Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman seeing the newspapers outside the door. He calls Neel and asks him to send some staff to him. Neel says i will send someone. Ishita hears him talking and thinks he is strange as he started complaining in the morning. Raman asks Ishita to stop and borrows a newspaper from her. She gives him and turns to look at him while he leaves. She stops him and says you should be thankful. She says whatever, thankyou. Ishita talks to Amma about Raman and his mum. She says he is very rude as if he has all the problems of the world. Amma asks her to be on internet and chat online. Ishita laughs off. Amma hopes that Ishita gets someone online and smiles.

The phone rings and Amma talks to her sister Soumya and says Vandu and Bala went to pick up your

daughter Mihika. Ishita calls Bala and asks did you get Mihika. Bala asks tell me the bogie number. Vandu says hurry up, she sees Mihika and Bala says OMG, its blood coming out…. Bala and Vandu run to her. Ishita hears this and gets worried. Ishita tells this to Amma and says something happened to Mihika, we should go to the station. Ishita says I m tensed. Appa says ok, we will go. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says I m calling you out. Amma comes to talk to her.

Mrs. Bhalla argues with Amma. Both of them shout on each other. Ishita asks whats the problem. Mrs. Bhalla says she spoils our morning by ringing the bell. She asks did you call the police. Amma says no but you were disturbing everyone with loudspeakers. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla have an argument. Ishita says we have to go somewhere, we will talk later. Appa asks Amma to calm down. Ishita says all this is misunderstanding, we did not call the police. ishita apologizes to them and says sorry. Mrs. Bhalla says fine and leaves.

Ishita says shall we go now. Appa says I will try calling Bala. He calls Bala and asks how is Mihika. Bala says she is fine and with us, we are coming home. Appa says they are fine and are coming home. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Nimmi being angry on Iyer family. Ruhi takes Mrs. Bhalla’s photos. Ruhi asks can I go down with Shanti. Rinki comes and says I m going to college. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t go, spend your time with your brother Raman. Rinki gets late and leaves saying she will talk to Raman in the evening. Ishita meets Mihika and says where is the blood. Mihika says it was not my blood, but someone else’s.

She tells them that she has beaten a eve teaser at the station and it was his blood which Bala saw. Bala stopped her from beating him further. Amma says every guy will run away seeing you. She says even decent guys will run seeing your behavior. Everyone smiles hearing Amma’s words. Amma says Mihika is not like a girl, who will like her. Amma says you both should be married in one year and then I will be sleeping peacefully. Ruhi is outside the house and meets Ishita.

Ruhi says she wants a Bindi. Ishita says I have an idea and touches her face with hers, Ruhi gets the bindi. She says I m going to meet my Papa. Ishita says very nice. Ruhi says my Papa will be going in two days. She takes Ishita’s photo and says Papa says everyone will go as my mum went. Ishita feels bad for her and hugs her. She says I won’t go anywhere and I have an idea, I will make the puppy ready and then you can take his photo.

The puppy hugs Mihika. Mihika asks who is this, Ishita says he is MuttuSwami. Ishita teases Mihika and sees her nail polish. She says these are the same hands which has broken nails, are you hiding something. Amma comes and asks who is hiding what, were you talking about any guy. Mihika says I m hungry, make the breakfast soon. Raman talks to his clients while having breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to switch off his phone. She asks him to make Ruhi eat food and give her some time. She says she is your daughter and your responsibility.

Raman closes his laptop and makes Ruhi have food. Ruhi says not this one. Raman says be a good girl and eat. He again see the mile on her face and maybe it reminds him of his wife that makes him angry. He asks her to eat on her own. Ruhi talks about her puppy. Raman says I don’t have time. Ruhi says please two mins.

Ruhi comes to Ishita and asks her to make the puppy ready. Ishita combs him and makes him dressed. Mihika comes and says he is looking a groom. Mihika asks who is this girl. Ishita says she is our neighbor. Amma hears them talking and thinks she is talking about some guy but Ishita and Mihika are talking about the puppy. Amma is happy and wishes Ishita gets the best in her life.

Raman talks to Neel about his work. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi saying I m going to show some girl’s photos to Raman. She asks Raman to stop talking and takes him with her. She shows some girl’s photos to him and asks him about marriage. Raman says I m not interested. She calls him ”happy”. She says it was my childhood’s name. She says think if you have a wife, your life will change. She asks him to get married for Ruhi. He refuses and asks her to go. He thinks about his past and is upset.

Raman comes to Ishita’s clinic. Amma sees Raman’s photo and thinks Ishita is in love with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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