Yeh hai ashique (A twinj love story) _ Shot 4

Hey everyone. Thnx for your likes and comments on my previous one and sorry that I couldn’t reply. So let’s start with today’s episode.

After some days twinkle was becoming normal . Rt and leela was happy seeing their bubbly twinkle back. Otherside Aditi and uv started dating each other. They both met at a college fest. As Aditi and uv studied in the same college and uv was invited as ex student where they met. Kunj started working in sarna groups of industries and uv started doing his internship.

Taneja mansion evening

Leela was ordering her servents about several dishes as they invited Raman and pinni for dinner.(guys in my ff raman and pinni owns a radio station). Just then twinkle and aditi entered after returning from shopping. They were bit surprised to see leela ordering servents about cooking because she used to do it only when someone comes.

A_ mom someone is coming or what

T_ yes mom aap itni kaam kiyu kaar Rahi ho….

L_ wo Na putter raman or pinni Anne wale for dinner..

A/t_ wow mom really but when they returned from America…..(they liked raman a lot as he used to crack jokes)

L_ yesterday putter….

Sarna mansion

Uv and kunj entered the mansion and started shouting for usha and manohar

U/k_mom dad bebe where r u all…. We both have a surprise for u all…. Specially for mom and bebe….

Hearing their voice all of them came down…

U_ kiya huwa puttar … Kiyu chilla raha hain….

M_ yes… Or kiya surprise hai only for  ur mom and bebe….

K_ uffho dad surprise is for all of u just wait…. Look at this (showing them something in their hands….

B_ aab yeh kiya hai…..

Uv_ bebe yeh srk ki new movie ki 1st show ka ticket…. We know aap dono uski kitni badi fan ho….

K_ yes…. Or movie ke baad we will have lunch outside….. Now common go and get ready fast…

U/b/m_ accha thik hair….

After that they went for movie….

Taneja mansion

A_ mom when will mamu come….. It’s late see Na…

L_(chuckling) puttar it’s just 7…. They will come …. Have patience….

R_oye aditi will come not came….(from back side)

A_(ran and hugged him)Mamu  missed u…..And pinni mami how r u

R/p_ we r fine beta and and we also missed u alot..

Suddenly voice of twinkle comes from behind

T_ how mean mamu u missed only her not me….(showing fake tears)

A_ lo hogayi iski drama sure….

R_  no puttar we both missed u also…

A_(showing tongue)but mamu missed me more than u right mamu….

T_ no he missed more me….

L_(from back side) not both of u…. My brother missed me lot ….

R_ right….

T/a_(with cute pout) this is not fair ma….

P_ let it be…. But I missed u both the most….

T/a_ thank u mami….. U re the best….

Like this they were cracking jokes and enjoying and to have their dinner….

R_ waise twinkle putter tu ab to kuch bhi nahi kar raha hai…. So why don’t u join my radio ststist as rj….. We all know u loved to do abchorian or be an rj….. Also it voice is just amazing….. So why don’t u join…

T_ but me Kaise mamu….. I mean kitne dinno we nahi kiya hair…. And like this suddenly….

R_ actually Na we need an rj for our new show….. It’s for the young generation and we want an rj from ur generation but we didn’t get any perfect voice so…..

Rt_ yes twinkle raman is right why don’t u join there.. u will also enjoy there….

T_ but me papa how I mean…..

R_ no buts and ifs u r doing it ….. It is finalized…. So your show will star from day after tomorrow from friday….

T_ okay then mamu but no one should know about my identity….

R_done putter so u r coming tomorrow…. Okay…..

After having their dinner they went back……

From next day twinkle started working as an rj….. As it was the most popular radio station and also the show was for young generation so it became quite popular….

Sunday sarna mansion

Kunj was searching for uv and was calling out his name…… Seeing him searching for uv usha told him that uv was in the Terrance…. Kunj went to Terrence and saw uv sitting in the swing with earphones plugged in……. Kunj went near him

K_yaar uv to yaaha hair…. Maine tujhe kaha kaha nahi dhundha….. And plugged out his earphones…

Uv_ (with a cute pout and irritated face) kiya yaar bhai this is not fair….

K_ kiya not fair haan…. Or tu yeh headphones kaan me ghusa ke kiya kar raha hair….. Kahi woh sab to nahi dekh raha hai Na….. With a wink

Uv_ not at all….. Mein to radio sun raha tha … Yaar is new rj twinkle ki baatein or iski voice kitna accha hai or sweet hain….. Le tu bhi try kar le…

K_ at first he made disgusting face but then tried…. he was just absorbed in the sweet and innocent voice of rj….But came out when uv shook him….

Uv_ see told u Na …. It’s amazing Na….

K_yes yaar….. But I feel like I know this voice perfectly and also I don’t know why but I feel an unknown connection with this just listeming to it for few seconds…. OK then u go on I will listen to this in my room and rushed to it…


So here it is…. Please like it and comment it … It inspire me a lot…. Please ignore all the mistakes and hope that u will like it…. Next shot will surely have twinj secene……

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