Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Tries To Get Closer To Preesha Again

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra informs Preesha that Ahana booked 3 London ticket with one for 8-year-old kid Krishna Khurana. Preesha says even Saransh is 8-year-old, if Ahana changed Saransh’s name and is taking him to London. He says they should find out. He then gets naughty and insists her to sleep on the same bed. She angrily picks pillow and blanket and sleeps on a couch looking at him. Dil Me Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum.. song plays in the background. He romantically looks at her until she falls asleep.

Devika heads towards Rudra’s workplace/hotel and thinks Sulochana gave a nice suggestion, Rudra will be very surprised to see her there. Her car gets punctured. Arman calls her and asks where is she, he returned home and heard she went to meet Rudra, why did she go at this time. She says her car is punctured and she is at Cartel Road. Arman says he will come there right now. Devika thinks she will meet Rudra in the morning and suprrise him. Arman reaches and takes her back home.

In the morning, Preesha gets ready after a bath. Rudra wearing only towel get romantic and walks closer to her and wiggles her hair sensuously smelling them. Ke Tumse Thoda Thoda Pyar Hua. He says her shampoo smell is very pleasant and he feels like getting more closer to her. She gets back into her senses and walks away. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks why did she come out, if she was feeling something when he was closer to her. She says he is talking rubbish again. He asks he is very closer to her now and she is not feeling anything, she should look into his eyes and say that. She walks away again.

He then sees Mishka and Ahana in their home and checks via binoculars. Preesha says Ahana and Mishka will leave for London tomorrow. Rudra says et us go to their house and tells his idea. He sends pest control to Ahana’s house saying landlord sent them. Mishka reacts, but Ahana takes her away. Pest controller calls Rudra. Rudra with Preesha gets in, thanks pest controller, and tells Presha that they have 10 minutes to search if their Saransh is here. They search whole house and finding a room locked think Saransh must be in. He tries to break open the door. Preesha opens it with hair pin and seeing kid’s toys around think Saransh was here. Rudra thinks if Saransh is not here, where have they kept him then. Pest controller asks them to leave before Mishka and Ahana return. They walk away sadly.

Devika reaches Rudra’s hotel and asks receptionist to call Rudra. Receptionist says he is on wedding leave since 1 week. Preesha returns to rented house with Rudra and fears for Saransh. Rudra assures that Saransh is alive. Devika calls him, and he says he is busy with a client in hotel and will call her later. She asks not to lie as she came to hotel to meet him. He panics and says he just came out with client and disconnects call. Preesha asks if Devika called, why didn’t he give her some other excuse. He says he doesn’t care as his priority is Saransh now. Devika calls Preesha, tells what Rudra did, and says she is feeling like killing herself. Preesha asks her not to think much and trust Rudra. Devika calms down. Preesha thinks Devika can do anything, hence she has to handle her. Rudra returns and doesn’t find Preesha in house. Preesha calls him and asks him to come to hotel Diamond soon as she is in danger. He rushes to hotel where a servant sends him to a room. He prays god not to let anything happen to Preesha and seeing a candle light decoration gets happy thinking Preesha planned it for him. Devika turns and gets disappointed. Preesha watches them from behind.

Precap: Rudra gets intimate with Preesha and says he cannot live without her and to tell what she wanted to say in car. They see a child with Mishka and Ahana and thinks he must be Saransh.

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  1. Rudra is so shameless. As long as he was with Preesha, he tortured her, mentally abused her, blamed her for everything. It was he who badly wanted a divorce after Saransh’s “death”. Why are he and Sulo blaming Preesha for ruining their lives? Now that Preesha has moved on and married another man, he can’t tolerate even that. Selfish! He thinks Preesha is his property, that he owns her. He is no longer her husband. He isn’t even ashamed to stalk and romance someone else’s wife, to be exact an extra-marital affair. And what the hell this stupid thing he keeps repeating “Do you feel something, confess it”. When they both knew they love each other, still they divorced bcs of their immaturity. And now betraying Armaan and Devika for their own selfish reasons. Rudra is such a beast, I hate his character. Never saw such a dumb, immature and selfish couple. And Preesha has turned the biggest liar of the century. Keeps lying all the time. Why the hell she has to hide all this from Armaan? The way she and Rudra are behaving with each other (hiding from everyone) of course it should be called an affair.

  2. They both are cheaters

    Is preesha married to arman?

    I stopped watching the show like a month ago just read the written updates here and there..

    1. No she didn’t marry to armaan he is just her friend they are acting like couple for anvi Arman’s daughter

  3. Well said Siya I totally agree, he really is a stupid disgrace, shameless person, I too trying to understand why he keeps saying that to her, how many time he asked her to look into his eyes and say what she feels, she did it many times!! But keeps insisting, his behaviour is ridiculous and immature! Preesha also behaves stupid by lying all the time, why not just tell Armaan the truth? They are playing Devika and he will not tolerate it as he loves his sister.
    They will keep being so called “romantic” idiots in the hotel while the evil sisters get away again and they will get caught, stupid
    Btw, producers please get Rudra a hair cut and clean up as his look is presently miserable and also change his arrogant attitude, he is NOT Raman Bhalla!!

    1. Can’t believe there are still people who like Rudra’s character and there are people who still ship Rusha! And when Devika and Armaan become evil, these 2 leads will sit up with a surprised face and continue to become fools 🙄

    2. I’m fed up of this show now. It used to be my favourite show before but after rudra and preesha met, the whole storyline gets disgusting day by day. I want the producers to end rudra’s character or get him married to devika. That’s it.

  4. You know what @Nila nobody should blame devika and Armaan if they turn negative we should support them instead because #Rusha made them that way

  5. That true sammy

  6. I think the makers should storyline 👆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 arman and preesha make a beautiful couple!!!!

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