Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Devika’s Tussle

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha cries that Saransh took away her happiness with him, don’t know when she will be happy again. Anvi walks to her wearing new dress and asks how is she looking. Preesha says pretty as usual. Anvi asks where is her birthday gift. Preesha gifts her golden chain and Ganapati locket saying Ganapati bappa will protect her. Anvi says she need not worry when she is there to protect her. She shows her gift to Arman. Arman says this is her best birthday gift as its her best birthday gift today. Preesha says how can it be best until Anvi’s best friend calls her. Arman says he will call Anvi’s best friend, her aunt/bua Devika. In a hotel room, Devi throws tantrums on staff when her diamond earrings go missing. Staff request her to calm down. She orders them to call their manager. Arman calls her and asks if she forgot Anvi’s birthday. She says how can she and tells Anvi that she has bought her diamond earrings for her special birthday. Anvi thanks her and asks her to come soon. Arman sends her to her room and asks Devika how is her internship going. Devika says once her internship finishes, she will return to Goa to her Anvi, but there is a problem here. He asks what happened. She says the diamond earrings she bought for Anvi are missing and hence she has called manager. Arman says may god bless poor manager.

Manager enters. Anvi asks why he took so much time to come. He says he is a manager and not her personal assistant. She throws vase at him. He holds it, revealing he is Rudra, and acting as throwing it back on her keeps it down. She yells again for coming late. He says he is not a superman and it takes time for him to come, what is her problem. She alleges that his hotel staff stole her diamond earrings. He says his staff is not a thief, she should check her room before alleging them. She says looking at room’s condition, he should know that she checked whole room, so he should find out whole stole it. He says again he is not her servant notices earring box under pillow and walks towards her. She gets nervous and warns him to dare not come near her and tries to slap him. He holds her hand and handing over earring box says it was where she threw the pillow and says if she has any idea that the damage she made is more than a staff’s salary. She says he doesn’t know who she is, he can send her a bill for the damages made. He walks away saying he doesn’t care who she is. She fumes that he is having so much attitude as if he is an owner of this hotel. Rudra scolds staff for his mistake and says their duty is to provide good service to their clients but they shouldn’t tolerate their tantrums. Staff asks if his salary will be deducted for the damages client made. Rudra says client will pay for the damages, he is going now and will return for night shift.

Anvi tells her teddy that nobody gifted her puppy yet, she told papa many times, she should call bua and complain her. She calls video Devika. Devika shows her diamond earring gift. Anvi asks why don’t kids get gift of their choice. Devika asks if she didn’t like earrings. They give gifts of their choice, but don’t ask her choice. Devika says she will bring whatever she wants. Anvi says she wants puppy as her 2 friends have puppies. Devika says bhai will never agree for the puppy. Anvi sadly asks if she will not get a puppy. Devika says her Prishmaa can convince bhai and she should cutely convince Prishmaa. Anvi writes notes and calls Preesha. Preesha reads notes that she needs one more birthday gift which has four legs and can pamper her. Anvi shows her dog pics. Preesha agrees to gift her a puppy. Anvi says she loves her, she is the world’s best mamma. Preesha remembers Sarnash saying same.

Rudra returns home tired and hearing Sharda coughing rushes to her and asks if she got ill again. Sharda says she is fine after Sulochana gave her medicines. Rudra says he will take her to doctor if she is ill. Sharda says she is fine and asks him to go and freshen up. He leaves. Sulochana asks why did she lie, she will fall more ill if she doesn’t get her medicine. Sharda says Rudra runs house with great difficulty, she doesn’t want to burden him. Rudra enters and asks if she lied him for same, he will work 3 shifts and will earn money. Sharda says she is fine and continues coughing. He says he will get medicines and checks his empty wallet. Sulochana gives him money which he gave last month for expenses and asks to bring Sharda’s medicine and return her money next month. Rudra leaves. Sharda blames herself for Rudra’s condition. Sulcohana says Rudra’s condition is because of her, if she and Kabir wouldn’t have conspired against him, he wouldn’t have lost his wealth; Sharda and Rudra forgave her sins, but she feels guilty. Sharda asks her not to say that as she is handling Rudra and her.

Preesha makes Anvi’s birthday arrangements and asks where is the special guest. Arman’s chacha/uncle walks in. Anvi happily hugs him calling dadaji. Chachaji says he got late as trying to select a birthday gift for Anvi. Vasu walks in. Arman introduces her as Anvi’s music teacher. Chachaji greets her. Preesha gets happy seeing Vasu. Anvi opens Preesha’s gift box and finds a frog in it, she says she asked her a puppy. Preesha says she told she needs a 4-legged gift which can pamper and kiss her. Anvi jumps on Chachaji afraid of frog. Frog jumps on Arman. Arman hugs Preesha in fear. Peesha says its gone now. Anvi complains Preesha that she needs puppy. Arman brings puppy. Anvi gets happy.

Precap: Anvi cuts cake and feeds Preesha first. Arman says she forgot papa. Anvi calls him. Anvi’s boyfriend spikes drink and tries to molest her. Rudra notices that and brutally trashes him.

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  1. Malavika

    After many twists and turns, Rudra and Preesha will reunite but the makers might not bring back Saraansh just like kkb where Abhi – Pragya reunited without Kiara ever returning.

    1. Bansari Patel


  2. You are right same here

  3. Due to serious pandemic ongoing, they may not bring him back immediately, but I think they will, he is heir to Kuranas’ anyway and can’t have Rudra stop his career and lose everything, may allow a few years to pass tho.
    Sulu the drunk still don’t look convincing as if she really regret and has changed. I think when Kabir gets released from prison she will again team up with her gang which is probably when Saransh will return.
    Like the new Preesha avatar, she looks nice

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