Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev dies

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bubbles asking Gopal and Vasu to talk to the guests and pandit. They say Prisha has gone after Yuvraj, don’t know when will they come. The ladies taunt Gopal and Vasu. Saransh comes to defend Prisha. Bubbles asks him to go and get her phone, so that they can call Prisha. Saransh goes. Gopal says I will not tolerate anything against Prisha, Yuvraj had imp work, so he went out, marriage won’t happen today, sorry for the inconvenience. The ladies leave. Balraj says don’t make any call, go to Rudra and say Rajeev is fine, he will reach in half an hour. Bunty says but… Balraj says just do as I said, Rudra has gone mad, what do you want, he leaves the concert and goes to Rajeev, just do as I say. Maa hears this and says what to do, shall I tell Rudra or not, is Rajeev is in real problem, I hope Rajeev is fine. She eats chocolate. Yuvraj checks Rajeev and shouts.

He asks Rajeev to go and tell truth to Prisha. He laughs. Bunty comes to Rudra. Balraj asks did you talk to Rajeev. Bunty says I spoke to Rajeev, he said he is coming. Rudraksh says thank God. Balraj says come on go, your fans are waiting for you, go get ready. Bunty feels bad. Balraj says you know if Rudraksh doubts that you are lying, you know what I will do with you, go on the stage. Prisha loses network. She says how shall I find Yuvraj now, I don’t know who is that man, why was it imp to meet him. She gets network and drives on. Yuvraj sees Rajeev crawling to the car. He says why don’t you die Rajeev, I will see if you can cheat death again. Rajeev gets in his car and drives away. Rudra says this song is for my brother, its his fav song, I want to dedicate this to him, I love you bro. Rudraksh sings do lafz ki hai…. Rajeev says I will tell Prisha.

Yuvraj says you will die today. Yuvraj follows him. Rajeev’s car hits the bridge. He looks for his phone. He tries to get out of the car. He ses the toys fallen out. He says I don’t have to die for Saransh’s sake. Yuvraj comes and says you will come under my car now. Rajeev tries to get up. Yuvraj laughs and hits him. Rajeev falls away. Rudraksh feels restless again. The fans shout once more. Rudra leaves from the stage. Rajeev says I lost my love, sorry Saransh… He thinks of Saransh and cries. Yuvraj says you are acting to die, right. Yuvraj drives over Rajeev and kills him. Rajeev thinks of his dear ones Rudraksh, Saransh and Mahima. He dies thinking death will unite him with Mahima.

Yuvraj says finally you are dead. Rudraksh scolds Bunty. Prisha asks Yuvraj did you kill Rajeev. Rudraksh comes to the site and sees Rajeev dead. He threatens to kill Prisha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That kiliing scene was too much, Yuvraaj needs a worse death then that. I hope they don’t drag the truth and Rudraksh finds out about Yuvraaj

  2. MaddieDaddie9966

    The show has started dragging its plot now….Especially the torture suffered by Rajeev and Yuvraj’s psycho-ness was just dragged too much…Literally today’s episode showed too much of violence….
    Its more than a week since we saw some PREAKSH scenes…Maybe we would see it tmrw where Rudraksh will be damn angry with Preesha…
    But why the hell is Preesha confessing for Yuvraj’s crime???!! Its high time that she needs to realize that she is trusting a psychopath…She needs to be bold and smart…
    Now she will end up surrendering for no reason…and will go for a vanwaas to the JAIL…Stupidty glorified!!!

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