Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Saransh Confronts Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvraj watches news of Rudra’s car accident trying to save Khurana school students. He thinks nalla Khurana doesn’t leave a chance to show his heroism, he has to go to Preesha and Roohi to get in their good books. Preesha hears a whistle sound and remembers Rudra whistles like that. She checks and finds Rudra in police van who asks her to open the emergency exit and send children out via a sliding panel. Preesha asks children to slide down without panicking. Children start crying. Bunty notices Rudra and drives bus aside closing the emergency exit door. Preesha comforts children. Rudra asks her to tie a rope to herself and slid children into van trusting him. Preesha asks teacher to distract Bunty while she transfers children into van. Yuvraj reaches Preesha’s clinic and doesn’t find her there. Peon informs that she has gone to field trip with children. Yuvraj fumes that Rudra is showing his heroism for Preesha and Roohi.

Teacher gets Bunty busy while Preesha sends all children into van. Roohi denies to go out before her, but Preesha convinces her and tries to hand her over to Roohi. Bunty notices silence and seeing Rudra rescuing children speeds up bus. Roohi falls down from bus and gets severely injured. Preesha also jumps down seeing that and even she falls unconscious and injured. Rudra also jumps out of van and runs to them and panics seeing them severely injured.
Inspector returns and asks Rudra to take them to hospital while he catches Bunty. Saransh reaches there and is shocked to see his mother/Preesha alive. Rudra says he will explain later and let him take Preesha and Roohi to hospital. Ambulance arrives. Rudra asks teacher to safely drop children to their homes while he takes Preesha and Roohi to hospital. GHe asks Saransh to go home, but Saransh accompanies him.

Bunty notices Preesha and Roohi escaped and jumps out of bus, letting it crash, and thinks he will not spare Rudra easily. Police arrests him. Rudra and Saransh rush Preesha and Roohi to hospital. Saransh confronts Rudra for hiding the truth that his mamma is alive and asks why did he do that. Rudra says even he came to know a few days ago. Saransh says Rudra is his best friend, he was worried for Rudra’s happiness and called Roohi here, but Rudra is not worried for his happiness at all. He further asks if Roohi is Rudra’s daughter and his sister. Doctor walks to them and says he needs a family member’s signature on consent form before surgery. Rudra says he is not their family member and calls Yuvraj.

Precap: Doctor informs Preesha that Roohi needs blood tranfusion and has a rare blood group. Preesha requests Rudra to donate blood to Roohi as he is her father.

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  1. This serial is a total copy of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Even this bus scene is there in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    There Raman and Ishita’s biological child Pihu was there with Raman
    Here Rudra and Preesha’s biological child was with Preesha
    That’s the only difference

    1. Yeh hai chahatein is part of yeh hai mohabatein?

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