Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha bosses around Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu crying seeing Gopal. She shouts on Sharma. She says I wanted to call Prisha. Gopal says how much will Prisha manage, no one knows that Prisha isn’t Saransh’s mum, let her stay happy, when she knows I m arrested for drugs case, Khuranas will not let her live in peace. Niketan says I got to know Saransh isn’t your son, you ruined my life, now I have your secret, see how I ruin your life.

Its morning, Prisha shouts Appa and gets up. She worries. Saransh cheers her up. Rudra comes to take his help. Saransh says I take Prisha’s help to fix my tie. Rudra says fine, let anyone make fun of me. Prisha says I will do it, don’t do emotional blackmail. Shayad….plays… He thinks I m mad to find chances to get close to her, I won’t look at her. She argues with him. She asks why are you avoiding me, why aren’t you looking at me, are you angry. He thinks I can’t be angry, I can’t go away if I see you. He says no, I m not angry. She asks what’s the matter. He says yes, I m getting late for the class. He runs. She says he acts strange some times.

Vasu gets money and asks inspector to give bail to Gopal. He says bail can’t happen now. She asks why. He says the girls who were admitted in the hospital, one of them slipped into coma, bail got cancelled, pray that the girl gets saved, else your husband can’t get saved. She gets Prisha’s call. She says I can’t answer the call. Vasu calls Yuvraj. She says his phone is off. Saransh asks Prisha to make breakfast ready. Prisha asks him to switch on the laptop. Sharma asks Gopal to admit the crime.

Niketan wipes the floor. He goes to the inspector’s cabin. He calls Ahana. She gets shocked hearing his voice. He says I don’t have much time, just listen to me, I m in jail, I have to give you imp info, come and meet me. Sharma comes. Niketan cleans the things. Saransh says there was a surprise test, I got full marks. She says I m proud of you. He says Rudra’s surprise test would have happened. Rudra comes. Saransh asks his marks. Rudra says I will just tell you. Prisha asks why, tell me also.

Rudra laughs and says no. She argues. She runs to tickle him. He runs away and says sorry, I will tell my marks. They laugh. Rudra falls down the bed. He says its hurting a lot. Prisha and Saransh care for her. She asks Saransh to tell Sharda to call a doctor. Rahul asks will this affect Prisha. Yuvraj says yes, why not, she will do this for her dad, she loves her parents. Vasu comes to his house. Yuvraj says I will talk later. He asks what happened Amma. She says I was calling you, your number is off, you were on phone. He says its my new number, I had to change my number, what happened. She says GPS….

He gives her water and asks her to sit. He asks why are you crying. She tells everything. He acts shocked. She says do something, let Gopal out, use your influence. He says I will talk to a lawyer, but…. he is very expensive, his fees is high, I will manage it. Rudra gets treated. Doctor goes. Balraj asks how did you get this fracture. Rudra says I fell down the bed. Balraj and Ahana ask how. Prisha says actually…. Rudra says I was playing with Saransh, I jumped and got this fracture. Balraj says there is a limit to play, grow up. He goes. Everyone goes. Prisha asks why did you lie, you got hurt because of me.

Rudra says there would be a fight again if I told the truth, dad would have insulted you. She says its my mistake, sorry. He asks her not to say sorry always. She asks him to take rest. He thinks. Ahana says you know I can’t help you, Prisha… Niketan says I called you to tell about her, Prisha’s dad is here in jail. She asks what, why. He says drugs were found at his house, he has been arrested. She says good, tit for tat, she has sent my dad here and her dad is here, did you call me here to tell this. He says stop this nonsense, I have to tell a secret about Prisha, Gopal was much beaten up, he told his wife about Prisha, Prisha isn’t Saransh’s mum. Ahana gets shocked.

Rudra says the house is locked. Neighbor says Gopal is arrested. Prisha gets shocked. Yuvraj and Rahul make a plan. Ahana says I have to go Chennai and find out Prisha and Saransh’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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