Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Senses Arman’s Growing Possessiveness Towards her

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasu teaches dance to Anvi. Arman praises Anvi that she learnt dance so soon. Anvi says its because her teacher is good. Vasu says her student is good instead. Arman informs Preesha that he acquired a hotel and will run with their brand name. Preesha congratulates him and asks if he was working hard for same. He says and says he is planning a party and seeks Preesha’s help. She agrees. He asks her and Anvi to buy new dresses for themselves for party. Anvi insists Vasu to accompany them. Vasu hesitates. Arman says is part of their family now, so she should accompany them and he will drop them to mall. Vasu agrees.

At hospital, Rudra informs Sulochana that Sharda’s condition is better now and is being discharged, doctor suggest a fulltime nurse for her service. Sulochana thanks god. Rudra says he has a VIP guest at hotel and leaves. Sulochana tells doctor that she will take care of Sharda instead of hiring a fulltime nurse. He says she herself is a BP and diabetes patient, so she can’t handle another patient. Sulochana thinks how to tell him that they can’t afford a nurse and insists. Doctor asks to buy medicines from pharmacy. She says she will buy them at a pharmacy near her house. Devika who is with her thinks there is no pharmacy near her home and guesses she is lying because of money crunch, so she has to do something.

Preesha finishes shopping and waits for Arman in mall’s parking lot. Arman over phone says he will reach there soon. Two goons misbehave with her and try to molest her when Arman reaches there, gets angry seeing that, and brutally trashes goons shouting how dare they are to touch Preesha. Preesha reminisces Rudra’s possessiveness for her and trashing goons during similar incident. She stands frozen. Mai Phir Bhi Tum Ko Chahunga.. song plays in the background. Vasu with Avnvi returns and shocked seeing Arman brutually trashing goon pulls him away. Arman continues shouting how dare he is to touch Preesha. Goons collapse. Vasu shakes Preesha and goes to bring Avni. Arman asks Preesha if she is fine and hugs her emotionally. Preesha remembers his growing attention towards her.

Rudra returns home from work and sees Devika and Sulochana chatting with each other and laughing. He asks Devika if she didn’t go to hotel. Devika says she brought her bags here and will stay with them until Sharda gets well. Sulochana says she is right. He says there is no need for so much favors. She says she has befriended Sharda and Sulochana and has to follow her friendship, so he shouldn’t interfere. He says they are her mother and he doesn’t need anyone’s favor, she shouldn’t be help him so much that he falls in his own eyes. Sulochana takes her aside and asks if he cannot see her kind nature, she paid the bills and find out that they cannot afford a fulltime nurse for Sharda, she herself is offering help instead of giving money. Rudra says there is no need for anyone’s help, he is enough to take care of his mother. She asks if he will leave his job and serve his mother, how will they get money for their expenses; he was so kind and made everyone his dear ones including wicked people like her and Kabir, so he should accept Devika and not let her go.

Preesha bandages Arman’s injured hand and asks what was that. He shouts how dare they are to touch her. She says if they would have died, he would have gone to jail, so he shouldn’t do this again. She leaves with Vasu. Chachaji tells Arman that his love has turned into possessiveness and even Preesha is noticing it. Vasu tells Preesha if she can’t see Arman loves her. Preesha says its a normal concern and any other human would have done so. Chachaji tells Arman that if anyone else would have been instead of Preesha, she would have called police and sent him to jail, so its shows she also likes him. Vasu insists Preesha to marry Arman and forget her past. Preesha says she cannot forget Saransh and her love for Rudra or any one else died with him, so she cannot think of loving someone again. Chachaji continues insisting Arman to propose Preesha even if she doesn’t love him. He agrees and says he will after 3 days during party.

Arman walks into Sharda’s room and seeing Devika sleeping next to her drapes blanket over her. Devika gets along well with him. Preesha also gets along well with Arman. She jumps from bed seeing lizard and is about to fall when Arman holds her and looks into her eyes. She alerts him. Tu Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai plays in the background.

Precap: Arman asks Preesha about Devika. Preesha informs that Devika loves RK and wants to marry him, so she wants to invite RK during party to take things forward. Devika informs RK about party and asks if he will accompany her. He agrees and thinks he wants to know if Devika’s bhabhi is Preesha.

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