Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Breaks UP With Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha searches Rudra in parking lot and finding car there thinks where did he go. Rain starts. She calls him, but he doesn’t reply. She feels something is wrong and walks searching him. Rudra falls down walking and cries profusely shouting Preesha… why did she betray him. He reminisces fighting with Rahul for Preesha and thinks he can die for Preesha and she is his life, but Preesha loves Yuvraj. He thinks Preesha must have betrayed even his brother, he will never forgive Preesha. At home while playing with football, Saransh throws it towards home temple by mistake and it falls on lamp and blows it off. Vasu gets worried. Saransh asks if something wrong will happen. GPS lights it back and says nothing will happen.

Preesha finds Rudra, hugs him, and asks why did he come here, she is worried for him. He looks at her angrily. She asks why is he looking at her like this, if everything is alright. Rudra laughs saying everything is fine? she is asking this? He couldn’t see truth as she had blindfolded him, now he can see her truth clearly; she is not even fit to be under his shoes, but he respected her so much. She asks what is he saying. He shouts to stop her drama, she fooled him; he thought she is true wife, mother, daughter, etc., but she is characterless and shameless; he became enemy of his father who bought him up and made him a rockstar, he insulted his babhi and even mother, left everything for her, but she brought him on street like a street dog; she destroyed him completely, if she will murder her now like she killed his brother with her Yuvraj. She asks her Yuvraj? He says yes she loves Yuvraj and betrayed him.

Neerja worried for Preesha calls her and gets more tensed when she doesn’t pick call, hopes everything is fine. Rahul says everything is alright and she need not worry. Neerja walks away hearing baby crying. He calls Yuvraj and says there is a good news. Yuvraj excitedly asks to describe whole incident. Rahul describes him whole incident and asks him to call Preesha right now to add ghee in fire.

Preesha tells Rudra that he is mistaken and there is nothing between her and Yuvraj. Yuvraj calls her just then. Rudra asks why is Yuvraj calling her, she didn’t even delete Yuvraj’s number. Preesha tries to explain him, but he continues calling her characterless and betrayer and walks away saying he will destroy her life. Preesha falls down on road and continues crying. Rudra reaches bar and gets inebriated heavily. Singer sings Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu Rorahi hun live. Rudra imagines Preesha in singer and fumes more. Singer walks to him and sings in front of him. He pushes her. Singer shouts if he has gone mad.

Vasu worried for Preesha and Rudra eagerly waits for them. She opens door hearing door bell and stands shocked seeing only Preesha crying profusely. She asks if everything is alright, where is Rudra, what happened.. Preesha cries more hugging her.

Precap: Rudra insults Preesha in front of neighbors and pushes GPS away when he tries to confront him. He then drives car and rams it to a tree.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. How to ruin a show in 1 episode also the strangling scene was too much it crossed all limits, the guilty never gets treated as bad as the innocent on these shows

  2. What happened to the CCTV camera which was placed in Rudraksha room. Why the police and others in house did not check?
    Secondly the same should be seen by Neeraja also. Please don’t separate them. I want Yuvraj to be arrested immediate.

  3. True Jaishree. Don’t separate Rudra and Preesha. Yuvraj should be exposed

  4. Do all marriages in India reach a rock bottom in India. This is what we watch in all your serials. Just check out all starplus serials, and tell me the one that is different. Pls show a different thing. Preesha brainlessly took her husband there, without telling him where they are going. Rudraksh brainlessly accepted what video they are playing without stopping to think how and why. What about the CCTV they installed at home. Please rack your brain well and write logical and agreeable things. Are there no couples without trust problems in their relationship? Must it Always go this way. Pls, you people should grow up.

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