Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sharda Is The Murderer?

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha returns home, and inebriated Rudra yells that she went to meet her boyfriend Yuvraj. She says she went to meet Rahul’s wife Neerja. Rudra yells that she is characterless and is having affair with even Rahul now. Preesha warns him to shut his mouth, Rahul’s wife is in coma and she went to meet him. She confronts that people like him in society tarnish women’s character with their filthy thinking without thinking once; if a man goes to work late night, he is working hard and if a woman goes out, she is characterless and is having affair. She warns him to dare point at her character again and walks away, while Rudra stands in a shock.

Next morning, police arrive at Khurana mansion. Balraj asks how can they come without any prior notice. Inspector says they came to search for clue as they feel other pair of earring is in this home. Balraj asks how does earring look. Inspector shows pic. Mishka gets happy that its not her earring. Ahana warns her to zip her lips. Police searches house and finds earring pair in Sharda’s room. Balraj says this is his wife’s earring. Inspector says Sharda has to accompany him to police station. Balraj says he cannot arrest earring. Inspector says he is taking her for questioning. Sharda says he is mistaken as this is a common earring. He asks if this is not the the pair of earring which was in Kirti’s hand, then where is this earring’s pair. Sharda picks one from her purse and says she is preparing similar one for her friend as she likes it. Rudra asks inspector to leave if his work is done. Inspector leaves. Ahana yells that all this problem is because of politician and Kirti’s father Harish Jain. Balraj says he will speak to his lawyer and teach Harish a lesson. Sharda relaxes thinking problem is solved. Preesha asks if she is hiding something and reminisces hospital incident where Sharda says she came to meet doctor for her diabetes, but doctor had prescribed her ointment for wound. She then follows Sharda to a jewelry store where Sharda orders pair of earring. Out of flashback, Preesha asks Sharda to justify. Sharda says her toe is injured, so she doctor prescribed ointment and her friend needs same earring, so she is gifting similar one to her friend; Preesha should stop thinking much.

Inspector returns to Harish who asks him why didn’t he arrest Khurana women as he is sure someone from Khurana family murdered his daughter. Inspector says there was same pair of earring and he cannot arrest without any strong evidence. Constable informs him that forensic team has found some evidence.

Saransh walks to Preesha tensed and asks her to come along. She follows him and is shocked to see Rudra drinking alcohol during online class. Teacher scolds him and complains against him to principal. Principal calls Preesha and says she cannot let Rudra set bad example on students, so she is restricating him. Preesha says he is stressed because of his cosinger’s death. Principal says she saw that news, but that doesn’t mean he will drink in class in front of small kids, so she is restricating him for 2 weeks to set an example. Preesha confronts Rudra, but as usual he blames her character for his stress and says she was with Yuvaj last night and lied. She warns him to stop his nonsense and calls Yuvraj, but Yuvraj thinks he wants Rudra to get out of Preesha life and hence doesn’t pick her call. Rudra continues alleging her. She holds his hand and says she will take him to where she was last night. He resists, but she gets adamant.

Precap: Preesha takes Rudr to hospital and shows Neerja in coma. Yuvraj comes there. Rudra yells at Preesha. Ahana with Mishka watches hotel’s CCTV footage to find out who else went on terrace.

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  1. Finally Preesha said everything I wanted her to say to Rudraksh but typical man he can’t be wrong so it has to be her fault and after what he did in front of Saransh if I was her I would walk out with Saransh, after that behaviour in front of so many witnesses no court would give him custody then maybe he’ll get some brains. In stead of drinking himself stupid he could have easily gone to the hospital and made enquiries instead of taking his enemies word for it, the other woman didn’t even sound like Preesha. Hope this time Rahul does the right thing but then again he’s lied so much as well who will believe him as well. Preeshas got to just walk away now, so many women each year are hurt or killed because they stay for the sake of their child, ok Rudraksh maybe not physically abusive but the amount of emotional abuse is just as bad and he’s on a self destructive path which isn’t good for Saransh well being.

  2. How is Ahana and mishka getting cctv footage from hotel when it’s already deleted.. strange….

  3. Preesha went out at night without informing anyone. Neither her husband or any family member, like her mother in-law. Totally wrong This is a wife that already has problems of trust. And whose call did she respond to at that time, Rahul. What if it was another ploy of his. She went following her mother inlaw suspecting her, why, even snapping her, she got smart where it’s not needed. But when the smartness is needed she will become dull

    1. iroastbrainless

      She uses her smartness wherever she wants and she used it to save rudraksh…though its just that people with your mentality believe that women should not go out at night without telling anyone…if men do the same thing…no body blames them and all of a sudden.. a woman does it…aap jese lok aajaate he uski bhool upadne…shame on you…she wants to do wat she believes is right…she is suspicious of motherinlaw then let her be…maybe she might have done something wrong…it her choice whose call to pick up and anyway Rahul migt have called her in a state of emergency…as he dislikes her and i think she had the common sense to understand…whereas rudraksh was like my tie is not here…he is old enough to sort that out himslef…befor writing these comments make sure that u are perfect

    2. Glad someone else wrote under Funmilayos post, as I try to ignore his or her’s views as I find people like that are part of the problem where they think the abusers are in the right. Rudras not going to listen to her anyway so why should she tell him, he forced her into this marriage she owes him nothing yet he’s so demanding, if he thinks she is out to destroy him why keep her near him or his family you’d think he’d want her out to protect himself and his family

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