Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Preesha’s Jungle Outing

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Employees thank Rudra for dropping them home and ask if he will. Rudra says why not and asks his van driver to bring it to Preesha’s hospital. Employees thank him again. Rudra tells Preesha that he fulfilled her demand. She says at least some of his sins will be cleared. Driver reaches with van and says his wife is unwell, so he will drop employees home and will then go home. Rudra says he may take 2 hours, so he will drive van and sends driver with his car. Preesha gets into van with all employees. Rudra drives taunting her. Preesha thanks god that her house is coming, but he drives ahead of her house and says he will drop her last.

At Khurana House, Balraj is shocked to know that Rudra bought a hospital. Mahima informs that he spent crores to buy a hospital. Sharda says there must be some reason. Mahima says Preesha is the reason, he bought Mother Care Gynecological Hospital where Preesha works to be near her. Balraj shouts why did he spend so much for Preesha. Mahima acts emotional and says she is Rudra’s wife, but he is behind Preesha, why did he marry her if he has to do this. Ahana says for Saransh, Rudra clearly told her. She says even then. Ahana asks to leave him then. Balraj shouts to stop their nonsense as Mahima is right, Rudra cannot ride on 2 boats and ruin everyone’s lives, and says he will speak to Rudra regarding this.

Rurdra drops all employees and continues driving. Preesha insists to stop the van, but says he wants to speak to her and bought whole hospital for her. She shakes steering and he shouts to stop. He is about to ram van to a tree, but stops it at a right time. She gets out of van. He asks where is she going, they have come 70 km away from home. She says he did this purposefully, she will go home by walk. He requests to drop her home and takes Saransh’s promise. She agrees warning him not to pen his mouth. He tries to open van door, but its locked. She asks what happened. He says van is locked and he forgot keys inside. She asks to break window glass and get in. He says he can’t as its a bullet proof glass. She says again that he did this purposefully and walks. He runs behind her saying its a jungle.

Balraj tries Rudra’s number repeatedly. Sharda asks to calm down. Balraj says his phone is switched off. Ahana says he should call Preesha then. Mahima tries and says even her phone is off, calls hospital and asks about Rudra. Receptionist says Rudra went to drop employees in his van. Balraj continues fuming and says he will question Rudra for sure today.

Rudra follows Preesha into jungle and pleads her to stop. She makes marks on trees to not repeat the way. Rudra continues blabbering and says he will protect her even from cheetah. She says there is a cheetah behind him. He panics and runs. She laughs and taunts him. He says he is tired walking. She says they will stay here till morning and then go. He thanks god for his help and says he will set bonfire and protect her whole night. She gets tensed seeing a tiger. He turns and even he panics. Tiger walks away. She hugs him emotionally. He reciprocates.

Precap: Preesha goes near lake to drink water when a crocodile attacks her. Rudra fights with crocodile.

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