Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Roohi Guides Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roohi notices someone following her and holding her shoulder and shouts. Saransh speaks to her and asks not to shout or else he will get afraid. He says he lost his way and needs to reach his school bus soon. She asks who is he. Rudra gets worried for Roohi. Saachi walks in with food for him and informs that Roohi took his friend Bunty to her doctor mother’s clinic as he is injured by goons. He worried asks if Bunty is fine. She says he need not worry and walks away asking him to finish food. Rudra hopes Bunty must have found out Preesha. Saransh explains again that he lost his way and needs to r3each is school bus, so he wants her to explain at least market’s direction so that he can reach there and then reach his school bus. She insists him to humbly request and confuses him with a long route. He requests her to accompany him till market. She agrees.

Bunty visits Preesha’s clinic and asks a doctor if she can treat him as he is injured. Preesha identifies his voice and turns. Bunty is shocked to see Preesha and says everyone thought she is dead, but Rudra was confident that she is alive. He describes her whole story how Rudra sensed her presence in his concert and then new year party and planned a contest to find her, etc. He then asks why didn’t she return to Rudra. She says she is Priya Sharma now and cannot return to him. He asks if Roohi is her daughter and reveals that she protected Rudra from goons and has kept him in her house’s store room. Preesha says she is trying to keep Roohi away from Rudra since 5 years. Bunty asks if she left Rudra 5 year ago and if Roohi is 5 years old, then Roohi is Rudra’s daughter. Preesha agrees. He confronts her why did he keep Roohi away from her father. She reminds him that she is still a criminal and escaping from law since 5 years, she didn’t want to spoil Rudra and Roohi’s lives and make their lives tough.

Roohi asks Saransh where does he stay. Saransh says Delhi. She says even her friend lal tamatar/Rudra is from Delhi and asks who stays in his house. He says daadi, dad, and. She asks if he doesn’t have a mom. He says he has a step mother whom dad married. She hugs him emotionally and says even she doesn’t have a dad. He reciprocates and then says its common. Bunty further reveals how Rudra and Roohi met for the first time, how Rudra saved her from drowning, how Roohi rescued him from goons repeatedly, etc. Preesha realizes Roohi speaking to someone in store room and says he is right, even she felt Rudra’s presence around, but fate didn’t let them meet yet. Bunty says fate got them in front of each other again, so she should return to Rudra. Preesha says she can’t as she is still a criminal, Rudra’s career will be ruined because of it, she cannot let Roohi, Sharda, Saransh and other’s lives ruined because of her and seeks his promise not to inform Rudra about her.

Saransh reaches market with Roohi’s help and notices his teacher there. Teacher ass where was he as already 2 vans left waiting for him. Saransh explains that he had lost his way and Roohi helped him reach here. Roohi says he can just thank her and jokes. Saransh thanks her, and teacher praises her intelligence. Roohi leaves. Saransh thinks she is small but too cute and intelligent.

Precap: Roohi gives camera to Rudra and takes him back to store room. Yuvraj notices them and decides to find out who is Roohi’s secret friend. He follows them. Preesha searches Roohi and walks towards store room. Rudra and Roohi enter store room and stand shocked.

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