Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Arman Breaks Down Finding Rudra And Preesha’s Truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra hugs Preesha emotionally and expresses his love for her. Preesha also reciprocates. Arman is shocked and shatters watching this and thinks they are hugging each other like lovers. Preesha separates and asks Rudra to accept the truth and come tonight with baaraat as she will wait for him with aarti thali. Kya Rang Laya Dilka Lagana… song plays in the background. Preesha hides and cries. Arman jogs unable to forget the sene and breaks down reminiscing seeing them intimate twice, rejecting his proposal, etc. He goes to a bar and thinks he should find out whom Preesha had married. He call his private investigator/PI and remembers Ahuja revealing that Rudra is already married, Sulochana lying Rudra’s wife is dead, Rudra insisting Preesha to accompany him to shopping, etc. PI asks why did he call him here when he closed his case and gave the investigated file. Arman says he burnt the file and wants to know who was Preesha’s husband. PI says Preesha had married to a famous rockstar Rudraksh Khurana. Arman angrily breaks alcohol glass in his hand thinks Preesha is getting her husband married to Devika. PI says their jodi was very famous and they were called Rusha. He shows their pics on internet. Arman says he found out what he wanted to.

Devika gets nervous for her wedding tonight. Preesha calms her down. Devika thanks her for handling her, Arman, and Anvi’s lives and says she is marrying Rudra today and hopes nothing wrong happens today. Preesha thinks Devika is very happy and hopes Rudra doesn’t create any problem now. Once Devika leaves, Chachaji asks Preesha if she saw Arman as he didn’t return from jogging yet. She says no. He calls Arman. Waiter informs Arman that his phone is ring. Heavily inebriated Arman vents his anger on him and orders one more alcohol bottle. Devika gets ready in bridal dress. Preesha walks in. Devika asks her suggestions and hopes Rudra likes her look. Rudra walks in. Devika closes her eyes and asks him to go as it would be an abshagun/inauspiciuosness if a bride looks at groom before wedding. Rudra says there is nothing like that and insists to open her eyes and look at him. She denies and asks Preesha to take him out. Preesha takes him out and asks what is he doing. He says he will not break the marriage himself and hopes with Devika’s logic, it breaks by itself. He shows her waist band. Devika asks Preesha what is she still doing out. Rudra says his mother sent waist band to Preesha as per their family ritual. Devika asks Preesha to wear it and come in soon. Rudra fixes waist band around Preesha’s waist. Preesha walks into Devika’s room. Devika says Rudra’s choice is best and it looks good on Preesha. Preesha then locks herself in a room. Rudra knocks it. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. plays in the background.

After sometime, Chachaji informs Preesha that Arman hasn’t returned home yet. Makeup artist calls Preesha and she leaves. Chachaji calls Arman repeatedly, but he doesn’t pick call. Waiter briefs the situation to his manager who requests Arman to leave as its time to close the bar. In the evening, mandap gets decorated for wedding. Chachaji and Preesha ready for wedding tensely wait for Arman. Preesha says she will go and check. Servant brings heavily inebraited Arman in. Chachaji and Preesha confront him. Arman says he needs to speak to Preesha first and takes her in. Chachaji asks servant not to inform about Arman to anyone. Beautician breaks Devika’s nose ring while fixing it. Devika goes to Preesha’s room to borrow one from her. Preesha asks Arman what is he doing. He says she betrayed him and asks if she knew Rudra from before or not.

Precap: Preesha reveals that she is Rudra’s ex-wife. Devika is shocked to see Rudra, Saransh, and Preesha’s pic. Arman stops wedding. Preesha enters Devika’s room and shouts Devikaaaaaa..

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Glossysoo(hana)

    I’ll be waiting for Armaan’s revenge game, the leads can go to hell,
    Imagine being devika? Getting to know about the truth about the two people she trusted the most betraying her THAT TOO ON HER WEDDING DAY. Whoever supports Rusha’s behaviour needs therapy. Girls EMOTIONS ain’t toys to be played with. This show is going out of hand giving a very bad example. It’s a sign to stop watching it now. YHM was way more better . Rusha are literally dumb selfish protagonists how the hell did she even qualify as a doctor 😭

    1. If someone is a doctor then it doesn’t mean that he/she is a good person and to become a doctor you need to study hard😁and her/him love life and it’s issues doesn’t matter. And ofcourse I am agreeing with your rest of comments🙄

    2. Actually im talking about preesha’s behaviour, she isn’t smart according to occasions , who the hell tells the person you are spying on that they are spying through the front house, to become a doctor just studying isn’t enough you need to be smart too to understand stuff, and preesha here has always failed in all her jasusis

  2. This serial started off with lots of stupidity, Yuvraj killing Rajiv and Preesha taking blame. Killer never caught.
    Mahima enters, kills, torture, steals etc. Never got punished.
    Ahana and Mishka, well…..
    Rudra’s emotion now is what he should have shown to Preesha after Saraansh funeral instead of anger, blame, divorce. Now she is living a peaceful life with Takhur family he rushes in, full of self arrogance and ruins it for her, he never will give her peace and real love.
    His attitude is very disgusting “Preesha, Preesha, Preesha” all the darn time,or “look into my eyes and tell me what you feel, I’m sure you feel something when I touch you” ohh crap!!!!
    RUDRA threw PREESHA out, she did not willingly leave him.
    I hope, and wish Armaan will understand and hopefully don’t separate with her, let Rudra and his arrogance live with evil Sulu the drunk. Yes Shaarda maa can go with chachaji
    YHM was the best

    1. Malavika

      I missed Divyanka. So I watched her in Fear factor: khatron ke khiladi. she performs really well. it’s better than this Preesha-rudra crap

  3. Nothing can beat YHM.
    YHM was one of its kind,like the plot kept changing fr a good cause,and everything went smooth..
    And mainly here the bad ppl are gretter than the good ones,so there is so much of negativity in this…
    God knows where bubbles,yuvraj,mahima.kabir and all are there now…
    And what do they think abt themselves,we all know that it is an open secret that saransh is still alive,at least that was what happened in YHM,then why the heck cant the close that “Saransh bachao” plot…
    On top of that as if there were less villans in this story now 2(if devika is alive) or atleast 1 xtra will be added…
    I mean get a life dude,if their sole mission is to exceed the no.of episodes of YRKKH then… well go on,it will turn into another crap…

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