Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha gets saved

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prisha thinking of Saransh. She prays for Saransh and Amma, Appa. Gopal and Vasu ask them to stop the hanging. They rush in with the lawyer. Jailer asks how did you come in. Gopal says we had to come to stop the hanging, this is court orders, Prisha’s case is reopening, the hearing is in some time. Prisha asks why did Appa come here. Lawyer checks the order. Jailer asks the staff to leave Prisha. Prisha sees her parents. She goes and hugs them. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays….

Gopal says your case will reopen, my old friend is the judge, he will bring you out of the case if you help him, tell the truth. Yuvraj says Prisha would have died by now, she is the biggest problem of my life, she ruined everything. Gopal asks Prisha to tell the accident truth in the court. Prisha says I have told the truth. He asks can you tell this meeting my eyes. Vasu says you got saved from death. Gopal says don’t hide the truth, problems will increase, you want your life back, you want Saransh back, please tell the truth. Jailer says we have to take her to the court now. They go. Yuvraj gets Gopal’s message. He gets shocked reading… Prisha’s case has reopened, come to court. He gets angry and throws the wine glass. He says you saved your daughter, why didn’t you save me, Prisha got saved. He claps and laughs. He says it means now I can get saved, I will please Prisha and convince her to give Saransh’s custody to me, good boy mode starts. Rudraksh and Mishka are marrying. Saransh says this is cheating with my mumma. He goes.

The court hearing starts. Judge says Prisha, you are fortunate enough to get saved, did you do this accident. Yuvraj sees her and thinks if she tells the truth, then I will be hanged. Judge asks her questions about the accident. Prisha sees Yuvraj. Judge panel ask her to answer, how many times did she hit Rajeev. Prisha says once, no twice. Judge says wrong, it was multiple times, more than 5-6 times, you don’t know this, because you weren’t driving the car. Gopal says tell the truth, please. Yuvraj thinks don’t tell the truth.

Vasu says she will tell the truth. Judge says I have checked the hotel recording, you left from the hotel, that time the accident happened, it means you were at the hotel, how can you do the accident, it means your statement was wrong, Rajeev was already dead, postmortem reports state this, you were lying, why, are you saving someone, who is it, tell us, we don’t punish an innocent, we have evidence, you are innocent, speak up, you have no reason to stay silent.

Saransh says how shall I stop the marriage. He sees a dog and says its so cute. He recalls getting a dog home and Vasu getting scared. He asks the dog to spoil the entire marriage. He says we are friends now, come in, listen to me. He opens the gate and takes the dog with him. Prisha says I don’t know, but its true that Rajeev already died when I reached there. Judge says so its proved that you are trying to save someone, who is he. Yuvraj thinks now she will take my name, I m gone. Prisha says I m not saving anyone. Judge asks why are you taking blame on yourself. She says I felt the accident happened because of me, sorry, I don’t know who killed him. Judge says last time, don’t you really know the culprit. She signs no. Judge says very well then, I will reopen this case on the basis of this statement, its proved that you didn’t do that accident, the blame was wrong, so you are free to go. Gopal and Vasu get happy.

Rudraksh and Mishka take garlands. Dog runs and breaks the things. Saransh says there is a monkey here. The dog creates a mess. Rudraksh sees Saransh and says you got him right, look at everything, where is the monkey. Saransh says this is monkey, I have named the dog as monkey. Rudraksh laughs and says you are a cartoon, so funny. Ahana says its not funny, marriage is happening here, how dare Saransh do this, I will lock him. Rudraksh says no, you won’t lock him, he is a kid, don’t worry, marriage will happen, we will clear the mess. Saransh thinks what to do. Rudraksh asks Bunty to manage. He takes Saransh. Ahana thinks I will throw Saransh out.

Yuvraj says Prisha is saving me. Saransh cries and asks Prisha to come. Prisha and Yuvraj come. Prisha says I have come to take Saransh. Yuvraj says Prisha is set free. Saransh says Prisha will tell everyone that Rudraksh has already married her. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    good episode. the plot thickens. I still think Yuvraj is up to something.

  2. Why this preesha is so dumb….. Why on earth she is saving someone and risking her own life this is utterly dumb story

    1. Especially after evidence shows how many times Rajeev was hit, surely she can conclude it wasn’t an accident but deliberate

    2. Verma4

      I wouldn’t be looking for any logic here. Surprised it’s not an Ekta production.

    3. I’m sure it is an Ekta production

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