Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Ruins Preesha’s Life

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra pulls Preesha towards him while she resists and tries to move away. Her dress tears and she hides her skin, she says he shouldn’t do anything that will make him feel ashamed in the future. He says he is her husband and can do anything to her. He clicks her pic and says now she cannot blame or trap him. She tries to delete it in vain and runs away from there. She gets into her room and cries reminiscing his misbehavior. In the morning, she gets Saransh ready for school and when touches her sprained wrist she writhes in pain and asks him to be gentle. He asks her how did she injure herself and applies pain balm on her wrist. She thinks how to tell that Rudra did it, reminiscing the incident. Rudra hears them and also reminisces the incident, but determines to keep torturing Preesha.

Neerja sees Rahul in bathroom and picks keybunch from his robe, but finds drawer key missing. Rahul walks in, and Neerja drops key bunch in fear. Rahul picks keybunch and asks if she needed something. Neerja nervous says she was picking his robe for wash and key bunch fell down. He says robe was washed just yesterday. She says she didn’t realize and leaves. Rahul reminisces Yuvraj’s words and thinks Neeraj is really trying to help Preesha, but he will not let her do that.

Preesha gets hospital’s message that they will give final judgment regarding her case. She reaches hospital where nurse cries saying her husband lost her job and even she is not getting salary until their case hearing. Preesha assures that they will be proved innocent. Hospital management starts hearing and pronounce that they didn’t find any evidence against Preesha, so she is proven innocent. Rudra walks in and says they are taking wrong decision and says his wife really made a mistake and he will not let her live in guilt her whole life. He asks nurse to tell truth. Nurse lies that Preesha gave wrong medicine to Neerja and not her. Preesha confronts and says she is lying, but Rudra stops Preesha and says he will not let her do anything wrong. Medical team announces Preesha guilty and bars her from hospital and future medical practice. They also restricate nurse from hospital. Preesha stands shattered. Rudra gives money to nurse for lying and says she need not feel guilty. He yells that he ended Preesha’s career and her life, now she will know what betrayal is and will burn like him. He walks away while Preesha stands crying.

Precap: Ahana tells Yuvraj that he made Rudra hate Preesha, but Rudra is not able to get away from Preesha, so if he can give that video. Yuvraj gives her video. She gathers family to show video. Neerja takes tab to repair shop and asking technician to get data out of it thinks she will get Preesha’s video also.

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  1. Thank you for a fast update

  2. Rudraksh knows he made it to the top by his Ruthless dad but to stoop this low should have no forgiveness. Has he never thought that if Preesha did all that for revenge then her revenge would have been completed and she could have easily turned Saransh against him and walked away. For a show to show this much emotional and physical abuse is sick and also Rudraksh is guilty and their can be no excuse people go to prison for less. Preesha needs to stop crying and stop covering up for Rudraksh , it doesn’t matter that Rudraksh is good to Saransh and Saransh loves Rudraksh as well, they are showing her stay in an abusive relationship and a toxic household and a show should stop showing these things. Saransh can have a relationship with Rudraksh, people with biological children break up all the time without this much abuse but children can still see both people so there is no excuse to show Preesha staying. I’m so angry with this storyline, making my blood boil

  3. Faltu story, very worst love story. Faltu drama, why can’t they show simple love story

  4. Ekta at it again,don’t expect 100% senses in anything she does this is too much

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