Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha and Rudra’s moment

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana thinking where did the handcuffs go. She poses with Saransh. The lady says the family loves Saransh, I will stay here for more time. Balraj asks Rudra to be careful of that lady. Rudra says yes. Prisha says sorry, I was not with you, thanks for not telling the truth to them, now tell me the truth, who did this. Saransh says Ahana did this, I know she is bad and always troubles me, so I didn’t refuse to her, I m your intelligent boy and didn’t tell her that I have the keys, I was trying to open the handcuffs but the key fell down. She asks him to go to Gopal and Vasu, he is brave and intelligent.

Prisha takes Ahana and asks how dare you make Saransh wear the handcuffs. They argue. Prisha says you don’t dare to come close to him. Ahana says you don’t exist for me. Prisha says then stay away, if child care services lady saw him like this, then they would have taken him, what did I do. Ahana says you killed my husband. Prisha says I didn’t kill him, you can target me, not my son, stay away from him, he is my life, my world. She goes. Ahana says you will stay away from my family and life.

Prisha comes to her room. Bunty and Bubbles come. Bubbles show the mehendi. Bunty says my name is written on her hand, I can do anything for her. Rudra comes and says stop these dialogues, lift her and show, come back to earth, such things don’t happen in real life, Bubbles sorry don’t come in his words. He asks them to not get married, marriage will ruin life. Bubbles goes. Bunty scolds Rudra and goes. Prisha asks how can you snatch someone’s happiness. Rudra says I didn’t take anyone’s life, like you did, you killed my brother, don’t provoke me. They fight. Saransh comes and looks on. He thinks how to stop them.

He recalls fighting with a boy in the school. Teacher says you both always fight, come with me, you will stay in detention room, fight here and then talk to solve problems, come out as friends. FB ends. Saransh thinks we had become friends, I have to try this trick on Rudra and mumma. He ties the hand cuff to their hands. They ask why did you do this. Saransh says I will play chor police, I m police and arrested you. Rudra says I m not in a mood to play. Prisha asks Saransh to open it. Saransh says fine, I m finding the keys, where did it go. Rudra shouts on him. Prisha says I know you have the keys. Saransh says maybe its lost. Rudra says you both should be kept in museum. Saransh says say with love, else I won’t find the key.

Rudra says please Saransh ji, find the keys. Saransh smiles. Rudra and Prisha hide the handcuffs. They go out to ask Saransh. Banda to ready hai….plays… Everyone dances. Rudra and Prisha have a moment. Saransh gets food and runs away. Rudraksh and Prisha eat the food. He bites her hand. They have romantic moment in front of the media. Yuvraj gets shocked seeing them. Rudra takes selfies with his fans. Prisha pulls him. He says its emergency, I have to go. She says control, we will find the keys, who asked you to eat so much and drink so much water. They go to washroom.

She asks are you not ashamed. He says there is no option. She turns away. He gets relieved after the pee. He says I have to tie the string. She argues. He says girls die to fall over me, don’t disturb, help me, I m in much problem, just forward the hand, I will manage, if you are in hurry, you tie it. She says you are such an ill mannered man. She gets away. The shower tap gets on. They get under the shower and argue. He says it started automatically, I was trying to off it, which button is it. They fall down and have an eyelock. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan…..plays….

She falls in her arms. They get up and fall once again by the watery floor. She says you were lying, your pyjama string is tied up. He asks shall I open it. They laugh a lot. Saransh comes and says my idea was right, they have become friends. He says I will also come. They say don’t worry. They play with the water splashes. Prisha sees the key in Saransh’s pocket. She gets it. She says you had the key, you lied to us. Saransh says sorry, you were fighting a lot, I wanted you both to have friendship, teacher also did this, she locked Rohan and me, we became friends, see you both also became friends. Rudra says yes, we are friends, now shall we unlock the cuffs. Saransh says yes. Prisha smiles.

Rudra and Prisha apply haldi to Bunty and Bubbles. Saransh says we will have your haldi done. Yuvraj confronts Prisha. Ahana looks at them. She says Prisha you insulted me, you are finished.

Update Credit to: Amena

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