Yeh hai ashiqui OS

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Hey friends i am back
Its helly i just recently started a ff
Now i thought to gift an o.s .
Its on the track in swaragini i always wanted new start to swasan’s love story so writing it again…hope you all like it
And its in half Hindi but i will provide english translation too
Yeh hai ashiqui

“Swara main tumse bohot pyaar karne laga hoon ..kab ,kahan kaise nhi pata pyaar ki koi manzil hai ..nhi pata ..tumhi se kyun hua ..nhi pata …..par tumhare bina rehne main soch bhi nhi sakta”sanskar says while pinning swara to a wall(Swara​ i love you so much …when ,where ,how i don’t know ..this love has any future …i don’t know …i don’t know whly i started loving you…but i can’t stay away from you)
“Sanskar tum apne hosh mein nhi ho aur tumhe pata hai main kisise se bhi pyaar nhi kar sakti”(sanskar you are not in your senses besides you know i can’t love anyone)
She was cut by sanskar as sanskar kissed her
She was trying to push him but he was kissing her hard
She was not responding ..tears were flowing from her eyes .Soon sanskar had hold her hand and took her towards bed and pushed her on bed .swara was trying hard to go from there but sanskar came on top of her and started giving her kisses
Sanskar was making love with swara without her permission .Swara never thought of her and her bestie sanskar’s relation .They were just friends but now sanskar’s love for her changed the meaning of their realtion

Sanskar had made love slept being tired but swara was still awake .she had an unbearabke pain in her heart seeing sanskar forcing her ..she broke down crying hard
Swara had always faced difficulties alone was her fate but now was enough ..enough of it
She was a strong bold girl ..and now forgetting to make ragini confess ger truth ..forgetting her maa papa’s relation she got up
Packed her bag and wrote a letter

I thought we were close friends sanskar but today you betrayed me to that extent that my soul is in pieces
You forced me sanskar …. Or should i say you raped me ?
Well done sanskar maheswari well done
I hate you I JUST HATE YOU(she writes in bold to show her pain)
Your punishment is never ever show me your face and don’t try to find me ever
She took her bag and went from there crying
She got flashes of her family she thinks SOMETHING and calls someone

Swara: hey can you help me. My family is broken ..everything is broken i have to bring ragini’s truth out but i can’t live in this house one second also ..pls help me !! (While crying loudly)
Up: okae send me the details but shona don’t cry
And haa i am sending you my address get here
Swara: no i don’t want to be burden on anyone pls let me manage
Up: stubborn as always..but please if you are in any difficulty call me
Swara: all d best !! Please make my maa baba a family again
Up: yes its my promise
Swara msgs him what all happened and then goes from there

Next day
Sanskar wakes up with a headache to find himself naked
He was shocked then he got flashes of last night …..his state was like harming his own life can he even think to do that to swara without her consent.He looked around to find the bed empty he quickly changed and went downstairs but did not find swara anywhere
Sanskar: mom aapne swara ko dekha(mom dud u see swara?)
Sujata : are voh toh thaare saath hogi na voh tent mein( she should be with you in your tent house)
Sanskar: mom voh nhi hai tabhi toh puch rha hun
Badi ma? Badi ma?(he shouts)(mom she is not there thats why i am asking you her whereabouts!!)
Badi ma: haa sanskar(yes sanskar)
Sanskar : did you see swara anywhere?
Badi ma: nhi sanskar ..but what happened?
Sanskar runs his hands in his hands and finds each and every corner in mm and also calls sharmishta to ask
Being not able to find about her he goes to tent if ge could find something
There he finds a note and becomes emotionless seeing that letter
He was indeed in deep pain to see his life in pain
He got to mm again to see sujata bad-mouthing swara
Sujata: ab khud ko sahi saabit na kar paayi toh bhaag gyi .(she could not prove herself right so she ran away)
Sanskar shouted
“Bas kijiye mom “he starts crying and sits on his knees
He continues”swara meri vajhese ghar chod kar gyi hai aur voh pehle bhi sahi thi abhi bhi sahi hai
Main kuch nhi sununga swara ke khilaaf ..yeh sab meri vajhese hua hai suna aapne .main usko dhoondh kar hi rahunga( swara has left the house because of me and she was always right .i will not hear a word against her .i m her culprit
I will find her at any cost)
Days passed swara was no where to be found they even tracked her no. to find it was switched off
But in these days there was a new scene starting
Someone was blackmailing ragini that he has some proofs which can prove her guilty
Furious ragini goes to meet that person
He shows her a video(flash back
in reality it was a fake one a edited one but no one can guess that it is edited where ragini is pushing swara from that bridge .
He created the same scenes just replaced the faces
Fb ends)

Ragini starts laughing
You will show this when you will stay alive
She was about to stab just then police comes and arrests her
He says”ragini i know you very well as swara said you can do anything to prove yourself right so i already informed police”
And the person is revealed to be swara’s friend nikhil a detective
Now ragini was in jail and she confesses everything
Nikhil did not file a complaint against her as swra said she did nit want her sister in jail but swara was not found so ragini still did not get the bail
Shekhar sharmishta reunited and whole mm and dadi felt ashamed to trust a person like her
Swara called nikhil(swara had nikhil’s no.saved) and nikhil said her”ragini is in jail ..swara you have to come and show that you are alive and you don’t want to file a complaint ”
Ohk was her reply
She went to jail without anyone notice and took her complaint back and warned ragini to not say anything
Laksh wanted swara back in his life .
Sanskar felt fishy as to why nikhil helped to get ragini’s truth out
Sanskar went to nikhil and asked him but nikhil did not say a word
It was about his shona
Months passed

Swara’s pov
Getting away from my family was not easy but i had to ..i had only my savings and certificates ..savings got used in my travelling to other city and giving advance of the rented apartment .i moved to mumbai
I thought of applying a job as amusic teacher it was going good but then suddenly after one month i got to know i am pregnant i consulted doctor for abortion but I had no savings ..i was living in a rented apartment .
I was there in hospital infront of doctor when i thought of killing this baby can i kill a life and that too my baby i refused the doctor and went home happily
It was something new energetic energy that i had now
I worked hard for my baby
The colleagues never questioned me on my character ..they all supported me in my this state
Now being five months pregnant i had a bump on my stomach?
One day
Unknown no’s name was flashing
I attended it and it was laksh
“Swara i am srry i want you back”he says
What the hell he thinks of me
“See laksh I forgive you but its not possible you are married to ragini and i am not interested to break someones family”i said
“Meet me once please!!”
“No its not possible ”
“Swara we were friends first right!!”
“Call me when u reach mumbai i am in mumbai .. but don’t tell anybody”
“Ohk”he replies
Next dae
early morning
Lucky reaches by flight
Lucky calls swara and swara says him the address
He gets there and finds the open and swara was in hall preparing some sweet and shocks to find her living in 1 bhk house whose condition was not that much good
First swara did not notice lucky but as she heard footsteps she told him to come inside
Lucky then notices her baby bump
He was shocked but later laughs
“Wow swara you are so forward you found someone else too for your living”
Just then he gets a tight slap
It was from sanskar .ues he was standing far hidden not to face swara
“Mind your tongue lucky …just then he too notices the bump and then he looks at her shocked and becomes happie
“Lucky its our child..can you leave now?”
Laksh nods and leaves them
As soon as he leaves
“Just go from here mr maheshwari​ ..this is my child and please go i hate you don’t you get it?”
“But i love you swara in these months i have always missed you”
“You are a rapist!!”
“Swara don’t say my love as a rape .i know i did a hundred times wrong .i should not have forced but believe me swara i was not in my senses”
“I don’t want to hear anything just go”
“I will not from now i am staying here with you sweetheart”sanskar says
“See listen i am not your sweetheart and ohk if you want to stay with me then stay but you have to work as a maid for staying here .. is that ohk?”
Swara said just to make him go as his sight made her remember that night
“Yes i just need your presence so i will do any work you say”
Saying this he goes gets his bag in and settles his things in a cupboard.
Days passed swara used to purposely give lots of work but he used to do it happily and took great care of here unknowingly he kissed her stomach showing love for his baby ..swara never stopped him to talk to the baby in her stomach or kiss him/her ..she too started feelimg a tingling sensation by his presence
One dae sanskar was washing clothes so he took out his shirt just then swara passes from there to find many marks on his back and chest area
Swara got into thought to ask him
Swara goes to sleep in her bedroom while sanskar sleeps in hall
Swara then feels thirsty so she gets up to bring water
She got up and just then what she saw made her shocked to core
Sanskar was beating himself badly and saying i am srry swara
She walks hurriedly holding her stomach and stops him and shouts
“Have you gone mad why are you doing this ?”
“Swara i am just punishing myself from the night i committed a crime to give pain to my life
I am srry i always do this after you sleep but today i made u awake
You sleep call me if you want anything”he says
Blood was oozing from his body and still he managed to care for her
That night swara did not sleep at all due to which she got sick and sanskar used to take great care
Taking her to doctor and then renembering her every medicine time and trying to cook though he did not know
After three days swara was quite well and seeing sanskar’s care made her forgive him but love ?
Sanskar still did not go leaving her after swara forgiving him
They were again frnds
Did she love him? She was not sure but surely it pained her if sanskar harmed himself so she used to be awake by midnights to stop him from giving himself pain
And sanskar used to hear all her mood swings
But still sanskar used to do that after swara going to job
One day swara returning early as she was not feeling well and sanskar was beating himself
Just then swara rang bell
Sanskar took a shirt and wore it hurriedly but blood stains still appeared in that shirt
He opened the door
Swara: thank god sanskar you came
I m not feeling…(. She cannot speak anything as she saw sanskar’s blood stains)
She went to him and slapped him
This is for hurting my life my sanskar
Again she slapped him
This is for caring for me so much
Then she holded his collar and kissed him
This is for making me fall in love with you
I am in love with you sanskar maheshwari
Most ardently
Sanskar was on cloud nine he hugged swara and kissed her belly again
But still sanskar cannot forgive himself
He still used to do that
Now swara and sanskar returned mm
Sanskar started going to his work
He used to return late but never did he fail to give a goodnight kiss to swara.
4 Months passed
Swara’s mood swings were all fulfilled by sanskar even if something important meeting was there he never failed to complete her wish
One dae swara brought ointment and said sanskar to open his shirt
He was not ready to open as he knew if he swara will come to know
He said her to take rest and he promised to appl y ointment later
Swara felt something fishy
That night she faked sleeping and after returning
Sanskar went to washroom and was giving himself pain just then swara said him to open the door
Sighing he opened only to find swara crying helplessly
Tears forming in her eyes again and again seeing his state
She started shouting aaaaa not able to bear the pain and the pain which she got on seeing sanskar
Sanskar and other members took her hospital and she was gifted with a baby girl
Both were healthy

After that swara knew that niw too he had not stop doing this
She told badi maa to take care of that child
Decorated the room and wore a red saree
Sanskar was shocked seeing all this
Swara goes to him and says
“This is the way it had to be sanskar but forget the past move on please for ne that i love you why are you punishing yourself ?”
“How can i swara can i forget the person i loved the most beared this much pain …
He was shushed by swara when she kissed him and took off his shirt and kisses all over the wounds and said
“I love you and lets start a new story with this night . You have already given me a beautiful gift
Your love and second our daughter ?? please love me sanskar ”
Sanskar then made love to her again and that night was the best night of their lives and sanskar forgot the incident and moved ahead
He loved his daughter aashi and swara unconditionally

I know its not upto mark but then too i felt to write to wrote
Hope u like it

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    1. Helly_18

      Thank u so much princess??glad u loved it and thank you so much for your love??
      Luv u too??

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      Thanks a lot??

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  8. Arshaanya

    Loved it

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      Thank you so much??

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    An amzing story

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      Thank you so much ??

    1. Helly_18

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  10. Malika

    helly its outsatnding !! superbbbbbbbbbb!!! os!!!!

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      Thank u thank u thank u so muchhh??????

    1. Helly_18

      Thank u???

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      Thank youso much??

  11. Rabia0032

    Nice n sanskar punishmant to himself awesome

    1. Helly_18

      Thank you so much di??
      Nd sanskar deserved it but then too i cannot see his this condition ???

  12. Adishu

    this much punishment for my poor sanky not done :(….nice episode…

    1. Helly_18

      Haa adi i know sanskar ki buri halat main nhi dekh sakti
      Dil pe pathar rakhke maine episode likh diya
      Mere sanskar ke saath maine break up kar diya??
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  14. this is wonderful helly. its very nice ☺????

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    Awsm dear….just loved it…

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    Thanks a lot????????

  17. Helly_18

    Thank you so much friends ?? your comments made my day
    Very very happy that you liked this borind o.s.??
    I am thinking to start a series like yeh hai ashiqui episodes i will come up with different one shots on swasan
    Pls do support and haa my another story SOMETHING ABOUT YOU is also a swasan love story
    And once again thank you so muchhhhh friends??
    Luv u all?? very very glad you loved it

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    Good one! Continue writing…

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