Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra prepares for the boxing match

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra throwing the milk in the plant pot. He says Maa, I don’t want to drink the milk, I m feeling tensed, I can’t refuse to Saransh, else his heart will break, I want him to feel proud. Sharda says he is proud of you. He says if I lose then… Saransh asks did you finish the milk. Rudra says yes. Saransh asks him to start. Nurse comes to Prisha and says baby is absolutely fine. Prisha says thank God, baby doesn’t need incubator. Nurse says thanks, you took care of baby, go home and take rest. Prisha says we will take baby to Neerja. Rahul asks Neerja to have food. Neerja says I can’t eat until I see my baby. Prisha gets the baby. She hands over the baby to them and asks them to spend time with baby. Neerja thanks her. Prisha says I should thank you for trusting me after so much happened. Rahul says Prisha is a good doctor and a good human being, I won’t cancel her license, I will ask Prisha about any medicine for baby. He stops Prisha and thanks her.

He says I was really tensed. She says I m so sorry, your angel is with you, spend time with family. He says I m not cancelling your license, I won’t complain about nurse. She says thanks. He says matter will end when you do my work in return. She asks what can I do. He says get Rudra’s secret for me, simple give and take, I want to ruin his life and career. Prisha asks what nonsense, I took the responsibility on me, everything is fine now, Neerja and baby are safe. He asks what about our suffering, how will justice happen. She says its called revenge, Rudra isn’t connected with this matter. He says no, I m removing him from the middle, I m trying hard to throw him out. She says I won’t let anyone do wrong with him. He says strange, seriously, he had cheated you and you are still supporting him, you were marrying Yuvraj. She asks how do you know. He says I keep info of enemies, get his secret to me, that the world hates him, that defames him, that ends his career and name. She says you can see this dream forever, I won’t let this happen, what will you do, do anything, ruin my career, I won’t let you defame Rudra, none can do anything until I m with him. She goes.

Balraj comes home and sees the boxing ring. He asks what circus is going on. Saransh says Ayaan’s dad and Rudra are having a boxing match. Ahana smiles. Balraj scolds Rudra. Rudra says I m doing this for my son. Balraj says its stupidity. Rudra says its his innocent wish, you won’t understand it, you didn’t do anything for your sons. Balraj says I made you a rockstar. Ahana says we understand, don’t get angry, calm down. Balraj says he has gone mad, I will throw him out of the house. Ahana says Prisha has hypnotized him, I will do something, give me some time. Balraj asks what magic will you do. She says I will do magic, Prisha and Saransh will be out of his life. He says I will give you whatever you ask for, hurry up, I can’t tolerate. She gets glad and thinks to find Saransh’s dad.

Prisha sees Rahul with Yuvraj. She gets angry on Yuvraj. She says you told him about our marriage, I didn’t expect this from you. Yuvraj asks are you done, Rahul tell her why I m with you. Rahul says I hired Yuvraj, he works for me as senior legal consultant, I keep info of my enemies, Yuvraj didn’t tell me anything. Yuvraj says I worry for you, you are saying I cheated you, I can never cheat you. Rahul says but Prisha has to cheat Rudra, get info for me that ruins him. She says I will not do anything wrong with Rudra and not let anyone do wrong. She goes. Gopal sees them. He slaps Yuvraj. He scolds him and goes. Yuvraj asks Rahul to complain about Prisha, take action against her. Rahul goes. Yuvraj says I will get Gopal slapped.

Prisha comes home and asks what’s happening. Saransh tells everything. Prisha asks what. Rudra comes for the boxing match. Saransh smiles. Prisha asks do you know what you are doing. Rudra says yes, I will beat up Ayaan’s dad. Prisha says you know Ayaan’s dad has a solid body, he broke a man’s 26 bones. Rudra asks are you telling me now, you could have told me after match. She asks him to think. Saransh says don’t scare him. Prisha says so this is happening on Saransh’s saying. Gopal and Vasu come. Saransh says I invited them for Rudra’s boxing match. Vasu says you left music. Prisha says Rudra couldn’t refuse to Saransh. Sharda, Ahana and Mishka come. Mishka says Rudra has become their servant, we need to bring him to senses. Prisha asks Gopal not to tell anything to Rudra. Gopal says fine, tell me if they do anything.

Prisha gets warned by the seniors. Ahana tries to scare Prisha. Rudra gets beaten up in the boxing match.

Update Credit to: Amena

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