Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra’s Heartfelt Letter For Roohi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra tells Roohi that he is going from Rothak as his task here has finished here and the one whom he was searching is not found. She asks him to stay back for her as she cannot live without him. He cries hugging her and remembers their bonding. O Re Chiraiya.. song plays in the background. Preesha gets emotional seeing them hugging and then feeding food to each other. Roohi requests him again to stay back. He says he needs to go. Preesha asks god why is he doing this.

Yuvraj visits mukhiya and informs him that Rudra is in Rothak and Roohi is hiding him in store room. Mukhiya laughs and says its an old news and warns him to get out. Yuvraj says he just saw him in store room sometime ago. Mukhiya seeks evidence. Yuvraj thinks he will have to get Rudra out of store room somehow or click his photo and show it to mukhiya. His phone falls down and breaks. He thinks of buying a new phone tomorrow and clicking Rudra’s pic.

Next morning, Rudra writes a heartfelt letter to Roohi remembering their happier moments and her request to stay back with her. Bunty walks to him and says let us go. He imagines Roohi walking to him, then realizes its his imagination, and leaves with Bunty. Roohi visits him late and feels sad that he left without informing her. She finds his letter and reads it that he will never forget her, she should be happy always with her mamma. She returns home and cries hugging Preesha. Preesha realizes that Bunty fulfilled his promise and took Rudra along, feels sad that she couldn’t unite Roohi with her dad. Roohi says she needs to go and runs away. Rudra’s letter falls down. Preesha reads it and feels more sad that she is keeping Rudra away from his daughter, but he is doing it for both of their benefit; he should take care of himself and be happy always.

Rudra thinks he can never be happy and remembers his happier moments with Roohi. He thinks he should meet her once before leaving, asks Bunty to stop car and runs out. Bunty stops him and asks where is he going. Rudra says Roohi must be crying, he needs to meet her once. Bunty says there is a lot of risk in it. He says he doesn’t care and runs away. Roohi also runs searching him. Saransh stops him and asks where is she going and why she is sad. Roohi says her bestfriend is going and mamma didn’t get her hubby. Saransh asks her to close her eyes. She does, sees Rudra, and says she is sad because her bestfriend is going; they enjoyed a lot. Saransh says she should reach her bestfriend and stop him. She thanks him and runs again.

Yuvraj enters store room to click Rudra’s pic and doesn’t find him there. Preesha walks in and asks what is he doing here. Yuvraj says he came here to meet Roohi and gift her a doll as he is emotionally attached to her. Preesha says she cannot stoop low like him and hence warning him to stay away from her and Roohi. He reminds her promise of returning his 1 lakh rs and asks her to throw 1 lakh on his face. She says this is his true face, he came here for money and not Roohi. He says its his sarcasm, he wants her and Roohi and not money. She says she doesn’t need his money and he should stay away from Roohi. He says where there is love, there is anger. He walks away thinking he needs to catch Roohi to catch Rudra.

Precap: Roohi informs Yuvraj that she is searching her secret friend. Yuvraj asks if its Rudra and acts as agreeing to help her. Preesha calls Bunty and asks if he took Rudra away. Bunty informs that they stopped at Roohi’s school. Rudra finds Roohi not at school. Preesha gets worried for Roohi.

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