Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev learns Saransh’s truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bubbles coming home. Saransh says Sangeet will have Bharatnatyam dance, Prisha said she will do couple dance with Yuvraj. Prisha refuses. Vasu and Gopal ask Prisha to do it. Prisha asks did you ask Yuvraj. Saransh says I will call him and ask. He goes to get the medal. He says I will give this to Yuvraj, he is becoming my dad. He keeps the medal.

They go to Yuvraj’s house. Prisha says just listen to Yuvraj if he refuses. Saransh asks her to be positive. Rajeev comes there. Yuvraj gets them in. Rajeev says I will wait, I will catch him once they leave. Yuvraj says Saransh is my son, I will listen to him, what’s the suspense, there is Sangeet tonight. Saransh says you have to do dance with Prisha. Yuvraj says but I don’t know dancing. Saransh says we will teach you, please say yes. Yuvraj says okay. Saransh says give your phones, I will keep it on silent. He plays music. Bubbles teaches dance. Yuvraj falls down. They laugh. Yuvraj and Prisha dance.

Saransh sees a kitty stuck on the tree. He thinks I will go and help the poor kitty, I can’t disturb their dance. He goes to the tree and asks kitty to wait, he has come. He climbs the tree. He asks kitty not to go upwards. He says kitty isn’t understanding human language, she is so stubborn, I m coming up. Rajeev says they didn’t come out. He hears Saransh. He sees Saransh climbing the tree. Saransh asks kitty to come to him. Rajeev thinks he is after the kitten. Saransh screams and shouts for help. Rajeev shouts Saransh…. listen to me and slowly come down. Saransh asks who will save the kitty. Rajeev says you save yourself, kitty knows to save herself. He shows a kerchief and kitty jumps down. He asks Saransh not to get scared and come downwards.

Saransh’s best dad medal falls in Rajeev’s neck. Rajeev sees the medal. Saransh falls down and gets hurt. Rajeev asks are you okay. Saransh shouts mumma. Rajeev calls Prisha. He says she isn’t answering. Prisha’s phone is on silent. Rajeev says I will take him to hospital, he fainted, I will message Prisha. He leaves.

Mishika asks about Rudraksh. Rudraksh comes. Ahana says designer is coming, engagement outfits are ready, you have to try it. Mishika says the outfits are colour coordinated. Ahana says it will be a grand event. Mishika shows the engagement rings. Rudraksh says superb design, give me two mins, I will freshen up and come. Bunty says Kalra didn’t come. Kalra comes. Rudraksh says chill. Kalra greets Balraj. He says I want to organize Rudraksh’s concert tomorrow. Ahana says sorry, its Rudra’s engagement with my sister. Kalra says I can pay double for it, don’t worry, I think all the fans will come to see him. Balraj asks double. Ahana says payment doesn’t really matter. Kalra says okay, thanks. Balraj stops Kalra. He says Rudraksh will do the concert tomorrow. Rudraksh smiles. Ahana says but… Balraj says Rudraksh will do the concert tomorrow. Kalra gives the advance cheque and asks shall I announce the show. Balraj says yes. Ahana says but engagement. Balraj says engagement can happen after two days, I have decided, no more discussions. He goes. Rudraksh says so sorry, dad spoiled your plan, I can talk to dad. Ahana says no, its okay. She goes. Bunty says plan successful.

Rajeev gets Saransh to hospital. Nurse asks him to fill the form. Rajeev says let me go to him. Nurse asks did your son give this medal to you, do you take care of him this way, fill the form and give it. Rajeev sees the medal and thinks Saransh was going to give this to Yuvraj, Yuvraj doesn’t deserve this. Rudraksh calls Rajeev and says I got the engagement postponed by taking Kalra’s mind. Rajeev asks did Ahana agree. Rudraksh says yes, we will find some solution in two days, where are you. Rajeev says sorry, I m at hospital. Rudraksh asks why. Rajeev says normal checkup, why are you worried. Rudraksh says I will come. Rajeev says I will come to the studio. Rudraksh says sorry. Rajeev says its fine. He thinks how to fill Saransh’s medical details. He calls Prisha again and says why isn’t she answering. Yuvraj says I m tired, I will arrange the food.

Bubbles says I have some work. She goes. Prisha checks her phone. She checks Rajeev’s missed calls and message about Saransh’s accident. She shouts Saransh and goes. Nurse says I want your son’s details. Rajeev says I m not Saransh’s dad, I m trying to call his mum. Prisha comes and asks for Saransh. He says he is inside, fill the form first. She asks where is he. Nurse says you need to give blood, Saransh had much blood loss. Prisha asks my blood. Rajeev asks what happened. Prisha says Saransh and my blood group won’t change. Nurse says don’t worry, we will get the blood arranged. Dr. Indu meets Prisha and says what a surprise. Rajeev looks on. She says I m treating Saransh, shall I ask something, he is the same child right, your sister Mahima’s child. Rajeev gets shocked. Indu says Mahima gave him birth and you gave him a heart beat. Rajeev thinks Saransh is Mahima’s son.

Rajeev cries for Mahima. Prisha says none knows about Saransh. Rudraksh gifts a watch to Rajeev. Rajeev says I will fight for my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This was the best EPISODE of all the episodes of YHC till now!!!!???
    Finally something POSITIVE in YHC??? , otherwise the villains who act like SUPERVILLAINS???, always doing villaineous acts without getting caught ???and this Preesha overjudgemntal talKs to Rudra just irritated me always!!!???
    Today the whole episde was SUPER GOOD???, coz it was fully abt RAJAANSH.???
    Rajeev is the character whom I really really love??? in this show coz he is the one one who is having the most PATHETIC HELL LIFE in this show???
    An dominatingly WIFE, a BOSSY non-understanding INSULTING DAD, A LOVELESS MARRIAGE and what else……???
    The only good he has is HIS BROTHER Rudra???
    Today every Rajaansh moment was awesome???, the way Rajeev was helping SARAANSH climb down, and how the MEDAL OF BEST DAD FELL ON HIS NECK, I really really loved that PART???
    Coz Rajeev really DESERVES THAT ???as I’m sure he would have been the BEST DAD for SARAANSH if he was gonna be ALIVE for LONG!!!!???
    Seriously, they were the ones who suffered the MOST and LOST EVERYTHING!!!??????
    Now that Rajeev has decided to fight for his SON, Yuvraaj will kill him???
    And seeing Yuvraaj look into Preesha’s eyes???, I feel he has really fallen for her???,
    but even tho he looks good, Preesha makes a good pair with Rudraaksh as PREAKSH???.

  2. MaddieDaddie9966

    Rajaansh moments were so good today…Rudraansh and Rajaansh are the best DAD SON duos I have ever found till now..
    I wish if Rajeev could stay alive for long…And if Mahima was alive too, then we would have mostly been able to see a happy reunion of RAJMA along with Saaransh…I really wish if it would happen!!
    Totally agree with Lisa on the opinion of Rajma being the most tragic characters of the show…More than PREAKSH’s reunion, I literally wanted RAJMA’s reunion which would never happen! Oh GHOSHH!!
    Seems like Yuvraj has fallen for Preesha…

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