go to change. He stops her just in case if family returns soon, then they will have to go for dinner. He asks her to sit down again and he will get cold drink. He serves it to her and asks her to cool down, and then asks if she always had interest in lecturing or world made her interested. She asks him if he was always khadus type, or a girl’s slap made him khadus. He says, no way. She taunts him that girls wouldn’t even be coming close to him because of his short height and bad tongue. He starts talking about a girl in his college time and then says, why would you care? After some time, Ishita asks him what’s there to hide so tell. He continues talking and then stops again. Ishita is very much interested in knowing more about her. Raman praises that girl’s beauty and it seems to be affecting to Ishita. Raman stops again. She agrees why would it matter to her, but then tells him why leave story in between and asks him to continue. Raman continues that he was very shy and one day, she came to him to talk and asked for help in a subject. He goes on about group studies and one day, they sat very close. He gets up and sits closer to Ishita. He takes her hand and says, that day I saw two big tears in her eye and that is when I realized that she loved me. Ishita looks on, not so pleasingly.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ashok meets Parmeet in the jail and they become friends. Raman tells Ishita that she should learn from him how to lie, she has gotten so much jealous.

Update Credit to: Rahi

  1. I think raman acts like shahrukh khan
    bt he is really soooooooooo cute
    I hate this parmeet

  2. Not again your life and let others live theirs too

  3. y are ishra always disturbed by ashok or parmeet i hate it

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