Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Preesha’s Passionate Dance

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasu tries to inform Preesha about Rudra’s arrival when a waiter drops drinks on water and she takes guest away to help her. Vasu walks behind her and says she wants to talk something important, she will be shocked to see a person in party as she is. Preesha asks who is it. Arman walks to them and asks what happened. Preesha says servant dropped drinks on guest’s dress, so she asked maid to give her another dress and informed servant not to make a mistake again. Arman tells Vasu that he doesn’t need to worry when Preesha is there and asks Preesha to get in and meet Devika and her boyfriend RK. Preesha asks if he met RK already, how is he. Arman says he is quite a decent man and takes her in. Vasu gets tensed that Preesha will be shocked to know Rudra is RK. Party host calls couple on a dance floor. Devika addressing Rudra as Anvi’s handsome uncle and says let us dance. He dances with her and thinks how to meet Devika’s bhabhi and confirm if she is Preesha or not. Preesha walks in to meet RK. Devika says her bhabhi came to meet him and asks to just turn around. Rudra stands nervously and turns around with closed eyes. Preesha is shocked to see him. Rudra gets disheartened seeing her sindoor. Vasu gets tensed seeing their meeting and prays god to handle her daughter. Tum na hue..mai tumhara raha.. song plays in the background. They both reminisce their their past events and love for each other.

Avni says finally they met, RK is the one who saved Anvi and didn’t accept his thanks yet, even Preesha wanted to meet and thank him, so she should. Arman holding her shoulder and calling her hottie asks to thank RK. Preesha thanks RK. Avni says bhabhi knows RK more even before meeting him. Arman says it doesn’t look they are meeting RK for the first time. Preesha says glad to meet him for the first time. Rudra thinks she is acting as if she doesn’t know him, now she will see what he can do. He says even he is glad to meet her for the first time, he thought as if he met her before, he is happy that she invited him and gave him so much respect. Preesha tries to leave. Arman holds her and asks to stay back. She says she has some work. He says what is more important than husband calls her wifey. Rudra reminisces calling her wifey and says Arman’s wife is really beautiful.

Preesha leaves crying and remembering their past. Rudra also rushes to bathroom remembering Arman touching Preesha and her sindhoor and cries shouting its his Preesha, why god brought her back in his life. Preesha also cries and questions god why he got Rudra back in her life. Vasu walks to her and says there is some reason behind it and god wants her to move ahead in her life. Preesha asks by bring her past again? Vasu says Rudra has come with Devika and it shows he is moving ahead in life, so even she should. Preesha says Devika may inform Rudra that she and Arman are not yet married and are acting as husband and wife. Servant informs Preesha that Arman is calling her. She with Vasu walks to Arman. Arman says Mrs. Mehta wants to meet her and making Vasu sit with Chachaji, Rudra, and Devika takes her to meet guest. Rudra thinks even amma is here and says she is not introduced yet. Chachaji says she is Anvi’s dance teacher Vasudha Srinivasan. Devika says Anvi speaks about her a lot and introduces herself as Devika Thakur. Vasu says she has seen her in photos. Rudra greets Vasu. Vasu walks away saying Anvi is alone with tuffy. Rudra drinks alcohol repeatedly looking at Preesha and getting angry seeing Arman holding her hand. Preesha also notices him.

Host announces unusual couple dance and says they will have to dance with a partner whom they have never danced. Rudra walks to Preesha and asks if she will dance with him. Arman and Devika are shocked to hear that. Rudra says he heard DJ and thought of knowing Preesha well, asks Arman if he doesn’t mind. Arman nods yes. Devika says bhai made her dance on his tunes in childhood, so its her turn and takes him to dance floor. Rudra holds Preesha’s hand and takes her to dance floor. Meri Bebasi…song plays in the background. He passionately dances with her. She asks what is this. He asks if he cannot dance with his wife. She says ex-wife. He says he forgot that she is Arman’s wife now, how she easily changes men, earlier Yuvraj whom she made her puppet, then him who was mad behind her, and now Arman who is also mad in her love. She says its hurting. he holds her tightly and says she chances color like a chameleon, is a second Mahima who uses men and throws them away.

Precap: Rudra pins Preesha to a wall and insists her to look into his eyes and accept that she doesn’t love him anymore. She says she doesn’t. After sometime, Anvi insists Arman and Preesha to sleep with her. Vasu asks Rudra to promise her not to inform about his and Preesha’s past to Arman and Devika.

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  1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

    I dnt like Arman.He seems too possessive. I only want Rudraksh and Preesha 😡😡😡

    1. Yup!! Me too… Its only #RuSha…. It can’t be #PreeMaan or #RudIka…. The show is only about RuSha…

    2. Exactly….at the starting of this track some were telling that #PreeMan and #RuDika is good but for me #RuSha is the best❤️….yes but I like Armaan also…as in 6 months he never even touched Preesha…and today also he ws touching her as he was drunk….that’s why I sometimes feel bad for him as I think after knowing the truth he will reunite Preesha and Rudra….but then also I always want our #RuSha

    3. Malavika

      I don’t like #RuSha anymore. All he does is disrespect Preesha to satisfy his own ego. I know they are the lead couple. But Armaan is a better man than Rudra.

    4. Malavika

      I don’t like #RuSha anymore. All he does is humiliate Preesha. I know they are the lead couple.

  2. Rudra seems to have forgotten the parade of countless women in his own life while he accuses Preesha of being with many men. I don’t think anyone, be it of any gender, should accept a partner who doesn’t give you respect and constantly belittles you and your character. That’s one thing that cannot and should not be forgiven. There’s no going back from there.

    1. You are right… Rudra also did the same when Rahul and Yuvraj tried to ruin RuSha’s life… But then he confessed his love for Pressha….

    2. Malavika

      Exactly @Glory Mishra I agree with you 100%. This is the difference between Rudra and Armaan. Armaan at least gives Preesha more respect than Rudra. Rudra, on the other hand, is busy in satisfying his own ego.

  3. Too good story

  4. Yrkkh,yhc,sns-2

    This is going exactly like yhm,in that also ishita stays with mani,her bff(but arman isn’t)…
    Ishita sees him as only a friend,but mani starts considering her as something more than a friend..
    There aliya insists her dad to propose to ishita,here his friend/some rando chacha insists to propose to preesha…
    But @ the end,after like 2 saal,again ishita and raman unite….
    So guys don’t worry,our RUSHA will b back,but after sometime..

    1. Yess ur right,even i felt the same..

    2. yeah,in that also,they show ruhi died,but she is brought back alive as ruhaan(taken away by nidhi)

    3. Ohh…Yea ur right,in that ruhi/ruhan with nidhi..Here saransh with mishika..

    4. Where is mishika’s sister ahaana btw???????????

  5. I want RuSha back ❤️❤️❤️💞💞

    1. Malavika

      no . #PreeMan and #RuVika rock. Forget RuSha

    2. Yes,only Arman and prisha

  6. it was quite interesting the present track.
    both armaan and preesha pair was awesome.
    please continue with this pair only anvi also very cute.

  7. Eventually they will unite and be Rudra and Preesha again with Saaransh but for now I’ll take Arman and Preesha because he treats her with respect and not always insulting and losing his temper with her like Rudra does, see, even now that they meet after six months he does same, I mean she did not leave him after the tragedy, it was him who pushed her away at the funeral prompting her to react to a mutual separation!! Rudra forgets Saaransh is more Preesha son than his.
    Yes I think the storyline will copy YHM.
    At least now there is no constant arguing with Preesha and Arman, I kinda like him.
    Only Devika will be hurt most

    1. Rudra is not change after 6 months also. He disrespected preesha now also. How can he compare preesha with mahima. Preesha not this time don’t forgive him easily.

  8. Armaan is going soooooo gud. Armaan and preesha look great together

  9. I quite like the acting of Altamash Faraz

  10. who is a fan of dinchak pooja

  11. shshshshshs

  12. dhdhdhdhdhd

  13. f ff fmdmmd

  14. amamamamamama

  15. I don’t understand why people are still shipping both rudra and preesha together. What they have, is one of the toxic relationships out there. In the real world, no one goes back in a relationship with their toxic ex’s. Rudra blames, disrespects and belittles preesha at every chance he gets. It isn’t love, If he keeps pointing fingers at her at every bad thing that happens in his life. Arman and preesha are one of the ideal couples, arman supports her and takes care of her like a partner should.

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