Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman drinking in his room. Ishita comes and says please don’t drink, the doctor asked you not to drink. He says whats wrong with you, why did you do this. She says stop it, see your throat, what company. He throws a glass. She hugs him and says be like this, keep hugging, Ruhi is here. Ruhi sees them and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………………. She says I don’ love you. Raman pushes her. Ruhi asks what happened. Ishita says Raman was keeping that glass and it fell. She asks her to sleep with Rinki as Raman has cough. Ruhi says fine, but tomorrow here. She says good night and leaves. Raman is still angry. He asks Ishita why did you do this, answer me. Ishita says I know you are angry on me, believe me I know Mr. Goyal, I heard his conversation, he is not a right man, this would be loss for you.

She says I understood there is something wrong in it, he is fraud. She says I know you are big CEO, but ……anyone can do mistake. Raman gets angry and leaves. Ishita and Raman come to Amma’s house. Ishita says you came here to talk, fine I will help you. Appa opens the door and asks what is the matter. Raman asks Amma to ask Ishita why Ishita did this. Ishita says Raman is worried as he can’t speak. So I decided he will sleep here tonight. Raman is irritated. Amma says I will make you eat special Rasam. Ishita says he will sleep on sofa. Amma says he will sleep in our bedroom. Raman tries to tall to them but can’t speak. She says I will bring his laptop. Amma and Appa take Raman inside. Ishita says Ravan Kumar…….sleep with Appa now.

Raman works on his laptop and hears Appa talking in sleep taking Amma’s name. Appa praises Amma’s beauty and holds Raman’s hand. Raman thinks first a major loss by Ishita and now Appa is trying to take my respect. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla does the arrangements of a punjabi function Ashtami. She asks Ishita to remove her bangles and helps her. She says now you are my full bahu, and blesses her. She asks Ishita to wear this dress and explains her the rituals. She asks Ishita to call Raman and make Ruhi ready. Ishita says the saree is very beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla says thanks, my choice is good.

Simmi brings Gudiya. Mrs. Bhalla says I brought new clothes for her, make her ready. Parmeet brings gifts. She asks him to wake Romi. Parmeet laughs and goes. Ishita gets ready and comes. Parmeet looks at her. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi. Parmeet says Ruhi and Ishita are looking beautiful. Ishita says thanks. Raman talks to Mr. Malhotra and says we have other land. He scolds Raman for making such a mistake. Raman says I was stupid to marry Ishita. Ruhi comes and shows him her dress. Raman says its pretty. Ruhi says Ishi Maa gave. He gets annoyed and makes faces.

Ishita makes halwa as Mrs. Bhalla guides her. Raman comes home and sees Ishita cooking. He says she has ruined my business and putting ghee here, stupid woman. Raman gets a call and says I m coming office. Simmi says you can’t go. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to ask Ishita what she did. Ishita says not now. Mihir calms down Raman. Raman says it was your idea to take her. Raman gets a call from Tandon. Amma brings Raman’s laptop. Raman thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita for ruining Raman’s business. Amma sees this and is worried.

Mr.Bhalla asks her to calm down. Mrs. Bhalla says my son’s business is ruined by her, I will not leave her. Amma says how can you take like this with your daughter in law. Amma says she is my daughter. They argue. Ishita says I did know it would be such a big problem, its my mistake. Amma supports Ishita. Ishita asks Amma to leave, she will handle. Ishita thinks about Raman and how Ashok taunted him. Saari fizaon me hai tera aur mera fasana……………..plays……………. Ishita cries thinking about Raman’s words.

Tandon talks to Raman and asks how did you miss a big bid. Raman answers him. Tandon says its ok. Raman says I m worried about board of directors. Tandon says I m biggest investor in your company, I don’t have a problem. Tandon says Trisha called and she liked Mihir, its great. Raman says its nice. Tandon says we should make them get engaged soon, if her mood changes, it will be problem. Tandon asks Raman about engagement and says think about it. Raman thinks. Parmeet talks to Ishita and pacifies her. He says Raman is upset and Mrs. Bhalla is emotional. Ishita says I felt bad that Raman got so much loss because of me.

Parmeet holds her and says I know you can never do any wrong with anyone, you did it with good heart, I trust you. Ishita says I did not do right. He holds her hand and says forget it and don’t feel you are alone. He smiles.

Ruhi comes and takes Ishita holding her hand for the puja with Raman. Parmeet looks at Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Please!!
    Aaj ka show acha tha par please dont spoil it by that stupid bid of land!!

  2. stupid raman stupid parmmeet stupid thoshi pdont cry poor ishita plsdont cry hey raman kuch bhath karne se phehale soch kar bhath karona sala !dehk bechare ishita kithina hurt huaa……..

  3. The Time is11:30and april11th’s episode is not yet updated:-(

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