Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Gopal gets arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana saying we will not call Rudra, we will call him here and give him a shocker. Mishka asks seriously, how will you come him here. Ahana pushes her and says this will be his invitation. She calls Rudra and says Mishka got hurt, we are at the hospital, come fast. She says Mishka, Rudra is going to come to take care of you. Rudra asks Saransh to do his homework. He leaves. Vasu teaches the kids. She asks them to wear masks and go home. Girish gets sweets for the kids. He says I got the sweets for them, its their first class today. The kids eats sweets. Vasu says ask me before getting anything again. Gopal says I don’t eat sweets, get me a cup of coffee. Rudra comes to hospital. He asks how is Mishka. Doctor says your reports are normal, maybe some sprain. Mishka says its paining a lot. Ahana says its a minor sprain, we will go home, sorry to bother you Rudra, we will take Prisha home. Rudra says she is busy, she messaged her. Ahana says she is a famous doctor here. Doctor says Prisha isn’t here, she is suspended, she gave wrong medicine to some patient, so she is temporarily suspended, Prisha can’t come to hospital until the enquiry completes. She goes. Ahana asks what did she say, Prisha tells us that she is going to hospital, she lied to us, didn’t she tell Rudra. Rudra thinks.

Police comes to Gopal’s house and gives the search warrant. The inspector says the girls who come to learn music here are hospitalized, they are given drugs, they can lose their lives, they said they got unwell after having sweets here. Gopal asks how did this happen. Gopal lets them in. He says they are searching for drugs. Vasu worries. The police gets the drugs and sweets. Gopal and Vasu say we don’t know anything. Inspector arrests Gopal. Vasu gets shocked. Ahana and Rudra bring Mishka home. Ahana says its just a minor sprain. Mishka says its hurting a lot. Ahana says I was so scared and called Rudra, we went for shopping and couldn’t buy anything because of this accident.

Saransh asks where is mumma. Rudra says she was busy in a surgery. Saransh says we had a surprise for her. Prisha comes and asks what surprise. Rudra says you had a surgery right. Prisha says yes, I asked nurse to message you. Ahana thinks Rudra will slap her and throw her out. Mishka asks Rudra to tell them. Rudra says shut up. Mishka goes. Sharda asks why did she go in anger. Rudra says I will tell later. Saransh asks shall I take mumma to show surprise. He takes Prisha. Ahana asks how did you talk to Mishka, what’s wrong, she lies and cheats us, you are giving looks to me. Rudra says maybe there is a reason behind this. She says you should have asked her. Rudra says it won’t look good in front of Saransh. He says I will relax. She says I m seeing how you are handling it, brilliant. He says tell Mishka not to say anyone until Prisha tells them.

Ahana thinks he wants to become best husband, I will not sit quiet. Vasu says its wrong, we didn’t do this, Gopal is a retired judge, someone else did this. Inspector scolds her. He asks who else stays here. Vasu says yes, Girish is a young boy, he stays here, my husband got him, he is a poor boy. Gopal says he got the sweets. Inspector says call him. They call out Girish. Vasu says wait, he will be around, he isn’t here, he cheated us. Inspector says give us his full name and Adhaar card. Vasu says Gopal didn’t take anything.

Gopal says I don’t have anything. Inspector asks how can you make this mistake. Gopal says it happened soon, he came in front of me, he started crying, he was a needy boy, I got him home. Vasu says he was doing work here. Gopal says its someone’s plan, I didn’t do anything. Inspector says court will decide. Vasu pleads to him. She says I will call Prisha. Gopal says no, don’t tell her. She asks will you sit alone there. He says we can’t trouble her, you won’t tell her. He is arrested. She says I can call Yuvraj. Yuvraj meets Girish and says great, you made me happy, you keep the money, leave the city now. Girish asks will I get trapped. Yuvraj says you will be trapped if you stay in this city, don’t get caught, I can’t save you, don’t call me, go. Girish goes. Yuvraj gets Vasu’s call. He says it means Gopal got arrested, you want me to save him, how, I have sent him to the jail, this is my slap for Gopal.
Balraj says Prisha got suspended, why. Niketan says I got to know Saransh isn’t your son, see how I ruin your life. He calls Ahana. They meet. He says Prisha isn’t Saransh’s mum. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Funny. How can a retired Judge bring someone from the street home. No identity. You people should always consider your audience

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