Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev learns Yuvraj’s truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudraksh saying she won’t sing. Vasu looks at him. He asks what’s all this. Ahana says I was showing her status, she was taking my mehendi artist. He asks will you insult her. She asks why are you taking her side. He says I don’t support anything wrong, she is someone’s mum, would you tolerate this if someone did this with Mishka, apologize to her. Ahana says my foot, I won’t. He says fine, I will apologize. He goes to Vasu and says sorry, there is no chance of solution, please go. Vasu thanks him and goes. Rudraksh asks where is Rajeev. Ahana says he went for imp meeting. Rudraksh says sorry. Ahana says go and change, come fast. Rudraksh thinks where is Rajeev, come fast. Prisha comes to Saransh. He sees the medal. He says Yuvraj scolded the waiter badly, I didn’t like it.

She says it happens sometimes. He says he didn’t say sorry. She says fine, if Yuvraj scolds someone, we will scold him, get happy now. She tickles him. He runs out. Yuvraj takes him into lap. Prisha says mehendi artist will be coming. Vasu comes and says mehendi artist refused to come, I booked her, but Ahana paid her more, I m coming from Rudraksh’s house, Ahana told me to entertain the guests by singing. She cries. Vasu says Ahana asked me to dance. Prisha says she has no manners, I felt just Rudraksh is arrogant. Vasu says no, Rudraksh came there on right time, he stopped Ahana. Prisha asks Rudraksh did this, strange, he did something good. Vasu asks how will mehendi function happen. Prisha says our function will happen, you will apply me mehendi. Gopal says its shagun. Prisha hugs Vasu. Yuvraj says Appa is right, Amma the function is successful if we are happy, I will get mehendi cones. Prisha thanks him. He says its my family also. He goes. She feels lucky.

Rudraksh asks Rajeev what happened. He starts questioning Rajeev. Rajeev says stop it, I don’t want to talk. Rudraksh asks shall I talk to Prisha. Rajeev asks how did she come between this. Rudraksh says you know her family status, she booked the five star hotel with our money, why did you give money to Prisha. Rajeev says I didn’t give her money. Rudraksh says Ahana lost necklace, Prisha was wearing it, I had gone there with Bunty, I have seen it, shameless Prisha was saying Yuvraj has given it to her, Yuvraj is a cheap lawyer, Prisha is marrying her, she has shown me receipt also. Rajeev thinks why would Prisha do this. Rudraksh shows the receipt. Rajeev says maybe its their necklace, you are doubting on her. Rudraksh says its Ahana’s necklace, I have seen the sms on your phone. Rajeev says it was client’s message, go and sleep now. He goes. He thinks to find Prisha’s truth.

Gopal and Vasu invite relatives on call. Gopal feeds Prisha by his hands. Yuvraj comes and says what about me, won’t anyone feed me. Vasu says I will feed you by my hands. Yuvraj reminds Gopal about the meeting. Gopal says I forgot, the meeting would have started. Yuvraj says I will drop you. Gopal gets a call and says sorry, I will come in some time. The man says its fine, we will final the candidate by your word, you refused last time, we still feel he is the best. Gopal says you think he is deserving. The man says yes. Gopal says then I have no objection, Yuvraj is really honest, he is here, talk to him. The man says you give him the good news. Yuvraj smiles. Everyone congratulates Yuvraj. Yuvraj says Prisha is lucky for me. Yuvraj thinks Saransh will be with me, I will take money from Rajeev, none can stop me now.

Rajeev comes to the jeweller’s shop and shows receipt. The man says its artificial jewellery shop, this doesn’t have any stamp, it means its fake receipt. Rajeev says maybe someone gave it. The man calls the staff to ask. Rajeev stops a guy Bhanu and asks him to say truth. He asks was that any lady Prisha. Bhanu says no, it was a man, he paid me to make false receipt, his name is Yuvraj. Rajeev thinks why is Yuvraj blackmailing me, your game is over. Rudraksh says I have to meet Kalra and change the date of event, no one knows about it. Bunty asks why did you come, Balraj may know it. Rudraksh says follow me. Rudraksh meets Kalra and says we can do this concert tomorrow. Kalra asks is this possible, Balraj said all dates are blocked for two months, we can do it for sure.

Rudraksh says you have to pay me double, you can sell the tickets for triple money, you have to meet my dad and tell him that this is your idea. Kalra agrees. Rudraksh says book the appointment today, get advance cheque. He goes. Vasu dances. Gopal and Prisha smile. Saransh makes faces. They clap for Vasu and praise her. Saransh says everyone will get bored of it, didn’t you see films, groom and bride’s dance is the highlight of sangeet. Prisha says no need for that. Bunty says its your engagement tomorrow. Rudraksh says I don’t want to get engaged, Kalra will pay double, dad will shift or cancel the engagement, Mishka will get angry and cancel the marriage, Mishka and Ahana have big ego. Rajeev says how does Yuvraj know about Mahima and me, I will find out.

Saransh gets stuck on the tree. He falls down. Rajeev helps him and takes him to the hospital. He hears doctor telling about Mahima’s death. He sees Prisha. He learns Saransh is his son. He cries and thinks I won’t let him get away from me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i think the the story will be that Yuvraj will kill Rajeev with Preesha’s car and before dying Rajeev would call or leave a hint to Rudra to marry Preesha and he will marry her to take revenge. story will drag and ultimately Rudra will come to know the truth. I hope this turns to be the story.
    Glad that before dying Rajeev will come to know that Saransh is his son. interesting. let’s see what happens tomorrow. I think Yuvraj’s true color will come out in a few episodes and then gopal will not let him become the judge. he will then become the Ashok Khanna of YHC and Mishka will become Shagun?. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. MaddieDaddie9966

    So, most probably, Preesha will take blame for Yuvraj for Rajeev’s death and Rudraksh will marry Preesha forcibly to take revenge on her….It would be mostly the same cliche plot followed in most of the Indian Serials…
    I saw the latest promo of YHC which shows Preesha being in jail…Did anyone see it??
    If u have seen it, then can u please tell me what did Preesha and Rudraksh say? I couldn’t understand the promo’s dialogues as there was some fault in the sound system of my laptop…

    1. Presha said, she have killed rajeev by her car. Rudy said, he will give her punishment instead of law

  3. MaddieDaddie9966

    I have already seen that promo dear….I am talking about the new promo and in this promo there is Saaransh and Yuvraj too….There is a conversation between Preesha-Saaransh and Yuvraj-Rudraaksh….Rudraaksh is seen giving a check to Yuvraj too…If u come across the promo, could u please update me the dialogues??
    And thank u for considering my comment and replying back…

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