Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj confesses the crime

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prisha hugging Vasu and Gopal. She says everything got fine. Vasu goes. Gopal asks whom are you saving, tell me, swear on me. Yuvraj looks on and says its me, Appa, this accident happened by me, she is saving me. Gopal gets shocked. Yuvraj falls in his feet and says forgive me Appa, I went to meet Rajeev, he was threatening to kill Prisha and Saransh, he was saying bad things about Mahima, his accident happened by my car, she took the blame on herself, I pleaded her not to do this, she didn’t listen. Gopal slaps him.

Rudraksh asks Saransh not to do anything now, else he will get locked. He says your prank was right. He thinks Prisha will be dead. Gopal scolds Yuvraj. Prisha says he stopped me, his name and career would have got ruined. Gopal says you were giving life for it. Yuvraj does a drama. He says my name and career got snatched, you would have let me get punished, I did big sin by listening to me. Ahana calls Rudraksh. Rudraksh and Mishka exchange garlands. Saransh prays for some miracle, Prisha should come and stop the marriage. Vasu says its a miracle, I will go to temple and come. Gopal says I will take Prisha home. Yuvraj says I will drop Prisha, you go with Amma. Gopal stares at him angrily and goes with Vasu.

Yuvraj thinks Prisha’s fate is good, even my fate is good, I got saved by telling truth to Gopal, I have to get Saransh back and then life is set. He says its a miracle, Rudraksh is an animal, you gave Saransh’s custody to him, I can’t help, but you can help, Rudraksh is marrying. She asks what do you mean. He says it came in newspaper, he is marrying Mishka, it will be easy to file divorce, I m just worried for Saransh. She says we will go and take Saransh. He says I also want that. Ahana does the gathbandhan. Rudraksh and Mishka get up to take rounds. Prisha and Yuvraj come there. She shouts Saransh. Rudraksh gets shocked seeing her. She says I have come to take my son back. The media asks how did she come here, she was getting hanged. Mishka asks the same. Rudraksh asks didn’t you get hanged. Yuvraj says no, she has been set free, the case has been reopened, its court new verdict, she didn’t kill Rajeev, she was just at a wrong place at a wrong time, truth has won. Rudraksh thinks how did this happen.

Balraj says I don’t know how this happened, you will be a murderer for us, get out of my house, I will make sure you go to jail. She asks where is Saransh. Saransh cries for her. He hears her and says Lord did the miracle. He runs to her. Ahana asks Prisha to get lost. She calls the security. Saransh hugs Prisha. He says mumma has come and tell everyone that you already married her. Everyone gets shocked. He says I was stopping Rudraksh and bad aunty’s marriage because of this. Ahana laughs and calls her a liar. He says I have seen it myself. Balraj says stop this nonsense, this is your upbringing, you made your son a liar. Prisha says he isn’t lying, Rudraksh and I got married in the jail. Vasu looks for Prisha at home. She says I m worried, where is she. Gopal says I will call Yuvraj. Yuvraj thinks we came on right time, media will cover this drama and Rudraksh will be defamed, Balraj will get them divorced and then Saransh will be mine, why is Gopal calling now, I won’t answer.

Ahana scolds Prisha for the lie. She says you confessed your crime, right. She asks Balraj to call his friend and find out why Prisha didn’t get hanged. Ahana scolds Saransh. Prisha argues. Rudraksh looks on. Ahana asks them to get out. Rudraksh thinks Saransh will go, how will Rajeev’s wish get fulfilled. Yuvraj says we are going, don’t shout. He asks Prisha to come, they got Saransh. Saransh says I m not lying. Rudraksh shouts Saransh isn’t lying, he is saying the truth, Prisha and I got married, she is my wife now. Everyone is shocked. Ahana asks what are you saying. Rudraksh says yes, I married her in the jail, Prisha is my wife. Ahana goes to Mishka. Rudraksh says Saransh won’t go anywhere, Prisha gave his full custody to him.

Balraj says you did this for Saransh, what’s your relation. Rudraksh says Prisha is my wife. Prisha says I can do anything for my son. Rudraksh says I will punish her, I can do anything for Rajeev. He drags Prisha to room and says we are married, its our suhaagraat, you are mine, I will take my right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    Yuvraj , over confidence is the mother of all failures , You seriously f**ked up. Thank god Rudraksh didn’t marry the kardashian . For a change some blo*dy logic and common sense in a trial.

  2. I don’t like Mishka but I felt sorry for her, her tears looked genuine and not fake.

    Loved that Yuvraajs plan backfired

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