Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh gives bad news to Balraj

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh getting angry. A lady asks Saransh what happened. Saransh says that uncle is after me. The man sees her and says she is a police officer in civil clothes, I know her. The lady says I will take you home. Saransh says mumma asked me not to talk to strangers. She says I m a good stranger, I m a sub inspector, see this card, I m Anusha Sharma, come with me to the police station, we will call your mumma there. He nods. Prisha is interrogated. Yuvraj asks her not to worry and say the truth, he is there with her as her lawyer. Rudraksh comes there. Yuvraj asks how did you let him in. Rudraksh says she will talk in front of me, she killed my brother, I will call the media here. Inspector says fine, stay here, don’t interrupt my work. He asks why did you go there, how did this happen.

Prisha says I went there after Yuvraj. She answers them. Rudraksh recalls Prisha blackmailing Rajeev. He thinks Rajeev lied and went to meet Prisha, he gave her money and necklace, but why, she was blackmailing him. Prisha says the car was out of control and accident happened. Rudraksh says lie, she was blackmailing Rajeev. She says I didn’t do anything. He throws the table and says I will kill you. Yuvraj shouts she will die, stop him. Inspector stops Rudraksh. Rudraksh says I know her truth, it wasn’t an accident, she killed Rajeev. Yuvraj asks are you fine, I will help you. Gopal and Vasu come to Yuvraj’s house and see the lock. They worry for Prisha. Bubbles call her. Vasu says Prisha isn’t at Yuvraj’s house, stay with Saransh, feed him something. Bubbles says I left him in wedding hall. Gopal says he went with you. Bubbles says I had to go for emergency case, sorry, I left him at the door, you were also there. He asks what nonsense, we thought he is with you, fine we will go to hotel and see. He gets Yuvraj’s call.

Gopal asks where are you, where is Prisha. Yuvraj says we are at police station. Gopal asks why, where is Saransh, don’t know where is he. Yuvraj says we will file a missing complaint, come fast. He says I have to act again, where did Saransh go, let him die, I have to make sure that Prisha doesn’t tell the truth. Rudraksh comes home. Maa lights the candles on the cake and asks for Rajeev. Balraj says Rudra, my boy, what a concert, Kalra is ready to pay triple. Rudraksh says take money and burn in Rajeev’s pyre. Balraj asks what nonsense. Rudra says I have seen his dead body, he is dead. They get shocked. Rudraksh shows his blood stained hands. He says its Rajeev’s blood. Maa asks are you drunk, what are you saying, where is Rajeev. Rudraksh says he is no more. They cry. Rudraksh says you said Rajeev is fine, I could have saved him, you lied to me, I would have given my life and saved him, you killed him, you are responsible for his death. Maa says I m also responsible, I killed him by lying to you. She slaps herself. Rudraksh stops her. They cry.

Ahana says Rajeev would be with his mum and Rudraksh. Balraj calls her. Ahana says the greedy old man is calling. Mishika says he would be calling for cake cutting, what about Rajeev’s birthday. Ahana says its not his last birthday. Mishika says its our night, lets enjoy. They drink. Anusha gets Saransh to the police station and asks his mum’s name. Saransh sees Prisha and runs to her. Prisha asks what are you doing here. Saransh asks why did police arrest you. Anusha takes him away from Prisha. Prisha says let me talk to my son once. Yuvraj asks inspector to give her two mins. Inspector says okay. Prisha hugs Saransh. Anusha says I found him alone on the road, he was lost. Prisha asks why did you go out alone, if anything happened to you, then, why did you do this. Saransh says I didn’t wish you to stay sad. Gopal and Vasu come there and see Saransh. Vasu says we were finding him, Bubbles left him at the hotel.

Saransh says you said I should not be with mumma, then mumma would be happy, so I left everyone. Prisha asks Vasu how can you say this, he is my son. Vasu says Yuvraj and you left from marriage, I was so worried and said wrong thing, don’t misunderstand, I won’t say it again, forgive me. Saransh hugs her. Yuvraj thinks their family drama started here also. Gopal and Vasu get shocked seeing the handcuffs in her hand. They ask what happened, what did you do. Yuvraj says I will explain, come with me. They shout. Yuvraj takes them out. He says a man died, it was just an accident. Gopal asks why is Prisha arrested. Yuvraj says Prisha did the accident. Gopal says Prisha had gone to meet you. Yuvraj says Rajeev Khurana has died, he is Saransh’s dad. They get shocked.

Vasu asks is he Saransh’s dad. Yuvraj says he died by coming under Prisha’s car, how shall I explain, Prisha was worried, Saransh started asking, I hired a private investigator and learnt that Rajeev is Saransh’s dad, I thought to get him to the marriage and surprise Prisha and Saransh, Rajeev called me to meet, I had to leave the marriage, I told Rajeev that Saransh is his son, he wasn’t happy, he called Mahima characterless, he refused to accept Saransh. Vasu cries. Yuvraj says he started saying wrong things, Prisha heard everything, they had a big argument, Rajeev said if she tells anyone, then he will kill Prisha and Saransh, Prisha couldn’t tolerate this, she got angry, she hit Rajeev by my car in anger. They get shocked. Yuvraj says it was just an accident, maybe she wanted to apply brakes, car was out of control, everything got over.

Inspector says I m suspended. Prisha says this is just a game. Saransh hugs her and says cancel this game. Ahana and Mishika come home. Maa says Rajeev is no more. Gopal asks Prisha did she do this accident, say the truth. She signs no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    How can Preesha be so stupid?? How can just take up the blame?? She has a family, son and she is ready to do anything for her evil fiancée…And didn’t she even realize for a minute that Yuvraj is actually CHEATING on her…If Yuvraj actually loved her truly, then he would have never allowed her to take up the blame…But instead, it was like he was encouraging Preesha to take up his blame and then he kept blabbering to Preesha that he will SAVE her which literally showed Yuvraj’s cunningness…Didn’t Preesha realize this fact? How can she be soo CRAZY??!! And by the way, can anyone like Yuvraj accompany the convict during the interrogation of the case?? Well, I guess the interrogation happens only between the convict and the police officials and nobody else is included in it…If that is so, then how can Yuvraj and Rudraksh be present over there? How can Yuvraj just stay along with Preesha for the whole time??
    Now, I just hope that the letter given to Raman by Rajeev before his death will be a turning point in Rajeev’s death case….
    Rudraksh’s and Maa’s emotions were well presented by the artists…It was a brilliant performance…!

    1. I think Rajeev was telling Raman that Saransh is his son. Raman even knows him so he can help them descover yuvrajs bad deed

    2. I think Yuvraaj was able to stay because he’s her lawyer and Rudra because he threatened the police with the press but he should still not be allowed,

  2. Verma4

    Prisha is stupid-period. How can Rudraksh beehive like that in an interrogation. Prisha has an adopted son and yet she is will to sacrifice everything for that wanker, it doesn’t make sense. She can’t see that Yuvraj is letting everything thru to the keeper. Why is she saying BETA hai. What an idiot.I thought appa was a judge and cannot see thru Yuvraj. Come on judge. He doesn’t know his own daughter??

  3. Prisha isa fool what kind of mom she is, by said she love saransh and take the blame of murder what a fool

  4. I think there will be a twist- hopefully! Gopal looked doubtful when Yuvraj was explaining and then in the pre cap it shows he asks Prisha for the truth. Surely being an ex judge he can put all the dots and catch a criminal.
    Yuvraj is over acting, for someone whose a judge anybody can see he’s unstable.
    Superb acting from Rudraksh and his mother, she was truly heartbroken.
    Will they be saying “ toodle doo” to Ahana now Rajeev is dead? I hope so I can’t stand her!

  5. Give me one reason why they had to kill a good character why did they have to kill Rajeev

  6. Im hoping the truth will come out sooner rather than later as Yuvraaj just told a different story to her parents, he told them she spoke to Rajeev, it would have been simpler to say the story he told Preesha,but saying preesha was driving. Too many holes in his story.
    Also if he wasn’t in the car at the time why is he injured and not as scratch on Preesha.
    Felt the emotion from Rudra, his mum and even dad.

  7. Rajeev was a good character. He was so supportive to his brother. This stupid Yuvraj’s truth should disclose soon. Don’t know why did they end Rajeev’s character so early😐

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