Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Buys Preesha’s Hospital

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha asks watchman to send Rudra out of hospital. Rudra says watchman cannot send him out as he bought this hospital. She stands shocked and asks when did he buy it. He says when she was busy saving a mother and child, he was busy trying to save his life. He reminisces pregnant lady’s husband Vipul feeling guilty for risking his wife’s life and hopes she is fine. He asks Vipul to trust on his love as he trusts his love. Vipul says he saw his love on social media. Hospital’s manager identifies Vipul as hospital’s owner and says if he would have informed beforehand, they would have made better arrangements. Vipul says he didn’t have much time and Preesha is handling the case. Manager says Preesha is a good doctor and his wife is safe in her hands. Rudra is surprised to know Vipul is hospital owner. Vipul asks if he can help him get his lady love Preesha back. Rudra says he may not, then says he can sell this hospital to him so that he can stay with Preesha always and try to convince her. Vipul feels weird but agrees and sells hospital to Rudra. Out of flashback, Rudra tells Preesha now he will be with her always as a boss. She says she will resign her job right now. He says she has to give him 5 crores compensation as she had signed a 6-month prior notice before resigning or else she has to compensate. She says she will stay back but only as professional.

Ahana and Mishka discuss that they should teach Mahima a lesson for trying to act oversmart with them. They walk into Ahana’s cabin and are shocked to see Mahima sitting on her chair. Ahana shouts how dare she is to sit on her chair. Mahima says Balraj offered her cabin and responsibilities to her. Ahana shouts where will she sit. Mahima says she has arranged a different cabin and taking her to a small cabin walks away asking her to enjoy her new cabin. Ahana shouts this cabin is smaller than her bathroom. Mishka says she is right, Mahima is scheming Preesha’s elder sister and is like her, so they need to teach her a lesson. Ahana says Mahima doesn’t know whom she messed with.

Preesha shifts Vipul’s wife to a labor ward and says she is fine and her baby girl is more healthier than her. Vipul walks in and thanking her says Rudra was right that Preesha will handle the case well. Rudra enters and says he had already informed. Preesha says it was her duty as a doctor. Vipul tells her that her husband loves her a lot and he realized the value of love while he was about to lose his family, he doesn’t know what is the problem between them, but he just wants to request her to forgive Rudra as love is everything in life. Rudra thanks Vipul for his support.

Mahima sees a huge sum transferred into Vipul’s account and questions manager about it. Manager says Rudra bought Mother Care Gynecological Center from Vipul. She asks if Balraj approved it. He says no as Rudra threatened to terminate them if they inform anyone. Mahima sends him away and thinks its where Preesha works and she knows Rudra bought it to be near Preesha and convince her, she needs to inform about it to Balraj.

Preesha is busy working at hospital when Vasu calls her and asks why she didn’t reach home yet. Preesha says she had a lot of work pending and will leave for home in some time in a cab.. Vasu informs about transport strike, so she will send GPS to pick her up. Preesha says she will stay back in hospital as she may get an emergency and will return home tomorrow. Vasu informs same to GPS. Rudra enters and informing Preesha about strike asks if he should drop her home. She denies. He insists saying he cannot let his employee in trouble, so he will drop her. She agrees. He hurriedly rushes to bring car. She thinks he will teach him a lesson. He gets car and asks Preesha to get in. She calls all hospital staff and asks him to drop them all. They thank hm. She thinks he will run away and asks if he will.

Precap: Mahima informs Balraj about Rudra buying a hospital. Rudra drives bus, and Preesha insists him to stop it and shakes steering. Rudra rams bus to a tree.

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  1. Samaila

    Seriously ekta 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😒

  2. Worst serial with immoral and illogical things.
    Do not know why this serial is aired on prime time to spoil the children and others?

  3. This started as a nice show but they keep changing scenes without solving one. Never solve Rajeev murder or why Preesha took the blame. Yuvraj still walking around being villian every time. Now Mahima is killing so many and even tho Rudra and Preesha knows they not telling the police to have them solve it, how can they keep asking for evidence, cant they investigate? Now Mahima is overtaking everything
    So that’s not being solved now move on to Rudra buying a hospital so to be near Preesha and still cannot say any this except “Peesha listen to me, Preesha let me explain,I did not do anything ” yet when he have the chance to explain he can’t. Getting horribly boring

  4. Just nonsense and nonsense.
    I saw a picture of upcoming episode where Preesha and Rudra are hugging each other in a jungle 😂. At least they united 😏.

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