Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Balraj gets angry on Saransh

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj asking Prisha what is she saying, what happened to her. She says I m Prisha Khurana now, I m married. He says you love me, why are you doing this. She says I m here to take Saransh’ custody back, I don’t want to become Rudraksh’s wife, he just wants to make me out, if I meet you, he will blame me and take me to court to prove that my character isn’t right, I have to fight alone, so please…. Yuvraj says fine, it will happen as you want. He ends call and says its fate, I have to beg her.

Bunty stops Rudraksh and says I need to talk. Rudraksh says I m going home, we shall talk on the way. He takes keys from driver and asks him to go home. He drives. He asks what is it. Bunty says about Bubbles, we broke the relation after Rajeev’s death, I m missing her, we realized that we can’t live without each other, so we are marrying. Rudraksh asks what, marriage ruins a man. Prisha says new life begins with marriage, I have no problem with your marriage with Bunty. Bubbles says Bunty is Rudraksh’s friend. Prisha says I m happy, you should get your love. Rudraksh says don’t marry her. Bunty says its too late, date is fixed, just come in the marriage, stop the car, I love Bubbles, she loves me, if you don’t care for my marriage, then don’t come. Bubbles asks will you come in my marriage. Prisha says yes, I will come and decide everything.

Saransh says I don’t have any friend with me, I used to play with my friends. Ahana and Mishka look on. Ahana says you want to have some fun, you want to see how snow is made. He says snow means ice, where will we make it. She says right here, come. She takes him. She shows the machine and says this machine makes snow, I will show you, we put a paper in this, we get small pieces. He says wow. She says you will need papers now, I will give it to you, okay.

She gives imp documents to him. Mishka gets shocked. Ahana says if this gets less, then use any paper. Mishka asks what are you doing, its business contract papers. Ahana says I know, sometimes we have to lose something to get something, I m not stupid, I have saved all contracts in my laptop, Saransh will cut original papers, Balraj will come here and see this, he will throw Saransh and Prisha out of the house. Saransh plays. Mishka asks will this plan work. Ahana says it always works. Balraj comes and sees Saransh playing with the papers. He checks files. He asks what are you doing. Saransh says I m making snow. Balraj says it was papers worth crores, how dare you. He raises hand and stops. He shouts Rudra…. come here and see what this kid did. Prisha comes and says I will call mum and dad to tell about Bubbles’ marriage. She hears Balraj shouting and asks what did he do. Balraj says he has shredded my documents. Prisha says sorry, he didn’t do this. Balraj says I have seen him doing this. Saransh says yes, but Ahana told me to do this.

Balraj says stop it, you do mistakes and lie as well, you are taking Ahana’s name to save yourself. Prisha says I didn’t teach him to lie. Balraj asks am I lying. He shouts Ahana. He asks her to say, Saransh is saying she told him to shred papers. Ahana asks what papers. Balraj asks her to see, the papers are shredded. Ahana asks do you think I m so foolish to give imp papers to him. Saransh says you are lying, you told me. Ahana says shut up and goes to slap. Prisha holds her hand and says don’t dare to hurt him. Balraj says enough, you can’t live in this house now, get out. Maa says stop, Rudra would be coming. He says its my house, not Rudra’s house, I will do what I want. Rudra comes home. Balraj opens the door and sees some women coming from child care service. The lady says its our duty to protect every child’s rights, we got a complaint about child labor happening here. She asks Saransh is he made to do household work, he is just 7 year old, if we know its true, then we have to take this boy. Rudraksh looks on and thinks if they really take Saransh, I have to do something. He shouts love you sweet heart, I missed you a lot. He hugs Prisha and says I m acting, you also act, else they will take Saransh.

He says I got late, sorry, I didn’t see them. Prisha says they are from child care services for Saransh. The lady says we got child labor complaint. Rudraksh asks are you serious, this child makes us do labor, we love him a lot. The lady says Balraj was angry and held the boy’s hand, we felt he is making them out of the house. Balraj worries. Rudraksh says what do you mean, maybe dad held hand with love, he was showing new door to them. Balraj says yes, I got the kid to show the door. Prisha says yes, we were also surprised, its good door, right Saransh. Saransh says but… Rudra says you won’t like it, your door has cartoon character.

Balraj says we love our bahu and her son a lot, maybe someone gave you wrong info, who did this complaint. Gopal comes with Vasu and says I called them, we have seen Prisha and Saransh working in this house. Bunty asks what, Bubbles, I have to inform Rudra about uncle’s plan. He calls Rudraksh. He goes to Rudra’s home. Rudraksh acts good in front of everyone. Vasu says we knew you will do this drama. Gopal says you made Prisha and Saransh work. Rudraksh says no. Prisha says actually, I thought…. He makes her fall and then lifts her in arms. He asks her to be careful. Everyone looks on.

Saransh also lies to the ladies. Rudra is praised by media. Balraj says I will get Bunty married. Gopal calls ladies in the wedding. He asks Yuvraj not to come. Yuvraj says I will come in the marriage, do anything you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The parents are stupid, doing a bit of housework it’s not torture it’s normal every day life. Also Saransh wanted to help his mum so started dusting himself. Even if he was asked to do it a few chores isn’t going to harm a child, infact it’s encouraged in certain countries to start helping out according to age capabilities. Like dusting, picking up after yourself, making the bed etc

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