Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Fails To Convince Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra tells Preesha that he will go and stop his and Devika’s marriage right now. Preesha reminisces her bonding with Anvi and Arman, stops Rudra and says their worlds have changed and they cannot be together, he has his own family and she has a small daughter and a husband who need her, so she cannot stay with him. He asks in exchange of sacrificing her love, their togetherness is truth and she is fooling herself. She says he is fooling himself instead, she is married and has a daughter who kept her alive after Saransh’s dead, she has a husband who supported her when Rudra left her after alleging her of her son’s death, her husband stopped her from dying reminiscing the incident and says her husband took her to his house without any questioning. She says Devika considers her as her sister and tried to commit suicide when marriage broke last time, he can be selfish and think of us, but she cannot be selfish like him; she came here for Saransh and when he is not there, she cannot be wit him. He asks what about their love. She says their fate will decide it and walks away with her bag. He cries vigorously. A punjabi song plays in the background. She waits for a cab. He says he will drop her home as she is alone and its not safe. She agrees and accompanies. He holds her hand and looks at her one the way. She frees her hand and heads towards her house while he thinks she loves him and will look back. She thinks she will not or else she will get weak.

Preesha returns home. Anvi happily hugs her. Devika asks how is she and says without her, she was feeling bored without her. Chachaji says they were all missing her and introduces her to their lawyer Mr Kansara. Rudra informs her that his parents had opened a trust in Devika’s name and now after marriage, all the money will be transferred into her name and Mr Kansara is doing the formalities. Mr. Kansara says all the paper work is done. Rudra returns home. Sulochana and Sharda get happy seeing him back. He walks into his room and cries remembering all the incidents happened in the rented house. Preesha also cries reminiscing the events. They both lie down on floor. Preesha thinks they cannot be together again. Rudra thinks why can’t they be together.

Next morning, Devika knocks Preesha’s room door. Preesha opens door and and asks what happened. Devika nevoursly says she didn’t sleep whole night thinking about her biggest day of life, she is looking dull and wants to look best on her wedding. Preesha calms her down. Devika hopes Rudra loves her a lot after marriage. Preesha says Rudra loves his dear ones selflessly. Once she leaves, Arman walks in and asks if something is missing as he doesn’t want anything missing in his sister’s wedding. Preesha comforts him next. Once she leaves, she looks at Rdura, Saransh and her pic and thinks Rudra no more can be part of her life again. She is about peel the pic off when Anvi calls her and she leaves hiding the pic again. On the other side, Sulochana serves breakfast to Rudra and says from tomorrow Devika will serve him breakfast. Sharda says yes and hopes Devika keeps him happy. Bunty with guest visits and asks Rudra if he is happy as he is getting married to Devika and his life is getting back on track, even Preesha must be happy in her life. Rudra thinks he cannot let Preesha go away and has to get her closer to him again. He tells Sharda that he is going out. Bunty says he will go, but Rudra leaves.

Rudra reaches outside Preesha’s house and messages her to meet him out. Preesha meets him and asks why did he come here. He gives her gift and says she told she wants to be with her family, but he knows she loves him and cannot live without him and hence she should accept her love for him. She asks him to go as he is marrying tonight. He pleads that he cannot live without her and she should leave him, etc., and hugs her saying he loves her. She also reciprocates. Arman notices them.

Precap: Arman asks his private investigator about Preesha’s ex-husband who informs that Rudra was her husband. Devi panics seeing Preesha, Rudra, and Saransh’s pics and thinks they both betrayed her. Arman stops marriage. Preesha shocked shouts Devikaaaaa. P

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  1. These things can’t stay hidden, Rudra and Preeshas biggest mistake was keeping it hidden,. Rudras back in his own house, in real life the neighbours would let it slip. The storyline has not been well thought out. If it had been years, understandable but it’s been 6 months.
    Writers really need to up their game also why drag it to the wedding day, it’s bad enough that Devika and Armaan have been deceived but why do writers love piling up humiliation. Bad enough finding out a thing like that on a normal day but on a special day

  2. I agree they are the “stars” of the show but still not good story, no morals. Yesterday’s show is what Rudra should have done after the funeral instead if blaming and insulting Preesha, he should have offered comfort and she also would have to him, he chose the wrong approach and beleive that witch Sulu who should have been thrown out! Idc if she is maa!
    I am really sorry that Armaan and Devika was so deceived, I liked Armaan and Preesha he treats her like a true gentleman should, unlike Rudra who always was and still is the arrogant fool. He can never be Raman Bhalla.
    Wonder if chachaji will still think Shaarda is nice. Means 3 possible relationships will get ruined due to lies.

  3. I like preesha and arman together is bad that rudra and preesha decived arman and his family especially that little girl not a good moral setting. Cant watch this again.

  4. Rudra dresses as a clown, thats why Preesha should be with Arman. Arman dreses like a man

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