Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra gets a huge shock

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj apologizing to Ahana. He holds her feet. She asks him to stop it. She goes. He says everyone will see the drama in some time. Saransh insists and takes Rudra with him. Balraj says I will not tolerate this, I m silent just because of the function. He asks Ahana what is she doing against Prisha. She says I m working on it, trust me. Yuvraj comes and sits with Rahul. Balraj and Rahul are called on the stage. Balraj says Rahul is my big competitor, I have to work hard to stay on number 1. They announce the awards. Balraj praises a singer Kirti. He says we have decided that my company will sign up Kirti, she will be singing with my son Rudraksh.

Rudra looks on and says Balraj didn’t tell me, he doesn’t even ask me. Prisha says maybe he forgot to tell you. Rudra says we will go now. Prisha gets gifts for him. Rudra asks what’s in it. Saransh says its for you. He gets a trophy of best father. Saransh asks how is it, its from my side. Rudra gets emotional. Saransh says you are world’s best dad. Prisha says he broke his piggy bank and got it for you. Rudra gets best friend trophy. Saransh says its from Prisha’s side. Prisha says you fight with me, but also fight the world for me. She praises him. She says just a friend can do this, so this trophy is for you. Rudra says you made me emotional, thanks for coming in my life. He hugs them. Pyaar ke yeh bandhan….plays…. Rudra is called on the stage. Prisha says we will talk after the function. Rudra thinks yes I will tell you after the function. Rudraksh thanks everyone for their love and support. The lady asks him to sing a song for them.

Rudra sings har kisi ko….. Everyone claps for him. The lady says we will show you a lovely journey of his career. The video plays. Everyone smiles seeing Rudra. The video goes blank. Yuvraj and Rahul smile. The other video plays. Rudra speaks against Balraj. He says my dad doesn’t let anyone’s concert happen by using unfair means, he always makes me stay on number one, Rahul was getting the show, but dad snatched it from Rahul by using money. Everyone gets shocked. Balraj shouts stop it. The video stops. Rudra sees Balraj. Prisha thinks just I was with Rudra, who recorded this video, it means there was someone else in the room. Rahul says I was waiting for this moment, this is my revenge, this is Rudra’s end.

Rudra thinks when did I say that, it was of party night, who recorded this, just Prisha was with me, its a big cheat. He sees Prisha. The media asks him why did you cheat to become a big rockstar. Balraj thinks what has happened, how to stop them. Prisha says don’t trouble Rudra, he didn’t cheat him, he has achieved everything by his talent. The media asks about the video. They ask Balraj did he buy the awards for Rudra. People throw things at Rudra. Yuvraj and Rahul smile. Ahana says this video is fake, Balraj didn’t do anything. The media says you are also involved in this racket. Rahul says you are great, Rudra and his dad can’t get saved. Yuvraj says picture is still left, Just wait and watch.

Balraj asks why did you do this. Rudra says I didn’t do this. Prisha says I have to tell something. Rudra says I shared those things with you. Yuvraj says there will be many such things now. Prisha meets Yuvraj. Ahana records them and says I will show this to Rudra.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Okay so Yuvraaj wants to destroy Rudraksh to marry Preesha and gain custody of Saransh to get to the money but by destroying Rudra and their business there’s going to be nothing left also just by breaking up Preesha and Rudra, that doesn’t mean he will get Saransh as Preesha gave custody to Rudra. I hope it doesn’t go the usual route and Rudra believes Preesha and she can get through to him

  2. Saraansh has a trust fund set up by rajeev before his death so it doesn’t matter if rudraksh has money or not. Saransh gets 50 lakh rupees allowance every month from his trust fund. Only yuvraj is aware of this I believe.

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