Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrs. Bhalla gets worried for baby

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying we thought maybe the baby is crying because of medicines or toys, we changed the medicines and got a new batch, room is cleaned with disinfectant, will you come back, everyone is missing him. Mihika says of course. Ishita smiles. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of Swati’s words. She sees Ishita with baby. The baby cries. Ishita says he is crying again. Mihika says maybe he is hungry, I will feed him, feeder is kept inside. She takes baby with her.

Ishita shows the clothes and says its cute dresses, Pihu used to fit in this, Shagun had kept them, they are so beautiful, it will be used by Adi now. Raman smiles. She says I will give this to Ishita. He says there is some new drama always. She says there is much confusion in mum’s mind, its a big responsibility, when I became Ruhi’s mum, I was so nervous.

He says don’t make Adi wear this frock, you acted so aggressive in court like a tigress for Ruhi’s custody, you remember. She says yes, Mihika is also the same, she loves Adi a lot, he will be secure if she raises him. He smiles and says my wife and your three special qualities, you can become jhansi ki rani for everyone, you know all the problems and you give much gyaan. She says you are the one talking. He says you can be anything, but not nervous. She says I used to pretend as jhansi ki rani as you were Raavan kumar, you changed a lot now. He says baby Adi changed me. She says he brought a change in everyone’s life, everyone is smiling in the house, everyone is so happy. He says except me. Shea sks why. He says someone barges into the room when I romance my wife. She says Neelu will come first. He says get this Neelu married to someone. She laughs.

Mrs. Bhalla thinks of Swati’s words. She goes out of her room and checks the medicine bottle. She says no, I can’t do this. She cries. Parmeet and Simmi look on. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi is here because of Ishita, how can I do this. Simmi says mummy will never suspect Ishita. Parmeet says we have to play our final move tomorrow, she will feel Adi has a threat to life because of Ishita, then she will kill Ishita. Simmi asks what will you do. They go. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says how shall I save Adi.

Its morning, Ishita comes and sees Mihika and baby sleeping. Mihika wakes up and says sorry, I fell asleep, I had a slight headache, I couldn’t sleep all night, he slept well, you got medicines changed, maybe that made the difference. Ishita says I will take him with me, you take rest. Mihika says he needs a bath. Ishita says I will do this work, take rest. Baby wakes up. Mihika smiles seeing him. Ishita says you don’t have a problem if I take him, right. Mihika says I m really sorry for yesterday, I panicked as he was crying, no one can take better care of Adi or any other child than you, take him. Ishita says I didn’t feel bad, I understand this love of a possessive mumma. Ishita takes baby. Parmeet and Simmi look on. Parmeet shouts to Manjiri. He scolds the laundry man. Ishita asks baby to see her room. Raman asks Parmeet to talk with manners. Parmeet argues with him. He thinks to keep them busy till Simmi goes her work. Simmi sees Ishita with baby. Ishita leaves baby on bed and goes to washroom.

Simmi goes in and pours some oil on floor. She goes to Simmi and asks why are you shouting. He says this man doesn’t work well, he lost my costly clothes. Raman says he isn’t deaf, talk well, is this drama necessary. Pihu comes and asks Raman to help her in project. Simmi asks the man to find the outfit. Neelu gets breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Simmi taunts on her bahus. Pihu comes to get scissors. She says Mihika is sleeping and Ishita is giving a bath to baby. Mrs. Bhalla worries. Ishita says come, are you ready for bath, I will remove your clothes later, you will catch cold. She slips by the oil and falls over the bad. Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi and Raman come. Baby cries. Ishita says so sorry, oil was fallen there, I slipped. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her and takes baby with her. Simmi smiles and goes. Raman asks are you okay. Ishita says yes, I slipped all of a sudden, mummy got annoyed. She bears the pain and says I have to talk to her. He says you can go later, don’t be stubborn.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have milk. Ishita drinks and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla leaves. Ruhi tries to wake up Ishita and shouts Ishimaa. Raman looks on shocked when Ishita doesn’t respond.

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