Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahana Fools Rudra And Preesha Again

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra excitedly reaches hotel room to meet Preeesha and stands shocked seeing Devika instead. Preesha peeping from behind remembers booking a banquet hall in hotel, messaging Devika from Rudra’s phone to reach hotel Diamond in the evening, and deleting the message from Rudra’s phone. Out of flashback, she calls Rudra and apologizes that she planned this surprise via him for Devika as she as hurt and requests him to act as if he threw this surprise. He looks at door. She hides and walks away. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Devika hugs Rudra from behind and thanks him for his surprise, says bhabhi already informed her about his surprise and she is lucky that she is getting such a nice soulmate. Rudra returns home after sometime. Preesha says she did it as Devika was hurt. He pins her to window and asks what about him, he was worried that something happened to her, holds her intimately and says he would have died if something had happened to her. She says he should think about Devika as he is marrying her. He insists her to tell him she loves him.

Preesha notices a boy with Mishka and Ahana and says the boy must be Saransh. They both rush to Ahana’s house and knock door. Ahana opens door and is shocked to see them. They both search Saransh. Ahana asks why did they barge in like this and shouting Saransh. Preesha says Saransh is alive. Ahana acts surprised and says Saransh is dead. Preesha warns to dare not say that as Saransh is alive. Ahana asks Rudra to tell her that he accepts Saransh is dead. Rudra says he is not. Mishka asks how can they say that. Preesha says they are spying them via the opposite house. Rudra says they know Saransh is here and walk towards a locked room. Mishka and Ahana stop them. They forcefully enter the room and see a small girl paintining. Ahana stops them and says nobody will touch Krishna. Rudra asks if she is Krishna. Ahana says she is and let us go out and talk. They walk away. Ahana pampers Krishna, walks to them and says they can shout Saransh, but they will not get him in the whole world. Preesha asks who is Krishna. Ahana reveals that Krishna is her daughter and hence staying with her. Preesha shocked asks how can she have a daughter. Ahana says just like Saransh was Preesha’s adopted son, Krishna is her adopted daughter. She tells them a story that she saw an accident where a couple died leaving a small girl, she couldn’t see the girl crying and adopted her; she was feeling lonely after Rajiv’s death and thought Kabir will clear her loneliness, but he was a betrayer; she legally adopted Krishna and is taking her back to London. Mishka asks if their drama is over, they should leave. Ahana says she can understand their pain as she is also mother now, they should realize that dead people won’t return and they should let her move on in life. They both walk away. Ahana continues her acting and relaxes once they leave. Mishka praises her performance and thinks they trust her after acting, and once they are back to London, it will be a new beginning for them.

Preesha with Rudra returns to their rented house and thinks she cannot believe Ahana can change and adopt a child, she lost her last hope of getting back Saransh. Rudra plays Meri Rooh Ka Parinda Phadpadye… song and mimics singing. Preesha asks what is he doing. He drags her to dance. She says he won’t gain anything with this. He asks if she is not enjoying. She says they lost Saransh, switches off music, and asks him to get back into his senses. He cries that he doesn’t want to as their Saransh has gone forever. They both cry hugging each other. He tries to get intimate. She stops him and says they cannot be together now as he will marry Devika tomorrow. He shouts he doesn’t want to and insists her to accept that she has a feeling for him, he will stop his marriage with Devika and will stay together far away from Delhi.

Precap: Arman is shocked to see Preesha and Rudra hugging each other tightly. He questions private detective again who informs that Preesha had married to Rudra and shows their pics. Arman shocked breaks alcohol glass in his hand.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Ah gosh Rudra and Preesha are fools . How can you just review that you were staying next door and spying on them your enemies . They will obviously be alerted next time or even move out of the apartment when you least expect it.

  2. Why can’t Preesha be smart like Ishita…Ishita was soo smart that her enemys never succeeded in defeating her..Rudra and Preesha completely stopped using their brains..
    And what is wrong with Ahana and Mishka..they are very rich and have their fathers wealth all to themselves now still they’re behaving like beggars and running behind Khurana’s wealth like Mahima

    1. i completely agree with you .. but god know there father died really or it was just a excuse

  3. Preesha and Rudra are really foolish, why she always have to reveal everything? Did they even try to look at the child and see if it’s really a girl or a boy they disguise?
    Sick of Rudra only asking to tell she love him, and what she feeling, and look into my eyes, can’t writers find another line for him?
    Preesha to wants him to stay away but yes always showing him different.
    It’s going to be really sad when Devika finds out because she seems to really love her bhabi and Armaan cares so much. Preesha is wrong to be lying to them.

    1. Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy disguised as a girl, can clearly tell it’s not Saransh. Obviously there’s more to it but they were only interested in finding Saransh.
      I agree they have conducted themselves badly in regards to Armaan and Devika especially Rudra, they may love each other but are not good for one another it’s time to go their own separate ways. Together they are too toxic

  4. I feel really bad for Armaan and devika.

    The main characters are cheating 🤦‍♀️

    And then they will turn Armann and devika negative and make Rudra and Preesha look inoccent and good people just to carry on the show.

    1. Malavika

      Exactly!! This will happen 🙁

  5. Why did they show Mishka surname as Khurana, that’s Ahana married name so Mishka should have a different surname.

  6. If I was them I would still report Mishka to the authorities as she was part of the conspiracy that led to the tragic moments, she is still culpable and why should she be able to carry on as nothing happened, and even though I haven’t liked the way Preesha and Rudra have conducted themselves to see them having the glimmer of hope wiped out was heartbreaking to watch and for once I hope they don’t bring Saransh back, tired of people coming back from the dead.

  7. Bansari Patel

    Is saransh really dead then?

    1. Ishita Saxena

      No he is new saransh and the disguised him as a girl and wow rudraksh and preesha always tell everything to their enemies just wow 🙄 how can they believe in ahana’s that f**king stupid story. Really disgusting!! 😒😒

  8. the show need to be stoppd and star plus needs to give this time slot(10:30-11:00) to better production houses other than balaji teli films

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