Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh scares Prisha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh saying you have no choice, just do as I say. She refuses to go with him. He drags Prisha to his bedroom. She asks what’s all this. He shuts the door. She takes the fruit knife and prays to get saved from this Raavan. He thinks I will take such a revenge that you curse yourself all life. She thinks don’t do anything wrong, if you try, then I will use this knife. She asks what are you doing. He says you are eager to know, wait for some time. He removes his sherwani. She asks why are you removing clothes. He says we have to celebrate suhaagraat, so clothes have to be removed, its fine, its first night. She says stay away and pushes him.

He pushes her to the bed and removes his clothes. She asks what are you doing. He says I have to celebrate suhaagraat, what will you do, will you shout, what will you say, I m your husband and have right on you legally, I always take my right. He gets close. She takes the knife. Saransh comes calling her out. Rudraksh gets away. Prisha hugs Saransh. Rudraksh asks what are you doing here. Saransh says I wasn’t getting sleep, Dadi slept, why are you standing like this, shame shame, you may catch cold, AC is on, wear clothes. Rudraksh asks him to sleep in his room. Saransh says I will sleep here. Rudraksh says I m going to change, I want my bed empty. Saransh says no way.

Saransh asks Prisha to sleep here. She says I missed you. He says I miss you too, we will always stay together, I will get good sleep today. She says me too. Yeh hai chahatein….plays…. Rudraksh comes and sees them sleeping. He says there is no place for me here, I will also sleep here. He lies beside Saransh. Saransh pulls the quilt. He hugs Rudraksh and sleeps. He kicks Rudraksh and makes him fall down. Rudraksh says they made me fall down, I m tolerating this for Rajeev’s sake.

Its morning, Vasu prays. She says we have saved Prisha, but we still have to help her. Gopal says I will just come. She gets a call. He gets the suitcase. He says we will give it to Prisha and discuss with her what to do. She says I will make some food for Saransh. Prisha wakes up and kisses Saransh. She goes to washroom. She wakes him up. She says the door lock broke. Saransh says you go for the bath, I will stand here and not let anyone come in.

Ahana sees Rudraksh sleeping on the sofa. She wakes him up and asks why are you sleeping here. He says Prisha and Saransh are sleeping on my bed. She says excellent, you were going to torture Prisha, she is torturing you, torture her for the reason you married her, for Rajeev’s sake. Rudraksh goes. She says Rudraksh is hiding something, I have to find out, I promise myself I will make Prisha and her son out of the house. Rudraksh says thank God, Prisha isn’t here. He sees Saransh and asks him to go to room. He says let me go in, I need to get freshen up. Saransh says you can’t go in, mumma is inside, door lock is bad. Rudraksh thinks I have to torture Prisha. He asks Saransh to move away. Saransh refuses. Rudraksh asks who are you to stop me, I married her, leave me.

Saransh makes him fall down. Rudraksh pushes the door. He sees Prisha. She signs what. She says Saransh, I taught you manners, one has to knock the door when someone is in washroom. Saransh says he didn’t knock. Rudraksh asks her to get away. Saransh says let him go, else he will…. Rudraksh asks Prisha to go, else he can do a lot of things. She steps on his foot. He jumps. Saransh laughs and jokes on him. Rudraksh says I will see you both.

Ahana asks staff not to help Prisha, else they will lose jobs. Maa asks what are you doing. Ahana says Prisha made me a widow, she is a burden on us. Prisha and Saransh come downstairs. Prisha goes to cook for him. She asks staff for help. They don’t respond. Rudraksh comes. Saransh says I m feeling much hungry. Rudraksh asks what’s happening. He asks staff why aren’t they answering, why aren’t they helping Prisha, she is bahu of the house. He shouts on them and asks them to get out. Prisha looks at him. He says sorry, I will help, tell me. She says milk, bread and butter. She thinks how is he helping me, what’s the reason. Ahana looks on.

Ahana asks Saransh to play with the papers and make snow. Prisha refuses to talk to Yuvraj. Ahana raises hand on Saransh. Prisha stops her and warns.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’ve just realised why I can’t stand Preesha, she really is so selfish, it’s like she has no remorse about what she has done, she’s destroyed a family but acts the victim. She chose Yuvraaj over her son and parents. Where was her concern for her son and elderly parents then. They’re making Rudraksh out to be the bad guy and her innocent when his going through bereavement losing the only person he truly loved and who loved him back.
    I also don’t understand how she’s got sindoor on her head when she came in to the house when she doesn’t even acknowledge the marriage and had no plans to come to the khuranasand it was still there after her wash

    1. Verma4

      Prisha is selfish because all she thinks about is her and Yuvraj. Ahana is correct in saying that according to all Prisha is the one who widowed her.

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