Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Sentenced To Death?

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasu hears gunshot and rushes to the spot with GPS and Vyjayanti worried for Venky. Preesha notices Venky dead with gun in unconscious Rudra’s hand. She takes gun from Rudra and takes blame on herself. Param and Mishka with police reach there and are shocked to see Venky dead. Inspector asks what happened to Venky. Preesha says she killed Venky as he was uncontrollable and would have killed Rudra. Vasu reaches next and shatters seeing Venky dead. Inspector says they have to arrest Preesha for murdering Venky. Vasu gives Preesha a tight slap and says she is dead for her from today. She asks inspector to arrest this woman who killed her son and sentence her to death.

After 5 years, people waits for Rudra at an old man’s funeral. Bunty says Rudra is only 2 hours late. Rudra stops his bike, sips alcohol, and enters venue. Bunty announces his entry. Mourners take selfie with him. He asks Bunty if he collected their remuneration. Bunty says double. Rudra says people are calling him on funerals. Rudra starts his overacting calling dead man with a wrong name. Bunty reminds him. He continues his overacting and walks away where reporters throng around and question him. He sips alcohol and drives away saying no comments. Bunty thinks everyone are running behind Rudra, but he is running away from himself.

Rudra reaches home and asks Sharda if she made his wife’s birthday arrangements. She says yes. He says she is world’s best mother. She says he is world’s best son. Servant brings cake and flowers. He angrily throws them away and shouts that Preesha is allergic to flowers and panics. Sharda tries to comfort him and asks him to accept that Preesha is dead 5 years ago. Rudra doesn’t believe. Sharda goes into flashback where Rudra wakes up in hospital and asks about Preesha. Mishka and Sharda inform him that Preesha killed Venky and today is her court hearing. Rudra says gun was in his hands, panics, and reaches court where judge pronounces Preesha guilty in Venky’s murder and orders to be hanged till death after 2 days. He confronts judge that Preesha is innocent. Preesha says she killed Venky before he could kill Rudra. Rudra hugs her and cries asking how will he live without her. Police drags Preesha away from there, leaving him crying.

Precap: Rudra says he will never agree that Preesha is dead and prays god to keep her happy wherever she is. A 5-year-old girl hugs Preesha and wishes her happy birthday.

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  1. Preesha is sentenced to death second time in her lifetime. History is repeating itself. First she had taken blame for Rajiv’s death too, (btw no one it is not yet revealed that Yuvraj was the murderer) now she is taking for Venky’s. She likes to go to jail I guess.
    And yes, she had gone to jail during Sania’s time too.
    So she is to be hanged second time but she still manages to escape alive. Good for leap. I want to see a bit grown up Saransh now. Hope they don’t reduce his age again and bring a 2 year old baby this time.
    He must be 12-13 by now.
    Nothing new about Rudra’s behavior. Even during Saransh’s death, after leap he was shown as completely changed person. Now also. Overreacting, can’t accept the reality etc.

  2. The only show that preesha is always in jail bakwass

  3. I still dun understand why is Preesha guilty?? Venky snatched a police’s pistol n gone crazy holding Miskha n Saransh as hostages police witnessed all these while n even warned that he is dangerous n mad! So even if Preesha shot him dead it’s to protect the innocent there b4 Venky hurted them!!

  4. This is so stupid story line. Preesha “killed” one man and was sentenced to death by hungging her sister killed so many people and was sentenced to how many years in prison. Wow

  5. Another little girl to come into preeshas life did we just forget about anvi

  6. Next you will find that venky is still alive and these two went through all that trouble for nothing.

  7. This girl will be preesha and Rudra’s daughter

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