Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha gives Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone crying for Prisha’s death. Saransh says mumma can’t go, she said its a game, why isn’t she getting up, ask her to get up. Gopal says she has passed away. The ladies taunt him. He says my mum isn’t a murderer. He shouts. Prisha’s dream ends. She shouts Saransh. She thinks of Saransh’s birth and childhood. She cries. She says mumma is not with you, I can’t be with you.

Vasu comes to meet her. She hugs Prisha. Prisha says I called you for an imp work, you know my bank, I have a FD, you and Appa are the nominee, you claim the insurance also, collect Pf also. Vasu says no, nothing will happen you. Prisha hugs her and says go home, stay with Saransh, take care of yourself and Appa. Vasu goes. Rudraksh comes to meet Prisha. Prisha says this has everything written about Saransh, his likes, fav. things and allergies, I want him to get everything in his life, maybe I couldn’t give that to him, Saransh will stay with you as your family member, I m giving his full custody to you, I know you will do good to him, don’t leave him alone, hold his hand and sleep at night, promise me. He promises her. He says I will do anything but give everything to Saransh what Rajeev wanted. He asks her to sign the custody papers. He says I knew it and made papers ready, sign it. She thinks of Saransh and signs. He says today, my revenge and Rajeev’s wish got fulfilled. He leaves. He comes to Prisha’s house. Vasu asks how dare you come here. Rudraksh says call Saransh.

Gopal scolds him. Rudraksh says you know what Prisha did, I have come to take Saransh, he will stay with me. Vasu says he is our grandson, what’s your relation. Rudraksh says he is my son, its Saransh’s custody papers, Prisha signed it and gave his custody to me, I will take him right away. Gopal asks how can this happen. Rudraksh says Saransh is my brother’s son, no need to hide it, I know it, Prisha is going to die after two days, Saransh won’t be an orphan, don’t create a problem, call Saransh. Vasu shouts on him and says Saransh won’t go with you. Saransh comes and says I will go with Rudraksh, I will stay well with him, my new Papa, he has married mumma, mumma will come there.

Rudraksh says yes, she is also going to her permanent house. Saransh says wow. Rudraksh asks will you pack his stuff or shall I call the police. Gopal says don’t call the police. Vasu says he can’t take Saransh. Gopal says we will think later about it. Vasu and Gopal pack Saransh’s bag. They get emotional and hug him. Kya apna aur….plays…. Vasu says take care, have food on time, don’t refuse to drink milk, wear night dress before sleeping. Saransh says promise me, you won’t cry. Rudraksh asks him to come. Saransh asks him to lift his bag, he is young still. Rudraksh takes his bag. They leave. Gopal says I have an imp work, I have to meet someone, I will tell later. He goes. Vasu cries. Prisha says Rudraksh would have taken Saransh, how would have Saransh gone, sorry.

Rudraksh brings Saransh home. He says Saransh will stay here forever. Yuvraj gets removed from judge post. Saransh thanks Rudraksh and hugs. Rudraksh says I felt like Rajeev hugged me. Prisha says I have given Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh. Yuvraj cries on getting poor. Saransh makes Rudraksh sleep in his lap. Prisha is taken to get hanged.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Rudraksh has every right over Saransh because I reiterate that Prisha is a convicted killer and is irresponsible as well.

  2. Preesha is very selfish and stupid. But pls save her. She refused to tell her parents anything, from taking Yuvraj blame on herself, telling them about the fund for Saraanch and even giving Rudraksh sole custody of their grandchild. A foolish medical Doctor. I use to tell my children to show me the worth of suffering to pay a very high school fees. Preesha didn’t show her parents the worth of sending her to school. Look at what the demon she trusted did to her. To the producers pls don’t spoil this drama. Bcs, how can there not be an appeal to the judgment. Also, there was no investigation. Like that recording from CCTV in the hotel where Yuraj talked about knowing Saraansh’s father is an evidence against him. You people should write the drama like intellectuals

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