Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Niketan shocks Ahana

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana thinking Prisha isn’t Saransh’s mum, I will find his real mum and then expose Prisha, I will not leave her. Prisha cooks the food. She tells Sharda about a healthy oil. Niketan asks Ahana to take his revenge by exposing Prisha. She asks who was he who has pointed gun at me. She asks do you realize what you have done, if you remember me and Mishka, we would have got on roads, I don’t care, all emotions are over. He worries. Prisha asks Saransh to do his homework. Saransh insists that he will come. Rudra comes and asks what’s happening. Saransh says its Gopal’s birthday, we are going. Rudra says I will also come, I can’t miss his birthday. Prisha thanks him. They come to meet Vasu and Gopal. They see the door locked. Neighbor says your dad got arrested, drugs were found in the house. They get shocked. Prisha argues. Neighbor asks her to go to meet her dad. Vasu meets the lawyer. She says Yuvraj would have told you about the case. He says yes, I know, I will fight the case, my fees is high, 4 lakhs per hour. She says I don’t have much money. He says its drugs related case, one of the girl is in coma, it will need much hardwork, if you have financial problem, then find someone else.

Prisha cries and says its all my mistake, I didn’t know about dad, I wasted a lot of time, who will fix this now. Rudra and Saransh console her. Rudra says I m always with you. Prisha says thanks, we will save dad from this mess, I will call mum. Vasu thinks I can’t call Prisha, who will help me. She gets Prisha’s call and thinks to lie to her. Prisha asks where are you. Vasu says we are going on a long drive. Prisha asks her to tell the truth. Vasu acts. Prisha says you are at police station, tell me. Vasu cries. Prisha says we know everything. Vasu says I m at lawyer’s office. Rudra asks which lawyer. Vasu says Virat Shroff. Rudra says I know him, we are coming there.

Ahana is on the way. She says I have to find Saransh’s real mom, where do I begin, he is 7 years old, Prisha completed studies 7 years back, maybe Saransh’s mum is from the same college, I can find it from medical records, I m a genius. Yuvraj comes to Rahul and asks any special occasion. Rahul says Prisha is still not breaking down. Yuvraj says it will happen, Gopal is in jail, he got beaten up, I have sent Vasu to Shroff and asked him to charge double if Vasu comes.

Ahana comes home and lies about meeting her friend. She asks Sharda about Prisha’s college. Sharda says I don’t know. Ahana says my friends are arranging a seminar, I wanted Prisha to speak, I wanted her proper details. Sharda says you can ask her, she has gone to meet her parents, its her dad’s birthday. Ahana says wonderful, I will ask her later. Rahul asks what will happen then. Yuvraj asks him to show serials, think an old lady wants to save her husband, she gets no help from the lawyer, then lawyer will ask her to leave if she has no money, she will think who will save her husband, I make an entry in these situations normally, but you will go no and offer help to Prisha, then she will break down.

Ahana says perfect time, I m sure I will get some document related to Saransh’s birthday. She looks for it. She gets Prisha’s medical certificates. She reads the college name. She says it means Saransh was born at the same time when she completed studies, she said its her baby, now I have to go Chennai to find out their truth.

Ahana reaches the medical college. Prisha scolds the inspector. Gopal goes for the tests. Inspector says Gopal clears the tests. He asks Prisha to get court orders for his bail. Ahana tries to get Prisha’s info.

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